Checking things off and Running plans!

Happy Halloween!

((Totally forgot until the New’s reminded me!))

I can’t tell if yesterday my mood matched the weather, or the weather matched my mood.

What the heck Indiana!!! You know when it is really dark out in the morning and finally, it starts to get a bit light out, but the sun isn’t up yet. It is just a semi-light darkness? Ya…. well that was as “light” as it got yesterday. The entire day was in this miserable, foggy, dreary, dark state. The sun never did make an appearance.

As such… I was in a weird, childish mood yesterday. I didn’t feel like studying, working, or running. Luckily, I dragged my butt to work and was absolutely not productive, but I did have a wonderful time chatting with my fun office friends 🙂

And the miracle of the evening was that despite the gloom, the fog, the steady misty rain, the random humidity, the extreme tired/boredom from hours of not moving and being a worthless blob…. I managed to go for a run! And, as always, running didn’t let me down! It was wonderful and freeing!!

I have never been so slimy and sweaty and gross after a run. I mean… just a few days ago I had to wear gloves…. and yesterday I was in a tank-top with my hair matted to my neck and my face acting like a windshield to the million and one bugs that were out. (gross).

I had to sit on a reusable grocery bag that I keep in the car so I didn’t soak sweat into my car seat.


Remember my To-Do List from last Friday? (You don’t? Ya I didn’t really either…) Well, I managed to do ALL of the things on it. That never happens!! I feel so accomplished. Lets quickly recap those shall we?

  • Buy Boots (CHECK!)
  • Buy Pants (CHECK!)
  • Clean my apartment (CHECK!)
  • Sign up for the Chicago Hot Chocolate 15k this weekend (CHECK!)

I headed to Nordstrom Rack where I had never been, and I fell in love. Seriously… such high quality great clothes, but at a fraction of the price! Score and Score. And remember… I hate shopping.  So my love for this store is saying a lot!

I was nervous about the pants shopping thing. I mean… I almost had a breakdown the other day when none of my pants fit. Like seriously… one day they did, the next day they didn’t. My therapist had said to get the pants bigger and looser so that I don’t at all feel restricted or anything. I totally guessed at the sizes, took a deep breath, and went in. I had luck on all the first 4 I grabbed. That never happens!!



The MOST successful part of the experience was my mental state, which I was so proud of. I stayed strong 🙂

The boots… well, I fell in love with them 🙂 Yes, they look cowboy-ish. But I have a secret goal to be a cowboy (cowgirl?)



The apartment just felt amazing after the deep clean I gave it. It can already use another vacuum though… how does that happen so quickly??

–And the Hot Chocolate 15k on Sunday?! I AM SO FREAKING EXCITED!!! Mainly due to the quarter zip jackets we get… seriously awesome. Oh AND the mug I will be getting, thanks to Sarah at Picky Runner!

I am not sure (again) about what my workouts will look like today. I am 2.5 weeks out from Richmond!

**if I am being honest… which I always am with you guys… I had a slight SLIGHT episode of some shin splints yesterday after my run. I immediately iced/ibuprofen/compression socks…. and it is feeling good this morning. But I am going to be very very AWARE of it. Every since I had the worst shin splints ever back in June while at Young Life camp that put me off of running (and off of walking) for 5+ weeks… I am super duper careful!!

Have a great Halloween!!

What is your Costume!? HELP I need easy, comfortable, cheap ideas!!!

-Can I just go as a runner?!?! Unfortunately I look like that every day…

Do you find that you “get what you pay for” in clothes? Do you always shop cheap, or quality?

-I used to be strictly a cheap cheap buyer… but since I shop so infrequently now, I am definitely learning you get what you pay for and sometimes higher quality is worth the extra bucks…sometimes.

Weekend is SO CLOSE!! What are you doing??

-Chicago for my best friends Halloween Party followed by the Hot Chocolate 15k!!



  1. I’m lame and not dressing up for Halloween! Although dressing up as a runners seems really comfy and I should have thought about that earlier and worn it to work! This weekend I plan on running and sleeping. Maybe something else but we’ve been so busy lately I could use a relaxed weekend for sure!

    1. Running and sleeping sound PERFECT!! I hope you do lots of both 🙂

  2. pickyrunner · · Reply

    I wanted to be a runner for halloween but my friends didn’t like that plan. I’m going to be an athlete though so I can wear spandex and sneakers. #comfycasual. I wish we were running the same hot chocolate race but at least we’ll get lots of chocolate out of it!

    1. Bahhh one day we HAVE to run a race together… ok??! 🙂

  3. Congrats on getting everything on your list checked off. I wish I could do that for once.

    1. There is no better feeling than a big ol’ CHECK MARK!!!

  4. Enjoy your 15k!! I know I’m in love with this distance now!!

    Your pants look stellar 🙂

    1. thanks so much 🙂
      That means a lot to me!

  5. Love that blue top, you look great!

    My closet is a mix of cheap and quality. When it comes to dresses and stuff like that I always go quality, but when it comes to jeans and t-shirts I usually go with inexpensive stuff. I just can’t justify a $120 pair of jeans when I could buy a new pair of running shoes with that money 🙂

    1. haha totally hear you on that one! i would always rather spend the money on running shoes… or better yet…. RACES!!!!

  6. My sister went to DePaul for a year and ran the Hot Chocolate race while she was there! Sounds like such a fun race – and post race party!! Have fun!

    1. p.s. don’t know why my comment above links to my deleted blog… My blog address is

    2. Ah so glad to hear that!!! I am really really excited for it! I love new races! And honestly ANY run in Chicago is always fun, beautiful and FLAT haha
      Thanks for sending me the link to your blog! I can’t wait to check it out! Thanks for commenting 🙂 have a great weekend!

  7. Love those boots! Doesn’t it feel SO GOOD to check things off your list?

    1. so good!! especially since it is so rare I feel haha

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