Race Recap: Hot Chocolate 15k!

A Beautiful Sunday in Chicago!

The Hot Chocolate 15k lived up to the hype! It was full of energy and excitement!


The drive up to Chi-town was Rainy!!



I arrived in Chicago and my friends had their apartment all ready to go for the Halloween party! It looked amazing!


There ended up being roughly 70 people there… it was insane!!! Some of the best costumes ever!


halloween 2013

I was Million Dollar Baby (boxer) and had a black eye ๐Ÿ™‚ You can’t see my full get up in the pic.. but it was pretty fun!! Oh, and these ladies are my best friends… โค

I stayed up hanging out with my best friends and meeting a thousand new ones… but eventually I had to call it a night and “try” and get some sleep!

My friend Christine graciously let me have her bedroom to myself… and with some earplugs and a pillow over my head, the loud loud music and raging became more of a soft, muffled, murmuring… I was so exhausted that it didn’t really matter! The moment my head hit the pillow, my alarm was going off!


About 4.5 hours of sleep… whew! Lets do this!



I immediately got the coffee going, had just ONE apple, and a Cliff Bar ((Coconut Chocolate Chip–Best.Flavor.Ever.))

My cab was arranged to get me at 5:45.. and at 5:40 I got a call saying it was out front! I really wished I had those extra 5 minutes!!!

The start line closed at 6:45am… and after running around, finding gear check, hitting up the porta-potties (a few times!)… I was ready to go!

It was GORGEOUS!ย Look at that blue sky?!


Temperature was perfect… I was cold at the start in shorts and long sleeve, but was glad I did not wear any more.


I had no expectations for the race. As I mentioned last post, I was SUPER tight and sore from my circuit workout on Thursday! I obviously didn’t want to hurt myself on this race, so I decided to play it by ear and see how I felt!

From the get-go, I felt pretty good ๐Ÿ™‚ I started back in Corral E… and had to really weave around people the whole race. One of these days I will start in A or B and “race” with some of the intimidating fast people!!! ahh!

And boy did 9.3 miles feel short!!!!! Before I new it I was on my last 5k!

We ran through lots of tunnels and my GPS did not like that at all… so I kept a normal stop-watch and clicked at the 5k markers.

My 5k splits were:

  • 5k: 20:42
  • 10k: 19:52
  • 15k: 19:22

Official Time: 59:59 ((I had 59:56… but does it matter? ;))

Avg Pace: 6:26

4th Women overall ๐Ÿ™‚

I was pleased! I had negative splits, which always makes me happy!

I ended up taking my sweet time getting back to my friends place… and instead of another 17$ taxi, I took the metro for 3$ ((saving money feels oh so good! ))



I spilled some of my chocolate fondue sauce on the metro floor…. and it looked like smeared dog poop… I am so so sorry all you metro riders!!


Highlight of the weekend was definitely seeing my friends… they truly are the most wonderful, kind, selfless, crazy people in the world! I am so lucky to have them!

Here are some more pic’s!



I was positively EXHAUSTED with the looong drive back to school and I was in bed so early I was pretty sure the sun was still up. Ya, it happens.

Hope your weekend was great!!ย Yay for Monday?!? ๐Ÿ™‚

Do you overdress for races if it is a cold morning?

Do you steady run or negative split?



  1. The race looks fun! I was thinking about doing the race here in Phoenix because running + chocolate is one of the best combos I can think of! Great job on the race – negative splits are definitely the best!

  2. Incredible race, girl!! Way to go on those negative splits! I have SUCH a hard time hitting negative splits. I’m always like a race horse wanting to fly out of the gate and tend to go too hard the first few miles. Ah well, I will learn one day. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I am so glad you had such a wonderful weekend with your friends! And yes– I overdress SO bad. I always have to strip during the race and hope I can find the clothes I ditch after the race, haha! I hope you have a wonderful Monday!

  3. klopez415 · · Reply

    I’m too much of a wimp to even sign up for a race in a colder season! I HATE being cold, but I know that I’ll get really warm if I wear too much while running, so I tend to avoid the situation or suck it up and start off cold (althought if I signed up for a race, I don’t know how long I could wait at the starting line “sucking it up”).

