Good Morning! First of all, it is finals week for this girl… so posts may be few and far between! But no worries, I will be back strong next week 🙂 Now, a huge thanks to Miss Zippy for the wonderful idea to round off our year with some Running Highlights! Here we go! Best […]

Hey Hey Friends! ((Check out I’m Feelin’ Good (Part 1) )) Yesterday I had three doc appointments back-to-back-to-back. It has been so incredible to see changes from June (when this all began) to now. Looking at the progress on a timeline really helps me see how far I have come and gives me encouragement that […]

Thank you all for the excitement and encouragement from my announcement yesterday! Marathon #3 and my Dad’s BQ, here we come!!! Yesterday was a continuation of the wintery, snowy mess we’ve been having. I am very tired of this already. In my opinion, there is only ONE thing snow is good for–SKIING–and let me tell […]

Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening! …OK so maybe this is much more exciting for ME than for YOU… but I still love sharing 🙂 This weekend, my Dad told me that he wants to shoot for Boston 2015! I got in for my Richmond Marathon time last month, and since 2014 is full, I have decided to to […]

Good Morning! I hope you had a beautiful weekend! ((P.S: Fun news to share this week!! Stay tuned!)) I got a run in on Saturday and Sunday! My first run in what feels like FOREVER. I was curious to see what a week of aquajogging and body-weight only strength exercises would do for me. the […]

Hello Everyone! Boy is Winter here! I leaving for home last night after my evening class  for the weekend and it was ice storming! I tried so hard to convince myself it was fine to drive in… But then I got smart and realized risking my life on the roads at night in ice and snow […]

Happy Thursday!! 3 days in a row of AquaJogging ladies and gentlemen!! I can hardly believe it myself! I am still really enjoying the no impact thing. I know my body thanks me so much after months and months of pounding it into the ground (boy we are harsh on ourselves, aren’t we?) I did […]