I’m not good at “giving”!

Thank you all for the excitement and encouragement from my announcement yesterday!

Marathon #3 and my Dad’s BQ, here we come!!!

Yesterday was a continuation of the wintery, snowy mess we’ve been having. I am very tired of this already. In my opinion, there is only ONE thing snow is good for–SKIING–and let me tell ya, Indiana does not have much of that going on.

I ran inside the University’s basketball stadium in the big, open hallways (the area where the concessions/bathrooms are) and I had the place to myself around mid-morning! It was painfully boring, yes, but beats breaking my butt on the ice.

I did about 5 miles in there. Hindsight, I should have aqua-jogged or taken a rest day. I was tired, my legs were tired, the run did not feel that good/easy/fun. But I was feeling a bit anxious and felt like I needed to run- not for the endorphins or anything, but for the “bad” reasons. The “oh man I feel lazy and sedentary and full of food. I should run.” Shoot.

Yesterday, I did some damage on Etsy!!! I LOVE shopping Etsy… they have EVERYTHING!!! I got my sister some things….

**A bronze necklace with vintage England map ((she lived there for a bit and we spent a great week together there way back when!))

Vintage England necklace, England map pendant charm,map jewelry,photo pendant- M4015CP

**I love green and my sister will look gorgeous in this two-tone color!!

Two tone Green infinity scarf, fringe scarf, cowl scarf, loop scarf

I also bought a 2nd of the necklace above (except with the vintage map of Spain) and I am going to let my sister choose between the two… and I will take the other 🙂

As I was shopping for my sister, I realized I am not good at giving gifts! Truth! All I do is end up shopping for myself!!!! I want everything I see!!!

Today I am FOR SURE taking a rest day. hold me to it! I have 3 doc appointments literally back-to-back-to-back (Thereapist-Nutritionist-Doc) WHOA I am worn out thinking about it!

I hope you all have beautiful days!!

**STAY WARM! ((The country is literally experiencing its 2nd ice age…))

Do you end up shopping for yourself more during the holidays?!

Just how FREEZING is it where you are?!



  1. I’m beginning to think snow is getting a little old too. especially when you’re waiting for a bus and cars zoom by and splash the melted slush on you. :/

    and I’ve been buying a ton of crap on Etsy too………. for myself. you’re not alone lol.

    1. Ahh yes… getting sprayed with dirty snow while simultaneously avoiding black-ice patches so you don’t kill yourself. Fun, fun, right?! bahh
      So glad other people can’t seem to get past “shopping for themselves” either.. makes me feel better!

  2. Whew…you will need some downtime after that! I get tired just talking to my doctor at appointments (who is actually a nurse practitioner, but in my opinion just as good if not even better than a doctor)! I hope each trip you get a little nugget to keep you going. : )

    Haha…my sister and I wore the same exact color last night despite coming to Orchestra rehearsal from different parts of the state! It was totally not planned, but funny to realize when people pointed it out. My sister and I are so very different in tons of ways, but strangely similar in a few things. Many people think we sound the same when we talk on the phone. Does that happen to you and your sister?

    I LOVE that necklace. What a great idea. I think I’ll have to check out esty now…been hearing about it a lot lately, but have yet to try it.

    Have you ever heard of Tevana? My mom is a huge tea lover, so I got my christmas gifts for her (and my sis) from there. They have such neat stuff and I really like the store, but I personally am more of coffee drinker. I tried to get myself to like tea like my mom and sister, but…alas…I am following in the line of long time coffee drinkers. Oh well…could be worse! : )

    Stay warm girl!

    1. Yess check out etsy! so many great great things!
      So funny about your sister and you matching haha it happens!! 🙂

  3. pickyrunner · · Reply

    Haha I’m not good at choosing gifts for people. And the entire gift-opening process is just awkward for me in general, so I don’t love it. I’m absolutely stuck on what to get my dad and brother this year- it’s a serious problem! I do love that scarf though. I would buy it for myself 🙂 I hope your appointments go well- EMBRACE THE REST 🙂

    1. oh my gosh I would have NO idea what to get a brother. That sounds so so hard to pick out a gift for a brother, I dont know why! my dad is easy to buy for ((i just keep getting him running gear)) but my mom is more difficult!

  4. Cute stuff! I really need to get some shopping done – I am way behind! It’s actually pretty warm here compared to the negatives we had last week! I think we are getting up close to 40 today!

    1. I am actually surprised i shopped as early as I did this year– usually I am the 2 days before girl, running around the mall in a frantic frenzy. That still may happen this year since I have nothing for my mom! Good luck with your shopping!!

  5. It’s taken me many years to get use to shopping for others hahaha I use to walk through stores not knowing what to get others and only seeing what I wanted. But I think it helped that I start to think earlier in the year about everyone’s Christmas gifts, so I would think less about me and more about everyone else. And now I just get excited giving everyone gifts. Complete 180, I know. But I think it’s super exciting when I know they are going to like their gift. Good luck with your appointments, I’m sure they will go well ,<3 🙂

    1. I know what you mean! I acutally love making people happy over a gift!! it feels good when they feel good 🙂 Great job on being so on top of your shopping!

  6. haha! Usually I’m pretty good at shopping for others but last night when I went to go buy my Sub for Santa gifts I ended up dropping some $$ on myself. In my defense, $30 of the $50 I spent on me were for 2 pairs of shoes (bargain!!) and I am in desperate need of shoes. It seems like they’re all deciding to wear out at the same time. Isn’t that always how it goes?! Have a great Wednesday!!

    1. I am always ok with spending money on shoes! For some reason, I can always justify those purchases! 🙂 So many different fun styles that i “always need” haha…oh well! there are worst things to spend money on!!

  7. Runner Girl Eats · · Reply

    I feel guilty writing this but its 60 and sunny here. Florida has some perks 😉

    1. no words for this jealousy! The snow and ice and constant fear of cracking your head open on the ice is getting old!!! Enjoy your weather and keep sharing some of the sunshine on your blog for the rest of the cold cold country 🙂

  8. I hope those aren’t Christmas gifts, or if they are, I hope your sister doesn’t read your blog, or the surprise is gone! Haha. I agree about the snow, after growing up in Ohio, the only time I want to see it now is if I’m on a ski trip!!!

    1. I am pretty sure she has no idea I keep a blog…so i defintiely hope she doesn’t read it and spoil the surprise!

  9. Etsy is so dangerous…If I get going on there, who knows how much I’ll end up with!

    1. Same!! oh well… it is christmas time… lets all spoil ourselves a bit!

  10. This is when people like Runner Girl Eats start to make me really jealous;). I always end up shopping for myself when shopping for others. I’m always working on not doing this, but it is so hard!

    1. I know right!! I bought some MORE things for myself only yesterday!!! ahh so bad!

  11. […] Good Omen #2: I got a great email from Leah at Running With the Hayneses telling me I WON her giveaway!!! I was over the moon!! Sarah (her sister) started her own pottery  business, Get a Grip Pottery, and of course being an incredible endurance athlete and lover of all things painful running, she threw on some wonderful running mantras onto her pieces! I got to choose between the items, and the rest she is selling! Go check them out right now HERE!! Great Christmas gift (for yourself or others!) She is on Etsy, and we all know my obsession with Etsy… […]

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