    Congrats on your time! I’m surprised you were only 4th! I also run negative splits, usually because I’m cautious in the beginning and don’t want to push myself too hard only to crash at the end.

  4. Congrats on a fantastic race girl!! great work! you should be quite proud of yourself!!

  5. man I’m so bummed I didn’t get to do this! it looks like so much fun. hamstring thing is officially getting old.

    congrats on your time and being fourth! you’re a rockstar. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  6. pickyrunner · · Reply

    This looks like SO MUCH FUN! AHHHH I can’t wait to run it in April. Also, you are so speedy!! I’m glad you got to enjoy a weekend with your friends ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Yay!!! Congrats on your run!!!! You seriously make me want to do long distance again!! Great pace girl!!! I usually keep a steady pace, if I’m lucky it will decrease. And I always underdress hahaha and the sun never comes out either. Last year I ran the Turkey Trot, wore a shortsleeve with a long sleeve under it and shorts. the long sleeve was for hot temps, to keep my body heat the same. It did that, but it wasn’t enough haha. And it downpoured on me haha. Have a great Monday ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. Great job on your race! I really really want to do the one that’s here in December, but it’s the same day as a 5k I already signed up for, bummer, next year hopefully! I definitely overdress because anything below 60 degrees feels like freezing to us desert people! I think the coldest I have run in is like the upper 30s to 40s and thought my fingers were going to fall off and I ran in gloves the whole way and my fingers were still like ice cubes at the end. I just do not warm up well, but I sweat like crazy in the summer so I don’t know whats up with that ha. I’m a whole mixed bag when it comes to pacing. Sometimes I’m steady, sometimes negative, and sometimes the second half is slower than the first (whoops) My first half yesterday had splits kinda all over the place and I ended up running 1:23:17 and getting 2nd overall so I was happy! Just need some more experience with racing for that long..can’t imagine going another 13.1 miles. Hopefully my future training will prepare me for that one ๐Ÿ˜‰

    1. INCREDIBLE time! my goal for my next half is around a 1:25… you are amazing with that 1:23! hopefully some day soon for me! But ya I am with ya…. cant imagine carrying that pace for another 13.1 haha
      Obviously being “all over the place” with your splits helped you more than hurt you… sometimes just running by feel! (I actually never look at my watch until the last mile).
      Haha with the temps i have been having… I would LOVE a HOT 60 degree day !!! sounds swealtering! ๐Ÿ™‚

      1. Thank you! I definitely think that is a VERY attainable goal for you for your next half! Your races lately have been super speedy! I’m amazed that you run so well no matter what the conditions are..whether its rainy weather with no warm-up or sleep deprived, you just rock it! I’m so excited to hear about how your upcoming marathon goes! ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m similar to you though regarding looking at my watch..I would much rather not know my pace and just run by how I feel so I don’t think I’m going too fast/slow… until the end when I look probably more than I should because I’m like “okay this can be done now”…haha happy training this week!

  9. Way to go! Very speedy!
    I have been training myself for about a year now to try and negative split. I had a good one this weekend that I’ll have to write about later today!

  10. rachelaburns · · Reply

    Gosh, you take this “morning runner” thing seriously! But I do love when races (especially long ones) start very early. It feels good to get it done first thing. But it can be hard when you sleep 4 hours the night before!

    Congrats on the great run. I have to ask though, how was the fleece and after party? The chocolate looks fantastic, of course…

  11. Your costume is so clever and strong! Love it!

    15k in under an hour?! You are super woman!

  12. Awesome job! I love the hot chocolate theme. Looks like you had perfect weather too!

  13. You are a speed demon!! Some day I hope to be as fast as you. Or close-ish. haha You’re amazing. Also, I support any race that gives you chocolate at the end. Awesome.

  14. […] I was doing was an absolute blast and I wouldn’t change that…. Purdue Half-Marathon, Chicago Hot Chocolate 15k, Denver, Richmond Marathon….Whew! Fun stuff right there : […]

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