Protein for Dayss

More. Protein. Please. (I think?)

Whelp… good days and bad days with this whole recovery thing, right? This week I have had a few days of total self-loathing for my own body and absolute envy for everyone elses.

I think my body is finally understanding that I am trying to keep on the fat with the calories I have been feeding it… and now it is. Yes, this is Good, but definitely still a YIKES and freak-out flag flying in my head some days. Really, it comes down to me wishing I was not soΒ shallow and caught up on appearances. Seriously, why do I care what other athletes think about my body or what I think thatΒ they think about it?

My dad is the greatest when I send him freak-out text messages…


My body has been holding on to the calories I have been feeding it. I can tell in a few ways..

  • Tummy rolls.
  • Tighter jeans (definitely need new jeans before fall.
  • My boobs are much bigger… just trust me on this πŸ˜‰ (ok so this is a huge positive!!)
  • Thigh cellulite I notice when I sit on chairs in class.

Ok WOW so sorry you had to read that. Depressing and I am sure you are all rolling your eyes at me. Sorry sorry , I am like a broken record! I did not write this post intending to bore you all and have a “woe is me” pity-party.

THIS IS GOOD!!! This means I will get my period soon and be HEALTHY FOR LIFE!!!

What I wanted to say… was that I have decided that in accompanying my fat increase… I want some more muscle as well. —> cue in the PROTEIN!!

I have decided to really focus on upping my protein intake and (once again) decreasing my fruit (okay, mainly APPLE) intake. As you (may) know, Apples are my obsession. There is no control there. Easily eat 4 or 5 for breakfast.

But yes. More protein.Β 

((Fun fact, I actually have NO CLUE what I am talking about… so if I can get a “confirmation” or a “WTF are you talking about Andrea??” that would be great πŸ™‚ ))

Yesterday I met some girls for a very slow, social 5:45am 5.5 mile run!

This morning, by the time you read this… hopefully I will have put in a moderately pace 8 miler. But then again… maybe not πŸ™‚ You never know when it comes to a “planned run”!

I have a terrible school week next week and have been trying to spend my days as productive as possible. Ya…. about that….. hard to be productive when you are reading hundreds of pages out of a book titled: Methods Matter: Improving Causal Inferences in Educational and Social Science Research”

Umm… Ya. Gross.

“Have a Great Wednesday Everyone! Do something nice for someone else just because!

I need Protein Source Ideas people!!!

What are your weekend plans?

Favorite way to eat a Banana?



  1. Cliff Builder’s Protein Bars are a quick and easy way to get 20g of protein. I like the chocolate peanut butter bars.

    1. YUM i love anything clif bar brand!!!! choc-pb — that combo never fails!

  2. pickyrunner · · Reply

    Why not add protein in addition to the apples?! You don’t have to give them up! And honestly girl, I’m proud of you for writing all of this. Recovery is HARD. I should know, I’m going on four years now. If it were easy I would be skeptical if it was really working. Anytime you need to talk, you know where to find me!

    Also, that text from your dad made me tear up. It sounds like something my mom would say. They only want what’s best for us and it’s nice to be reassured of that!

    1. Good point sarah! being all or nothing is what got me into the “mess” in the first place!!
      Four years girl.. you are a CHAMP!!! Thanks for being there from the BEGINNING Sarah! πŸ™‚

  3. I’m a Greek Yogurt fiend. I love it ALL, especially just the plain kind (but some people hate that taste, so maybe stick with the flavored varieties :). And it has so much protein, it’s kinda shocking actually! haha

    Also, it sounds like you’ve got a lot of great support from your family, which is awesome!

    1. Yumm I love greek yogurt…I will start kicking that in more and have it as dessert with berries and what not to up the protein at night!! What brand do you buy?? I never know… there are so many brands out there!!
      My family are rock stars… kind of obsessed with them!

