Some Workouts and Thankfulls

Sooo…that run I had mentioned yesterday didn’t go exactly as planned.

Yesterday morning I had hoped to do a nice 8 miles. I got in 4.5 instead. I just wasn’t feeling energized, focused… my legs were heavy, my mind was struggling. I cut my run majorly short and headed back home. Mentally, I think I was just very very tired. These past few weeks of school have been really intense. And we all know that “sleeping” is one of my biggest challenges… and now that I have been doing mainly morning runs… ya. I think mentally I was just a bit out-of-it.  The physical problems associated with yesterdays run? Well, don’t know exactly. Haven’t come up with a good reason for the heavy legs yet.

But, later in the afternoon yesterday, I decided to do some lower body work in the weight room. To go along with my Protein intake ((I LOVED hearing your feedback!! Thank You!)) I wanted to get a good exhausting leg workout in and breakdown the muscle so I can build it back STRONGER.  So I headed to the weights and did some deadlifts, power cleans, squats, and lunges (all with varying weights).


**Some key things to note in that ugly picture above. 1.) I was trying to show you how dirty and gross my fingers were from the barbells. Um… can we please get that place wiped down at least ONCE a week, my dear staff people?? 2.) My calluses. No body ever said that girls who weight lift were also hand models… 3.) Why does my hand have splotches of white?!?

I had to scoot my seat forward in the car in order to “clutch” all the way in since my legs were tired!

And I made sure to have a protein shake right when I finished 🙂

20131002-225940.jpgI am home in Indy, as I have some doc appointments to go to! They are really tiring me out… the driving back an forth take up valuable school time, not to mention gas!!

But luckily, I have discovered AudioBooks! Boy are those the way to go! I just finished Harry Potter, and now I am reading… um… wow to be honest I have no idea what it is called and I am too lazy to go out to the car to check! But it is good! 1800’s London-detective-thing 🙂

Thursday Thankfull’s

  • Fall – there is just a change in the air (literally and metaphorically) when October comes around…
  • Young Life Community– Thanks to Facebook/cell phones/email/etc, I am able to stay connected and up-to-date with many of the amazing men and women I worked with this summer at Young Life Timber Wolf Lodge in Michigan. They are inspiring, beautiful people who really show God’s love through all that they do. Incredible.
  • Winter Break– I complain about being a student… but truth is when I enter the “real world” I will miss my 3 week vacation when my family always takes a great vacation!! We have one planned for this December 27… can’t wait!
  • The Little Things– Coffee, animal crackers, a comfy couch, country music, my running shoes, the outdoors, NATURE, movement, activity…
  • Mornings– I am at my best. Calm, together, relaxed, focused, ambitious…
  • Night-time Devotionals– My iPhone reminds me every evening to read my devotionals. It is the last thing I do before closing my eyes every night. It is my favorite way to end my day…
  • Support– My family and friends (and you guys) are so crucial to all the changes that have been going on in my life with nutrition, health, running, etc. Thank you.

Have a great Thursday por favor!

Love hard on everyone you meet and interact with today!

Tell me about a good run recently!

What meal/dinner/breakfast are you looking forward to today, tomorrow, this weekend…?



  1. Since you mentioned audio books I’m going to recommend a book to you: “And the Mountain Echoed,” by Khalad Hosseini. He’s the author of “The Kite Runner,” and “A Thousand Splendid Suns.” I just finished it and it was excellent. None of my recent runs have been good because of the plantar fasciitis I mentioned to you. Actually I haven’t run in close to two weeks. What did your dad do when he had the same problem? Did he see a podiatrist? Replacement insoles? I’d be interested in knowing. I always look forward to my breakfast of oatmeal, raisins, almonds, cinnamon, and a mug of coffee.

    1. Great recommendations! Thanks! I have definiely heard of all of those books and have heard nothing but praise for them!

      My dad slept in a “boot/sock” type thing that stretched his toes back so the tendons in the foot didn’t get SUPER tight at night and make for a killer morning. It helped. He also cut back his mileage, and iced. It definitely took a while… and every now and then he was still get some discomfort. Honestly, it is a huge pain and some times people are able to heal it, other times, people just have to learn to “deal” with it. Sorry i wish I had better advice for you!

      Your oatmeal sounds great! After my doc apt’s today, we definitely decided I had to change up my breakfast since I am getting in the unhealthy habit of ONLY eating and obsessing over my kashi cereal in the morning…

      Thanks for the advice, as always! Have a great night!

  2. I am looking forward to the snacks I have with me at work today. Cracked Black Pepper Triscuits and Cheese (muenster today) my newest obsession and the trail mix that I got from Costco. Perfect mix of sweet and salty:-D

    I’m also working on building some muscle right now. I just started a new weight routine (and almost no cardio….eeek. This is hard for me) and I’m really excited!

    1. LOVE triscuits! And that flavor is probably my favorite!
      And Costco? OBSESSED. Trailmix? ALWAYS a good choice!! Wow girl I am jealous of your snacks!
      I have heard that reducing cardio will definitely help build muscle faster since it doesn’t have to break down for hard runs or anything! That is exciting! You are right though… probably feels weird with no cardio! Keep me updated on your thoughts and experience! I have always thought about doing that in racing off season to build a really strong base!

  3. I’ve been upping my protein intake lately as well and have noticed such a huge difference. I’ve also had a lot less issues with running after work (both exhaustion from heading home after work and tummy issues). Love your thankful list! I had a great 6 mile run this week, so I’m hoping my 10k this week goes just as well!

    1. yay that is so good to hear!! I love when I can get some “first hand feedback” on nutrition that people have tired!! That really makes me happy to hear about your success with protein and hopeful for mine! 🙂
      GOOD LUCK on that 10k!! A good 6 miler you had is a good sign for the race 🙂 Can’t wait to read how it goes!

  4. pickyrunner · · Reply

    Okay so I am going to first say that the fact that you listened to your body in cutting your run short is something to be so incredibly proud of. You wouldn’t have done that a couple months ago. And it doesn’t sound like you’re beating yourself up too badly which is even better! Now onto why it didn’t feel good. You’ve been pushing yourself hard lately. Maybe this was your body’s way of saying enough is enough? Lots of long hard runs paired with high mileage can do that to you. Sleep also plays a huge role in how you feel on a run. That being said, even if yesterday’s run didn’t go as planned that doesn’t mean the next one won’t! Keep your eye on the prize (the marathon) and you will finish strong. But strong comes with lots and lots of rest 🙂
    On another note, I love all of your thankfuls. They are the same ones I would have written. GOod luck with your doctors appointments!

    1. Yes you are probably right. I have been putting in some heavier mileage than I am used to. I should make sure to ease back a bit and just keep my runs light and fun!! Today I did a totally “free” run with no gps/phone app/ipod… just explored a new area! It was perfect!!
      And you are so right withkeeping my eyes on the goal— i actually have 2!– GETTING HEALTHY and the Marathon!!
      Thanks so much Sarah you always calm me down… seriously your wisdom on the subject relaxes me and makes me feel like I am not just some freakout panic mess that I sometiems feel!!
      You are awesome 🙂

      And I am SO happy to hear aobut your 35 mile week you had!!! You are amazing girl so pumped!!! 🙂

  5. All great things to be thankful for!

    1. Thanks 🙂 I have to remind myself every once in a while!

  6. I was staring at my callouses this week, beautiful, right? I’m waiting on my books to come in the mail !!

    1. haha YES callouses are the symbol of pride 🙂

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