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Good Morning and Happy ALMOST Christmas!

To remind myself (and you) that this is still a blog that will throw in some running now and then… I decided to give you all a little catch-up with:: my running, not-running, will-be-running, possible-training-plan, etc.

Let’s go:

It has been almost 5 weeks since Richmond Marathon. I was feelin it afterward for a few weeks, and in a way, still am a bit. I am thankful that I made it through the entire process un-injured, but that did not leave me avoiding the extreme exhaustion my legs have been dealing with.

To combat this, I have gone through phases of various other activities. Among these…. Total Rest (Took off a full week. Hated every second of it.) Aqua-jogging (Surprisingly liked it! Did it everyday for a week straight. And then… never did it again. Huh.) Circuit/HIIT/Tabata (Also did this everyday for a week straight. Then stopped. Again, don’t know why. Hmm…)

I seem to have workout ADD right now. Since training hasn’t kicked in and I am still trying to tell myself to take it easy, rest the legs to completely rid them of the tired-ness, and gain weight to get that period…. my runs have been sporadic and random.

Here is what my runs the last two weeks have looked like:

  • Nothing longer than a 10 miler with my dad at 8min pace (a month ago I would have considered 8 min pace to be easy-peasy, breathing-with-my-mouth-closed… but it most certainly is not that easy now!! Boy, out of shape comes fast!)
  • Indoor running around the concourse of my University’s Basketball Arena: slow with a friend, slow by myself… 5-6 miles.
  • A FAILED outdoor run the morning after my last final when I turned around after 8 mins. I thought I was going to pass out. I then proceeded to take a 2 hour nap. Bliss.
  • Treadmill workout at 2% incline. 2 miles at 8min, 4 miles at 7min, 1 mile at 8min. Again, felt a LOT harder than it had a month or two ago!! 7min pace felt like a sprint!! ahhh
  • Basically…. all my runs are feeling tough and tiring.

I emailed my nutritionist (and runner) to ask her opinion if this is what it feels like to be out of shape and trying to get back in shape, or if this is me being tired/overworked and I actually need more time off. I just don’t know….

…and to be honest, not sure I want to take complete rest days over the holiday eating season with a cruise and 24 hour buffet of delicious food (and a bathing suit) thrown in there.

Annnnnywho, I hope you all have joyful weeks with family/friends and you worry about NOTHING and do EVERYTHING your hearts desire!!!

How are your runs recently?

Tell me what your Christmas Day looks like!



  1. pickyrunner · · Reply

    Ugh I know the feeling. I feel like I was in such a good groove for a few weeks and now I’m just not feeling the running. I’m doing other workouts so I guess it’s okay, but it’s weird to not be excited to go. I admire your week of total rest. It would do my body good. Like you, though, I’m not sure it would be realistic the week of the holiday season for me to do that. Maybe a few weeks down the road… I am amazed at how far you’ve come in such a short time though, seriously! Keep on keeping on!!

  2. I struggle with complete rest–even now when my body is SCREAMING at me to take a couple days off, mentally I cannot. especially with all the holiday food/booze around here. =)

    1. Yes this time of the year when all you want to do is snuggle, eat, and drink, also easing back the running can be rough!! I really really keep trying to think LONG TERM haha… down the road and not just in the next few weeks! Hard to do! Enjoy your time though and I will try and do the same! 🙂

  3. I’m runs have actually been weird lately too. What I can normally do for my HIIT runs, was so hard, and I thought I might fall off the treadmill. So I just took it easy and saw how that felt. Maybe do some weight training for a little bit, give your legs a bit longer from running. I hope your nutritionist helps! Well I will be getting up semi early Christmas eve, doing a HIIT run, then go make some corn bread (hoping to make and frost cupcakes today), hopefully my hair is dry so I can curl, I’m lazy and refuse to blow dry it hahaha, then around 3 or 4 go over to my boyfriend’s house and celebrate with his family. Get up semi early Christmas day, and get in a back workout, then the boyfriend will come over and celebrate with me and my family 🙂

  4. Way to mix it up in your off training time. The good news is that fitness comes back much easier than it took to gain it the first time around.

