Imma Party Animal and To Do’s

Ok, Ok…. you guys can stop laughing now. For those who read my blog relatively regularly, you by now realize that the life of this grad student consists of “late nights“– meaning bed time at 10:00– and “social settings”– which means dinner with my mom and dad.


But actually, Thursday night I was relatively social! (gasp!)

I just had a pretty bad exam that I got out of at about 7pm, and while I was going to go home and wallow in my self-pity and watch as many episodes of Castle on TNT as I could… I instead high-tailed it to an “Trivia Around The World” at The Tap!! So yes, this was a function put on by a school organiation so it was full of nerds like me… but during my time here I have learned not to underestimate how nerds party— And that includes The Dean of my school, School of Public and Environmental Affairs, which is the #1 non-profit program in the country, #1 Dual Public Affairs/Environmental Science program in the country, and #2 Public Affairs program in the country. So ya, being the Dean of this is a pretty big deal.



So ya, no big deal, The Dean bought rounds for me and some friends the whole night!! And though I am NOT a big drinker… when the Dean buys you a drink… well, you know, Social Etiquette guys–You drink it.

Some things on my to-do list:

  • Buy boots. I had to go out in Sperry’s and Smartwool Socks….actually not my first time…20131025-082643.jpg
  • Buy pants. Will not go into this… But lets say I had a slight freak out when I tried on all my pants that 3 weeks ago fit. And now are all wayyy to small. Guess the “weight-gain” plan is working huh? ((I am staying positive and remember that I am working on getting my period))
  • Clean my apartment. Um… ya. My hair is everywhere. Seriosly, how do I shed so much yet still have plenty on my head?!? One of life’s mysteries…
  • Sign up for the Hot Chocolate 15k in Chicago for Nov. 3!! Gosh, no better feeling than signing up for a race! (Let me know if you want to run it with me!!)

I have not been running too much lately… legs are definitely feeling it from the Half last weekend!


Hopefully my legs start to feel better and I can get back into it…. Richmond Marathon in 4 weeks!!

Have a Great Friday!!

What are your weekend plans?

Do you guys have your Winter Gear yet???



  1. I wish I could wear winter gear!! But it just isn’t too cold over hear, it has finally dipped into the 70’s ahaha. Yay for the Hot Chocolate 15K, I have been wanting to do that one for a while! I plan on carving a pumpkin, getting in a good run, and just relaxing – something I haven’t done in a couple of weeks haha. Have a good weekend 🙂

    1. I want to carve a pumpkin!! I havn’t in forever!! the 70’s??!?!?! ahhh i had frost on my windshield this morning!!

  2. Hey Andrea, I found your blog through another one I read often (PickyRunner), and I wanted to say (in a non-creepy way) that I kind of really love it. Your honesty is refreshing and absolutely hilarious, so thank you for being so candid.

    Also, I love that you’re doing the Hot Chocolate 15k – that is definitely on my list (Atlanta, January 26)! Aren’t those fleece jackets in the swag bag amazing?

    PS Your grad school was a total rival with my grad school for national rankings. Lucky you going out with the Dean – that’s awesome!

    1. Hi!! Thank you so much for commenting!! I love finding blogs through other blogs!!And yes– Basically what sealed the deal on the race was that AWESOME jacket! They look fantastic 🙂
      Thanks for the kind words! I am so glad you are enjoying it! And Sarah (pickrunner) was the first blog I ever read!

      So funny we had rival schools! It is a good program… but I am more than ready to be done! Grad school is exhausting!

      Thanks again for saying Hi! I look forward to reading your blog as well! Have a great weekend!

  3. Meghan @ fitnesscrEATures · · Reply

    Haha, I loved that hot chocolate race! It was definitely unique and the sweatshirt is 100% worth every penny spent on registration. It’s super awesome and I use it to run sometimes because it’s an awesome material. Those beers look stellar, and I plan on getting in on some of that action tonight.
    Good job getting your test done! And I don’t blame your legs for feeling that half – you freaking killed it!!!

    1. Not gonna lie… the jacket totally sealed the deal on me doing this race!! SO happy to hear that it is worth the EXPENSIVE fee!!
      Go get your beer tonight girl 🙂 Friday fun night!
      Have a great weekend!

