My 200th! (and just 3 days!)

I cannot believe it!

Ladies and gentlemen… this is Morning Runner Girl’s 200th post!

Some bloggers that have been around for decades (slight exaggeration) and this milestone is nothing… but I really had no idea what I was doing, what to expect, when I started this blog 100 posts ago!

I have had so much fun writing and have connected with the most wonderful people!!

This blog was a way to chat about my obsession that is running… but it became so much more than that. You guys have been with me from the very beginning of my eating disorder recover process and have been hands-down, the #1 biggest weapon in helping me combat and beat Satan at his mental manipulation of me, my body image, and food!

From the bottom of my heart… THANK YOU.

 **Sidenote: Marathon in T-3 days! I am feeling extremely lazy with what is probably too much of a taper… and to be honest my food habits have gone crazy due to stressful school days for the past 2 weeks. Seriously, I can’t keep my mouth shut. So now I get to feel lazy and gross haha OH WELL, hopefully come Saturday I will be ready!**

I decided to leave some of my favorite posts, my most popular posts, and some of my earliest posts for you guys to browse and laugh through!

Alright… that is enough of that… to be honest, as I was going back through my posts, the greatest thing was seeing how much I have grown and changed in dealing with body image, food issues, recovery, etc. I had some really really down/depressed/sad days…. I am so happy to see the change in my posts as of late! Just the tone is happier and healthier 🙂

Have a great day everyone!

When is your next blog Milestone?

Have the tone of your posts “changed” throughout your blogging career?



  1. I am going to keep commenting to tell you that, although taper is no fun, it is necessary. You are going to have an awesome marathon because your body will be recovered from training and ready to run. There is nothing you can do between no and the marathon in the form of training that will benefit you more than tapering. Your definitely not tapering too much, especially since you just ran 10 miles recently.

    It I all mental from here until Richmond. If it makes you feel better, and it won’t unfortunately, I am currently struggling through the period after the marathon when you shouldn’t run and need to allow your body to recover. It stinks, but it’s a necessary evil to become better runner and avoid injury.

    Your going to rock Richmond and I’ll keep telling you during your taper.

    1. Ugh, I need to stop posting from my phone without proofreading. I swear that I know the difference between your and you’re. So embarrassing!

      1. hahaha I by no means that you didn’t know the difference… happens to me when I am on my phone all the time!

    2. Seriously, THANK YOU for keep reminding me!! that is exactly the confirmation I need! So keep them coming!!! And yes, i have been thinking about POST marathon…. but you are so so so right– all of this is for the good of our bodies so we can keep running strong and running for our whole lives!! it does no good to keep getting injured!!
      I love your consistent reminders 🙂 I appreciate it so much!
      Way to go with the recovery… i will be right there with you soon!!

  2. Well congrats on your 200th post!! My blog turned 1 this summer, and that was a huge shock to me! I never thought I’d still be blogging, never thought when I started that mine would turn into such a great love.
    I do the same thing when I’m stressed, and funny enough, my workouts are better hahaha so I’m hoping your run has the same effect, which I’m sure it will :).

    1. Thanksss 🙂
      Yes, i am amazed at how much I love blogging too! Thanks for the good luck… and hopefully i get the same effect too!

  3. Hooray! I for one am very glad you have this blog 🙂 Blog friends forever! You’re going to ROCK your marathon!!!

    1. whoohooo thanks girl!! DEFINITELY blog friends forever haha

  4. Happy 200th!!!! So exciting! You are definitely going to be ready for this race – I have a good feeling!

    1. Aww thanks Lish! Cant’ wait to get out there and have some fun!

  5. Congrats! I’m glad you’re seeing yourself become such a positive person!
    I’m really enjoying the blogging too! I had started a few years ago and was very consistent with it, but then I had a minor freak out about my personal thoughts being on the internet and deleted the ENTIRE blog. Years of work, gone. Oh well, now I’m back and loving it!

    1. Thanks! defintely some progress!
      WOW…deleated it all!!! huge! haha I havn’t had a freak out about that yet…
      Glad you are back!! whoohoo!

  6. Congrats on your 200th! That’s so exciting!! Your marathon is so soon, good luck!! I know you’re going to do great. Can’t wait to read about it!

    1. Thanks so much! I am so excited and can’t wait to take in the sights of a new city!! Have a great evening! 🙂

  7. Congrats on reaching this milestone! I can’t wait to meet it myself! Keep up with your taper and you WILL be ready at that starting line this weekend!!

    1. Thanks for believing in me!! I hope to have fun and stay injury free!
      Can’t wait for YOU to hit the milestone either!

  8. Congrats on post #200!! And GOOD LUCK on your race Saturday! You might be surprised how good you feel after getting in a good taper and rest!

    1. Thanks so much!! you are right! rest is always good 🙂 And regardless…. I am excited to take in a new city and have some fun!! Have a great night!

  9. Yay, a list of posts to read from you!! Congrats on #200. That’s awesome 🙂 You’re gonna rock your marathon!

    1. haha thanks so much girl 🙂 I am excited!!

  10. 200 way to go! Have a great time running Richmond! You’ll be great; run YOUR race! Can’t wait to hear about it.

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