A Little Bit of Everything

This will be in List form because there is absolutely no rhyme or reason to my thoughts!

  1. This song is my new obsession.
  2. I planned a Saturday morning run, but was totally in the study zone (so rare, you gotta take advantage of those moments!) so I pushed the run back until 5pm. It. Was. Horrendous. I felt like I was crawling along the streets with sandbags for legs. 20131005-205805.jpg
  3. I made an omelet on the only non-stick pan I had. It happened to be square. And made for panini’s. So it had the ridges and stuff on it. It was splendid though! Sun dried tomatoes, spinach, and tuna! 20131007-055711.jpg


    Square Griller = Rectangular Omelet

  4. I have taken all of your wonderful ideas regarding protein and really worked hard! My fave snack that doubles as my yummy dessert is plain Oikos Greek Yogurt, my berry mix of raspberries, blueberries, blackberries, strawberries, and a sprinkle of chocolate protein powder. YUM!! Or sometimes I keep it a little simpler with just cut up grapes and protein powder in the greek yogurt….


    Looks like someone threw up in my bowl. I promise it tasted great and that is all that matters!

  5. My sister is coming into town for .5 seconds this weekend before she heads off to her best friends wedding! So I will get to see her for .3 of those .5 seconds! Hey… I will take what I can get!
  6. I have so far succeeded in NOT having Kashi cereal for breakfast everyday… and working on breaking down the power that breakfast-time seems to have over me.
  7. I have found a channel that shows Modern Family for like 3 hours every evening. I LOVE that show… Claire is probably my favorite character… OK that’s not fair, I love them all.
  8. I have a HUGE hankering to sleep in a hammock in the woods… with no responsibilities… no work… no TV or computer… I just want Fall temperatures, changing leaves blanketing the ground, my mustard yellow Beanie hat, and my Smartwool socks. Preferably back in New Zealand.


    This was when I studies abroad for 5 months in New Zealand….that place is literally as untouched, picturesque, and magical as you dream it to be…

  9. I need a haircut like nobody’s business. I have very difficult hair… very difficult. And I never get it cut… so all that adds up to me only having 2 hair styles: French Braid or Messy Bun. That is it people… my hair is completely down maybe twice a year– Thanksgiving and Christmas.


    See? Hair back. Always.

  10. I have the most miserable midterm ever on Wednesday. I know, I know… we students say that about every exam. Heck, I said it just a few weeks ago. But this time I am serious guys. I am have never been so “Lost” in a course in my life. Let’s just say there were more than a few tears this weekend while studying… prayers are appreciated!!! πŸ™‚

Hope Everyone’s Monday and Week starts off great!

What is your favorite thing(s) to put in omelets?

Thoughts on Camping, tent-sleeping, hammock sleeping, etc?

–LOVE IT. Obsessed. I have done lots of backpacking trips and everyone of them own a top memory in my head!!


  1. my hair is just the opposite! They only time it looks remotely decent is when it is down………I never wear it up! Last week a coworker who I typically see 2 or 3 times a week asked me if I ever wear my hair in a ponytail……..uh……..no. not unless I’m running! πŸ™‚

    1. haha so funny!!! YOu are lucky then… you get to wear your hair down all the time, nice and simple! My takes so much work to wear down!!! bahh!

  2. pickyrunner · · Reply

    So I guess we both switched up our usual mornings runs Saturday. I didn’t get to go until 7pm and I usually hate it but I actually loved it. Love hearing about what you’re doing in the whole recovery process and breaking out of those food patterns is the biggest one in my mind. I hate studying. Thank god I only have two exams this semester total. I call my mom crying before every one. I swear I’m actually 21…

    1. haha I laughed at that and i love it… because i do the SAME THING. Just ask my dad how many times a day i call him freaking out. AND I AM 23!!! I should really mature one of these days πŸ™‚
      yay for random late evening runs!!!

  3. I’m not really a fan of eggs unless they are hardboiled and made into egg salad ;). Buuuutttt I do like making scrambled eggs in coconut oil and adding some salami to it!!! The is the main reason I can’t run in the afternoons. My legs are so sluggish. I guess running in the morning, they just don’t know what I’m doing hahaha. That picture of you in New Zealand, absolutely beautiful! Messy buns are my favorite!!! I too have always wanted to sleep in a Hammock!! I just don’t have one haha. Have a great day πŸ™‚

    1. I also just hardboiled 9 eggs!! haha yayy
      I suggest buying and sleeping in a hammock asap. It rocks you to sleep and you feel like a little kid again πŸ™‚

  4. Good luck on your exam! Love the square omelette!

    1. Thanks! And maybe one day i will be a good enough chef to have a normal looking omelet… but who really cares?!

  5. On special omelet days, I add smoked salmon and maybe some herb goat cheese. How’s it with tuna?

    1. I would definiely would have done salmon if I had/could afford salmon. Canned tuna is much more my money style πŸ™‚
      But… it was still great! ((granted, salmon would have been better)). But I’ll take what I can get!!

      1. I hear ya, that’s why it’s on special days! πŸ˜‰

  6. favourite thing to put in omelette’s is goat cheese, so good and creamy. Also, I love zucchini and tomatoes in there.

    also, camping.. love it. I can have a nap in a hammock but I doubt i’d last the whole night. Tents are the best though, its just the set-up/take-down that is a bit of a drag.

    1. agree!! Tents are wonderful! And I can honestly not think of a single veggie that would be bad in an omelet… so zucchini and tomatoes sound wonderful!

  7. I hate when I put off a run until evening and then feel tired the entire time. It’s like the run’s way of saying “How dare you avoid me?!”

    I love Modern Family!! Claire is intense…She was cracking me up in this season’s opener. I think my favorite is Haley. She’s just so perfectly street-smart but stupid.

    1. haha exactly what my runs say to me! Yessss Haley is wonderful!! Love them all!

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