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All Things Running

Good Morning and Happy ALMOST Christmas! To remind myself (and you) that this is still a blog that will throw in some running now and then… I decided to give you all a little catch-up with:: my running, not-running, will-be-running, possible-training-plan, etc. Let’s go: It has been almost 5 weeks since Richmond Marathon. I was […]

Year of Running 2013

Good Morning! First of all, it is finals week for this girl… so posts may be few and far between! But no worries, I will be back strong next week ๐Ÿ™‚ Now, a huge thanks to Miss Zippy for the wonderful idea to round off our year with some Running Highlights! Here we go! Best […]

My Exciting Running News…

Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening! …OK so maybe this is much more exciting for ME than for YOU… but I still love sharing ๐Ÿ™‚ This weekend, my Dad told me that he wants to shoot for Boston 2015! I got in for my Richmond Marathon time last month, and since 2014 is full, I have decided to to […]

Photo fun and I need “schedule”

Back to “real life” today! The wonderfulness of Thanksgiving (which in my family stretched far into the weekend…) is over and now we have a few more weeks to pound out before officially declaring Christmas week! Some random pics from the past few days! Morning of the Drumstick Dash… so cold! Steamin’ cup of Joe! […]

10 Thankful Reasons I Run

Happy Thanksgiving! The wonderful and talented runner and blogger Hailey over at Striding Strong recently posted ten reasons why she is thankful for running. I LOVED it so much and it absolutely got me thinking about why I love running and am thankful for the ability to move. Currently, it is the #1 fighting tool […]

Back at it and it feels oh so good!

Monday was great! Andrea’s week off of classes looks like this– Sitting…drinking coffee…browsing Barnes & Nobles…..watching The Mindy Project…..and Running. I ran twice, and it was marvelous! Here’s how I spent the rest of my Monday: (Run #1…) 9:00am in the 20 degree chill, I did a fun, easy, 5 miler. It felt amazing to […]

Football Madness and I need to Run

Happy Thanksgiving Week! I went to the grocery store a few times this weekend and the place was like a mosh-pit! Seriously, it was “every-man-for-himself” in terms of parking, grabbing a cart, picking out the ‘best’ looking veggies, racing to the registers… people were ruthless! I guess the Thanksgiving rush started early this year! So […]