  4. Girlllllll my hair shedding is so out of control too. I have no idea how I did not go bald 10 years ago! 🙂

    Partying with the dean … that sounds kind of awesome! The dean of my school in grad school was really cool too. She was so smart and funny! I thought that was one of the best things about grad school … how relaxed all the profs were with you unlike in undergrad!

    1. haha glad to hear I am not the only one with hair shedding problems!!!
      Yes the professors/deans going from undergrad to grad is so different and great! I love how much more relaxed they are with students now!

  5. klopez415 · · Reply

    I almost bought winter running gear yesterday, but couldn’t accept the reality of having to run outside in the cold. The hot chocolate run sounds so fun! I’m a native Chicagoan (currently in Nashville) and wish I could be in town for the race!

    1. I know?!?! Really… jut the other day I was sweating walking into the grocery store…. and now I have the heating blasting in my car…and today I had frost all over my back windshield!!! Nashville and Chicago! you have lived in some fun cities!

  6. Ummm hot chocolate race?!? That sounds too good to be true! I just stocked up this week on winter gear. I just went and got a long sleeve running shirt for this halloween run I’m doing tmrw. It got so cold so fast! I swear I was wearing t-shirts last week.

    1. Yess at the finish line there is chocolate fondu!!! Good luck on the run tomorrow!! I acutally love cold weather running gear ((bc i wear it as my “normal” clothes as well haha)) I know just the other week I was in tank-tops and dripping sweat… oh well!! cold weather gear is cute!

  7. That trivia night sounds so fun!! It can be really awesome or really weird to spend time with teachers/deans/TAs outside of school– your dean sounds so awesome!! And I am a total party animal, too (besides, you know, that 9pm bedtime).

    I own ZERO winter clothes because I live in Florida and we swim on Christmas, but that might be a problem if I move west haha!! So buying winter clothes is definitely on my to-do list, too. It was cool enough this morning to wear arm warmers on my run which was SO exciting!

    And I can absolutely relate to the frustration of needing to buy new pants. I hope you can find some excitement in getting new things, but if I’m toootally honest, it was very hard. Look forward to the MAJOR Satan-crushing-fist-pumping-rejoicing-body VICTORY it will be when you get your period again! It’s a crazy thing to be stoked about, but it is so so important! YOU GO GIRL!

    1. Bahh so cool you live in a place where you can SWIM and be outside and not freeze in during the winter months!! haha and YES, girl we gotta get you stocked up on winter gear! I love winter clothes actually… like really really spend too much money on scarves/hats/vests/jackets/socks/leggings/etc…

      And Oh my gosh THANK YOU for that awesome pep talk! You are so right–this is totally crushing Satan and his “plans”…. and hearing first hand account of you overcoming him and accepting your body changes… GIVES ME SO MUCH HOPE!! You are awesome.. thanks so so much! Come on PERIOD!!! haha 🙂 thanks for being my cheerleader!
      Have a great weekend!

  8. YAY for new pants! That’s great girl! you are doing so well- keep up the good work! xoxo

    1. Thank you so so much!! Trying to keep my “mind’ in the game and on the end prize! 🙂 thanks so much have a great weekend!

  9. I’m so glad you are remembering to have a healthy attitude about your body! That’s great! I have to say that I love that you are so honest on your blog when it comes to what you are dealing with. I actually wasn’t having regular cycles for a really long time, but then what do ya know my fav pair of jeans don’t fit anymore and now I have it again so woo hoo to pants that don’t fit and being healthy! ha

    No winter clothes for me yet 😦 we had a high of 90 today and it was 75 when I finished my run this morning, bla. The price you pay for living in the desert! But later this week I think the high is supposed to be 75 “brrr” 🙂 I do love all winter clothes/accessories/shoes though and I love running in tights and long sleeves for some reason haha

    1. Thank you so much 🙂 You have no idea how much it helps just to hear someone else reaffirm my “goal” here and what I am trying to accomplish with weight gain–despite how I now look different or feel different… getting healthy is always number 1!!!
      WHOA it is hot for you still! We are difnitely in fall time now! brr! but i love it 🙂 yes the clothes are so so fun to dress up in!!!

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