REAL PEOPLE are not Perfect!

You all are Wonderful!

I was so comforted yesterday reading all of your words of encouragement and advice for dealing with “time-off” and FOOD… especially as it pertains to this magnificent time of the year we are heading into where office treats, parties, holidays, and leftovers are the norm!

I found this article floating around on Facebook and on Miss Zippy’s page and just had to share– especially since I am in a slight state of “worrisome frustration” with my body at the moment (although your comments yesterday literally pulled me out of my mental slump and made me feel so loved and appreciated… you guys are the best!)

Many of you may have heard of Lauren Fleshman. She is an OUTSTANDING professional U.S runner who is also a founder of Picky Bars (I nibbled on one at the Richmond Marathon!) which are oh so yummy and nutritious!

Here is a post she wrote on a week or so ago, and it is beautiful. And she is beautiful. And we all are beautiful!

Keeping It Real

Quick Recap— Lauren recently did a photoshoot/run-way walk where she is looking like the gorgeous strong athlete she is!! Lets talk about that 8 pack she is rockin’… She then decides to post what she looks like on a normal basis when she is not spray-tanned up and tightening her abs with all of her might.

Guess What? She still looks freaking beautiful… but in a different way than what she is portrayed to look by magazine covers. The point of the article? NO BODY IS PERFECT… we all have what we consider to be “imperfections.” The key is to be a Runway Rockstar anyways and appreciate what your body does for you!!

I am 100% on board with this and now have a huge girl crush on Lauren Fleshman! Thanks for being REAL!!

I have an exam late this evening, then I am DONE FOR THANKSGIVING BREAK!

I have some fun things planned this weekend I will tell you about tomorrow! I hope you all have great days and smile at least 1,000 times/hour 🙂

Weekend plans and/or Thanksgiving plans!! Where are people headed?

Every tried/heard of Lauren Fleshman and/or Picky Bars?

-The would make great stocking stuffers for athletes… just sayin 🙂



  1. Amen!! It’s so much easier to love yourself when you are just appreciating your body for what it can do, and from there it just escalates into a real love relationship 🙂 I love it when celebrities and athletes post things like that, it’s nice to know they are human beings too! I don’t get break until next Wednesday…..I will be staying home, since I live at home haha. I’ve heard of the picky bars, never tried. I will defiantly be on the look out for them now!!!! Good luck on your exam!!!!

    1. Yes, grab a Picky Bar if you can ((order them offline and give them out as gifts 🙂 ))
      I love when athelets do this too.. so humbling and kind and encouraging! Very vulnerable for them to do so… very cool 🙂

      Stay strong on the studying until then!! you got ittttt!!!

  2. And this post made me smile. Keep it up!

    1. whoohoo!!! Thanks so much 🙂

  3. Never tried picky bars, but I am always on the look out for good bars 🙂

    1. YES– I have never seen them in store, but I am telling you they are AMAZING. Gluten free too. Order a box and give some out as stocking stuffers 🙂

  4. Lauren Fleshman has always been someone I’ve admired for her honesty…I’ve been reading her blog for some-time. She seems to be down to earth and tells it like it is.

    1. Agree. Very honest and real… Refreshing!! I will have to start reading her more regularly!

  5. I have always liked Lauren Fleshman! (maybe it has something to do with sharing her name) And I love that she is so confident with her body to post those pictures! It also shows what a caring person she is that she wants to encourage healthy self-images in other women – the whole point of her post! What an amazing lady!

    1. You are so right… her want and desire to install positive self-body image into others says EVERYTHING about her character and the type of person she is. Truly amazing and self-less.

  6. I loved the photos Lauren posted. It was so motivating and made me feel like I’m a real athlete, even in my imperfect body 🙂

    1. Agree!! It was a great post to read to start my day… Glad you found it encouraging as well!!

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