Tabata for Days and a Song

Happy Thursday!!

3 days in a row of AquaJogging ladies and gentlemen!! I can hardly believe it myself!

I am still really enjoying the no impact thing. I know my body thanks me so much after months and months of pounding it into the ground (boy we are harsh on ourselves, aren’t we?)

I did more interval training, alternating HARD (high cadence) with a short recovery.

THEN I decided to end my 4 mins in the water with me drowning doing Tabata AquaJogging. The lifeguards were looking at me with a worried look… don’t worry guys… I think I am fine..

Fun Fact #1— Whenever I am at a loss as to what workout to do, I choose an exercise and Tabata it. I have found you can Tabata ANYTHING.

Later at my apartment, I added in some leg workouts, curtsy of my favorite Workout-maker, Blonde Ponytail! (she is seriously awesome and is ALWAYS my go-to for workouts)

I did THIS leg workout of hers– I chose to Tabata ((20 sec on, 10 off) x8) each move for a 20min workout:

    1. 180* squats
    2. Reverse lunge with kick
    3. Lower body jacks
    4. Cross-back lunge with knee tuck
    5. Pulse squat jumps

To time it, I thought I was really really smart for Googling “Tabata Timer Online” and getting the easiest/best/BIGGEST timer ever. Me=Happy


Side note:

I am catching the Christmas Spirit! This is much earlier in the year for me than normal… Most years it hits me around December 22 or so. “Oh Hey Christmas is around the corner!!! I better get the Spirit on!” But my boss in the office was playing Christmas carols yesterday morning and it TOTALLY did the trick!

She has on the most beautiful singing accapella group I have ever heard… Singing one of my Christmas Faves– Little Drummer Boy. Gets me every time!

Fun Fact #2— ANY time I hear pretty music (especially Live music) I tear up. Legit tear up… like they roll down my cheeks when I blink… Anyways, it most definitely happened with this group on the this song.

I am currently looking for the cheapest place to get my sister a Patagonia quarter snap sweater/sweater-shirt for Christmas! Any suggestion of a good online deal??

Have a Great Day!

Online Outdoor Gear shopping–where do you look?

Do you Tabata things?!


  1. I love Christmas music and was so happy when Black Friday rolled around. As much as I really life Thanksgiving, I am a huge lover of Christmas music. Can’t wait to try your version of Drummer Boy. Hope your have a great day!

    1. …really love thanksgiving…not life…woops! : P

    2. Yayyy christmas music and cheer πŸ™‚
      Let me know if you like this version of drummer boy! ((I am also a huge sucker for all the original versions of christmas songs as well. Oh, and Frank Sinatra christmas. always wonderful!))

  2. I use to Tabata things, but now when I workout out I just do a continuous workout for 30-40 minutes, making sure I’m not working the same muscle in a row. Like for leg day I do Lunges, then side bends, squats, then calf raises, then leg press, then take a break and repeat :). Omg that group of people, they are so talented! I’m not a fan of Christmas music, but I wouldn’t mind listening to that!

    1. That is a smart way to do it!! Sounds liek a fun busy workout that goes by quickly!!
      Glad you liked the song!! they are SO talented…. like, what would it be like to just have the ability to sing like an angel like that?!?! must be nice! πŸ™‚

      1. It definitely is!!! Challenging but fun! I know right?? I would love be able just say I can sing haha

  3. outdoor gear (aka – my fave thing to shop for) …hands down – REI. Or check wilderness exchange – they have a store here in denver that’s awesome, but not sure if you can order online.

    1. Whoohoooo REI is definitley a go-to for me! I just checked online and they have the exact sweater I want to get my sister. I would love if i could some how manage to get a coupon or discount on it there though… maybe they will have a sale right before Christmas? Do they usually do that? I can’t remember ha…
      I will check out Wilderness Exchange and see if you can online order! Thankss πŸ™‚

  4. You might try Eastern Mountain Sports…

    1. YAY thanks so much for the suggestion!! i will check them out tonight!!

  5. Thanks so much for the shout out! Glad you liked the workout!!!

    1. No… thank YOUUU!! haha I seriously could do your workouts all day every day! You really know how to provide a effective workouts–very impressive! And I love that you demonstrate the moves for us. Extremely helpful! Thanks again πŸ™‚

  6. Get it girl!! πŸ™‚
    I love the word Tabata and even more that you can say it as a question- do you tabata things?

    1. haha Maybe I would get more done in my day/life if I tabata-ed other things… like work, school, LAUNDRY, DISHES….
      But tabata workouts are most definitely my fave ❀

  7. Maybe I am totally lost, but what is Tabata and how do you tabata different exercises?? Does it just mean “repeat”?

    1. Tabata is 20 secs HARD/FAST of something followed by 10 secs of EASY/REST. you did this cycle 8 times for a 4 min workout. Sounds short and sweet right?!?! WRONG! on the 20 sec hard, you go all out!
      You can tabata anything (in my opinion!) weight lifting, sprinting on a treadmill, sit ups, push ups, squats, aquajogging, etc.
      So the workout I did above, I Tabata each move– so that 4 min cycle for each exercise and move immediately onto the next.
      Hope this helps! Google it, you tube it, go to Blond Ponytail’s blog and check out some more of hers!

  8. […] my bum was super sore from Wednesday’s legs workout, courtesy of Blonde Ponytail, but I decided I wanted to hit up another full body Tabata […]

  9. Oh I love that group’s version of Little Drummer Boy – it makes me tear up too! Glad you’re in the Christmas spirit early this year!!

  10. I should definitely know this..but what does it mean to Tabata something? I’ve heard the term but haven’t taken the time to research it…

    1. haha it is 20sec HARD/10 secsOFF, x8 for a total of a 4 min workout. So if you tabata lots of moves (say 5) you are dong each movie for for that 4 min tabata before moving on to the next move. Did that make sense? haha hard to explain via “type” πŸ™‚

  11. […] Yesterday evening then I did 25 mins of a workout similar to my Wednesday leg-killer. […]

  12. For me to buy online, it depends on how bad I want the item, price or access I have to it. My wife works third shift, so I also try not to have anything shipped to the house just so that she has as little interruptions as possible. πŸ™‚ It also depends on the gear itself.

    I love to tabata. Especially, bc I can just randomly throw something together and personalize the workout for me or someone else. Thanks for sharing the timer, that is awesome! It is now favorite!!!

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