Not missing Running is weird?

Hello Everyone!

Boy is Winter here! I leaving for home last night after my evening class  for the weekend and it was ice storming! I tried so hard to convince myself it was fine to drive in… But then I got smart and realized risking my life on the roads at night in ice and snow was ridiculous beyond belief. So fingers crossed I can find a lull in the storm to leave today!

I know this is nothing compared to what the west is getting this week… but still I nice snow fall for the first of the season here in Indiana!


And I have my beautiful Raynaud’s Disease starting to creep into  my life again ((the pointer finger and the slight tip of my pinky finger below)).. bahhh so annoying! I get it all over my toes and usually I have fingers much worse than this (but I snapped the picture early while I still had dexterity in my fingers!


Yesterday my bum was super sore from Wednesday’s legs workout, courtesy of Blonde Ponytail, but I decided I wanted to hit up another full body Tabata workout!

I went to Blonde Ponytail and chose one at random that required no equipment and I could do at home (she has tons that satisfy these requirements!) I ended up doing THIS workout!

Tabata each exercise:

  1. Side lunge with knee tuck
  2. Push-ups to “T”
  3. Scissor Abs
  4. Low Jacks
  5. Hand Release Push-ups
  6. Plank Toe taps
  7. 180 degree Squat Jumps

Total Time= 28 mins


I then decided to continue my AquaJogging streak by going for 4 days in a row! I am so proud of myself for getting in water when it is so cold my hair practically turns into icicle dreadlocks when I walk back to my car afterward…

AquaJogging Workout:

  • 5 min warm up
  • 1 min hard, 1 min easy
  • 2 min hard, 1 min easy
  • 3 min hard, 1 min easy
  • 4 min hard, 1 min easy
  • 5 min hard, 1 min easy
  • 4 min hard, 1 min easy
  • 3 min hard, 1 min easy
  • 2 min hard, 1 min easy
  • 1 min hard, 1 min easy
  • 1 min easy
  • TABATA TIME!!!! (20 secs hard, 10 sec easy) X 8

Fun busy workout! Loved it 🙂

Oh, and this just made me laugh because… well… it is me in a nut-shell. I go to the bathroom on runs more than anyone I have ever met. Ever.

Photo Cred: Flying Mouse 365

I have not missed running. I am very surprised actually by how much I have not missed running. Which is strange to me, since I was not feeling burnt out after the marathon, and I even put in 35+ miles week 2 after the race.

But, I got to thinking… this winter is for strength and development and letting my body do some different things. I keep thinking long term and about my racing goals ((1:25 half and 3:05 full)). All of these days off and strength and agility workouts will be beneficial and KEEP ME INJURY FREE! Injury free=Happy girl!

But, with that said… I will be at home for 3 days with no pool, so I am sure I will fun run 🙂

I hope you all are staying safe as wintery wonderfulness sweeps across most of the country!

Take Care and have a Great Weekend 🙂

Do you miss running when you take a break from it??

Favorite thing to do in the winter time or to stay warm?

-I want chili at all times when it is cold…


  1. When I was injured and had to take a lot of time off, at first I didn’t miss it so much, but was still itching to run but enjoyed just cheering on my team and being able to finally take a break and not stress about getting first. But after a month, I felt like I was going crazy! Now that I’m only running every other day, I’m content with that. And there are some days when I don’t feel like running, but I do anyways, because otherwise my day is off and everything feels weird, it’s just a habit to get up and get my workout done hahaha. I love cuddling with the boyfriend while we watch movies or football all day long 🙂

  2. I think I know what you mean. We have a lot of snow and ice here, which makes running outside on rural roads with no shoulder very difficult 🙂 so my running has morphed into more strength training, treadmill, XT, etc. I miss long runs the most, but I’m really okay taking a break. It’s a nice mental break to focus on a new challenge. I’m also looking forward to running more again in the spring to see how the strength training pays off.

    Ouch, your fingers! stay warm 😦

  3. Ugh…i totally have the same problem with circulation! it’s awful in the cold weather!

  4. I have that circulation problem, too. My hands get all blue/white and it’s no fun!!

    I’m taking a few days off of running because I’ve been feeling burnt out, so hopefully I’m going to be ready fr running again on Monday! I like to stay warm by drinking hot chocolate and snuggling with my puppy.

  5. So glad the workout worked for you!!! It’s cold here too!! Stay warm!

  6. Ah, Raynaud’s…A good from of mine has been dealing with that for years. Hope you’re staying warm!!

  7. I’m glad you were smart and stayed home!! I’ve had to make that choice twice this week, which sucks but it’s better than dying out in the storm. Literally.
    I have been loving not being in training. I’ve been focusing more on strength training and then running when I feel like it. I love that I have no pressure to be hitting any mileages or paces or anything. However, I will be getting back into training soon for a half in February. I would love to PR, so we’ll see how that goes! It will all be on the treadmill because of the current weather.

    1. I got to tires on my car to e ready on the snow!! i was sliding around all over the place on Friday… So my cars new “shoes” on Sunday were very needed! (oh my gosh so expensive though!!)
      Love that you have been casually running! W/out the “pace” or “distance” pressures it is like a whole new take on running!!
      I have this feeling you are going to KILL your half! I just know it…after the marathon training and the focus from that, you will be able to actually “race” and “compete” in the half (rather than “finish” like we do with Fulls 🙂 ))
      I will be on the treadmill soon too!

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