Break, Tailgates, and Races!

Happy Friday All!

I loved reading your comments from the the last two posts… I don’t think you all realize just how kind, amazing, and encouraging you are. Each one of you are great role models, and I want you to remember that when bad days inevitably set in and leaving you feeling down and blue. Keep in mind you have a beautiful soul!

Thanksgiving Break Has Official Began!


The last few weeks have been especially crazy! I have not had a relaxing weekend in forever! Granted, all the things I was doing was an absolute blast and I wouldn’t change that…. Purdue Half-Marathon, Chicago Hot Chocolate 15k, Denver, Richmond Marathon….Whew! Fun stuff right there : )

This weekend I get to go tailgating with a few of my best friends at the Purdue v. Illinois football game! My friends and I are 100% soloing a tailgate for the first time ever! Usually we get some help from experienced boys… but not this time! I am bringing at crock-pot full of chili and of course, chips and salsa from Costco (They have the best. Hands down.)

I had an exam late last night in what has been my favorite class ever (including undergrad) — Fisheries and Wildlife. Yes, I know, it sounds like a made up class, but I am an Environmental Science masters student… so it applies!  I have learned more in that class then all others combined. While I am obsessed with the grandeur of the Rocky Mountains, forests that never end, or the vastness of the ocean… this class has taught me to learn to appreciate what I have in my back yard. Even good ol’ Indiana has some incredible habitat for species (they just arn’t as ‘big’ as the species out west : ) ))

Now I have the entire week off!!!  I plan on lots of lazy sitting, lots of walks and realllllly slow runs! I love running when I am not in a hurry to shoot off to class!

One other thing– I signed up for 2 races yesterday. I know I know… I am kind of rolling my eyes at me too!! But hear me out! Race #1– Drumstick Dash–Thanksgiving Day race I have run every single year. So it was a given we would do it this year! Race #2– The Bop to the Top Triple Step! It is a stair climb race in downtown Indy that I did last year and LOVED IT!! I found it to be so different than running…it is all about butt/thigh/hamstring strength!! Squats, squats squats!! I only did the once-up last year, but this year I signed up for the Triple! Go up, come down, go up come down, go up come down…. 🙂 Can’t wait! It is January 18… feel free to join! only 40$!

Have a great fun Friday and a Safe weekend!!

Ever tried or would want to try, a stair race?!

How many people do a Thanksgiving Day race!!


  1. Yay for break!! I can’t wait for mine!!! Ah, and the workouts are always the best when I get to take my time! I really need to look for a stair race near me, although I’m afraid I won’t find anything, still worth a look though!! I’ve thought about doing one before, but the amount of people that do them, it just makes me nervous. Large crowds make me feel very claustrophobic. Good luck and have fun Tail gating this weekend 🙂

  2. A whole week off!!!! You are soooo lucky! I am pumped for my two days off and then only two days of work next week!

  3. I’ll be running the Drumstick Dash (in Carmel) for the first time this year! Hope you have a great time, I’m just going for fun because I’ve had to take some time off running the past couple weeks for some small injuries.

  4. I would love to do a stair race sometime! I think it would be a really fun way to challenge myself in a way other than just running regular races. That class of yours sounds interesting! The one thing I wish I had done different in college was take electives that weren’t so closely related to my major, something completely random haha. In high school I did take an environmental science class though and it was super fun! Maybe someday for fun I will have to take something like that again at a community college or something 🙂 Have a great weekend!

  5. Yay for upcoming races! I love the feeling of registering for different races. It’s something new to look forward to. Enjoy your WEEK off!!!

  6. What?! A stair race?? Never heard of it. Sounds like a killer though. You’re amazing!!

  7. I’m doing a Turkey Trot that sponsors the local LGBT Youth organization, which I love, but this year they’re only offering a 5k instead of a 10k. I’m a little disappointed!

    That stair climbing race sounds hardcore!!

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