    1. You are SO RIGHT!! I should totally embrace getting out of shape because it really wont take more than a couple weeks for that fitness/endurance to come back 🙂 and staying healthy by taking time off is totally worth it

  5. I’m with you on the out of shape ha. My first run testing out my foot was HARD… my lungs were on fire during and for about 15 minutes after. It’s so crazy how you can go from super long runs a few weeks before to barely bring able to finish like a quarter of that! Im “allowed” to run pain-permitting
    , but still being super careful with getting back into it since its still not 100% soo I am pretty sure all those Chrismas goodies are not going to be burned off with my less than impressive mileage. But heck we work hard enough and I’m pretty sure we both wont be eating enough to be become a TLC special on someone who has overate their whole lives. It’s only for a shirt period of time and we deserve to enjoy ourselves! 🙂 on Christmas Eve my family dresses up a little, nothing super fancy and eats snack foods and Christmas morning everyone comes over in new pjs and we open presents and eat brunch! (Promise we do more than just eat even though that’s how it sounds.. There’s fun games thrown in there somewhere;) )

    1. Ohh girl as always you have calmed me and made me feel much less anxious and overall relaxed about the whole thing!! — which really isn’t a THING in the first place! It is a season full of fun and love and family… and I am “ruining” it with my worried thoughts about what?! Food and gaining some weight?! Doesn’t matter! I will get back into running shape easily and when I get back from holidays and our family vacation and it is NO BIG DEAL!!! haha sorry this is me making this realization from reading your comment!!!

      Your family traditions sound great!! I love that you guys eat lots and SNACK! ((I love snacking 🙂 )) Glad to hear you love your family and your time with them!

      Thank you again for the wake up call to real life and the enjoyment to be had and helping get my head on straight! I have had some tough days with all the food and cutting back running, so this is a big help!

  6. My runs have been frozen (I’m going to complain any chance I get 😉 ) It seems I have a perpetual nose drip when I run…. I’m so used to running in FL that running in Chicago winter is so difficult. I’m glad I’m doing it though…it’s keeping me sane..for the most part! Christmas Day will hopefully start with a short run, followed by presents, brunch at grandmas, naps, and then Christmas dinner at home with the family!

  7. I felt VERY similar when I took a big chunk of time off running twice in the past year-ish. The first time was for the period, and the second time was due to injury. My experience was that a lot of it, although it very much is physical, is also mental. I think I’d get in my head that something was hard and I couldn’t do it and I was so out of shape… and then surprise, it felt so much harder. As soon as I started to remind myself that running is constant evolution and that I can easily spring back to where I was (or even better!) with a little work, it seems like that was when things got a little easier. Plus, I will total TMI you right now, haha, but I didn’t have my period for years due to under eating and over exercising and I kid you not I SWEAR I got faster once I started having regular periods again. Not even joking. Maybe its in my head, but I know my body felt stronger, and even though I weighed 15-20 pounds more, I was still running significantly faster than I thought I could!

    1. I cannot thank you enough for this info!!! Definitely not TMI bc I am talk about my lack of period all the time!! Ahh this seriously bright a smile and hope and strength to me all at once while reading this!! You are so so right… I get it in my head and think I am doing so much harm to my running and that I am a fat lazy slob for bot running for a few weeks… It makes it stressful and not fun! I don’t want to feel like this and ruin the wonderful holiday time with my family and the vacation we are going on in a few days… Thank you for sharing and being honest— please know you are helping me so so much! So glad to hear that with your period back you feel better and stronger and were even faster— with the extra weight!! That is what I am going through and hoping for. Not sure joe much I have put on or need to still put on ( docs only know!) but I know I am more than I was!! Thank you again for the reminders and personal stories…. I wish you the best Christmas 🙂

  8. It really is crazy how quickly we lose cardio fitness. Like, with other sports I don’t think you lose it that fast!

    I’m glad you’re not pushing running right now. I think you’ll come back to training stronger than ever!

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