      1. Chobani is the bomb!! My favourite flavour is Apple & Cinnamon – I have a feeling you will like it!

  4. Yay for all that!!! I still to this day struggle to keep my period, mainly because I stress too much, but I love giving it my all, and if I change anything too drastically, mine just disappears. Keep doing what you’re doing girl!! Since it’s now fall πŸ™‚ I love spaghetti squash with some ground turkey!!! Some carbs and protein!! Or you could try doing whey powder after your workouts, I do that after my weight lifting sessions. I wasn’t seeing any results until I started that! Plus you can easily make it into a smoothie if you want πŸ™‚

    1. Aww thanks girl!! I will keep on heading down this path!! πŸ™‚ You hang in there too and don’t let yourself get too stressed if you can help it!!
      And the moment I read spaghetti squash and ground turkey… I literally wrote it on a post-it to remind myself to go buy. LOVE THAT COMBO!!!
      So good to hear that you started to see results after upping protein after wights! THAT IS WHAT I LIKE TO HEARR!!! πŸ™‚

  5. Great idea to increase protein! I mean, I’m no expert but I think it sounds good πŸ™‚ I try to incorporate protein in every meal, mainly because I tend to get really hungry in between meals, so I need something that will tie more over longer. Otherwise I end up over eating. Anyway, so I like eggs or egg beaters, greek yogurt, chicken, ham (although deli meats aren’t the healthier, but hey! it’s protein!), pork. huh. Guess my list isn’t that long. But that’s what I usually eat when I’m focusing on protein.
    I’m so proud of you for being strong and progress little by little each day!! You’re becoming healthier and these are things that will not only change your life, but affect your future family and all these people reading your blog! You can do this! And yeah, maybe go easy on the apples πŸ˜‰
    Have a GREAT Wednesday! You’re doing awesome!

    1. oh peanut butter! That’s another one I love. Especially on bananas. Two questions in one. Bam!

      1. hahaha πŸ™‚ you make me laugh!!! yay pb!!

    2. You just named like… all of my favorite food right there haha– i need to eat more of those things though because I am just too lazy to cook sometimes!!
      Thanks so much Alyssa… you know exactly what to say! I loved hearing that reminder as to the LONG TERM goals here!! Thanks and have a great great weekend coming up! πŸ™‚ yay for you getting published!!!

      1. haha thanks girl!! and anytime! I’m always here for you πŸ™‚

  6. klopez415 · · Reply

    I love greek yogurt! And I usually try to add beans, quinoa, or tofu to my meals to add protein.

    My favorite way to eat a banana (which I discovered a couple months ago and am now obsessed with) is to cut it up in slices, stick it in a bag in the freezer, and then enjoy a few hours later. You can also put the frozen banana in a food processor and it gets to a ice cream like consistency, but I tend to get lazy with cleaning the food processor, so I skip this part and the banana still tastes dessert like!

    1. yumm greek yogurt!! What brand do you buy? There are so so many kinds.. i am never sure what to get!!
      I just discovered quinoa!! love it!!
      AWESOME way to eat bananas!! sounds like a dessert!!! I will have to try that!

      1. klopez415 · ·

        Since there are so many varieties, I usually end up buying whatever is on sale. I like buying plain and adding some oats and cinnamon because I find that the greek yogurt with fruit already included is too sweet for my tastes. I would have to say Fage is my favorite, but I also buy Oikos and Chobani.

      2. thanks so much for the suggestions! I will buy some and let you know what I get πŸ™‚

  7. i think upping the protein is a great idea – i did that a few months ago when i decided to start eating chicken again. totally felt like I wasn’t getting enough while i was training for leadville. hang in there with the body stuff – you know you need the extra weight and it’ll make you a stronger runner in the end. i am going through the same thing right now with the months of not running….hate it!

    1. Ah I am sorry I bet it is hard mentally (as well as physically) to be cut off from running and some other exercising that you are used to! I am glad to hear you are letting every thing heal 100% though so that the injury doesnt get even worse!
      Yes, I need to keep remembering that the extra weight (even if that is mainly in the form of fat) it exactly what my body is craving right now to get healthy.
      Thanks for the reminder!! And you hang in there πŸ™‚ you will be better again soon!!!!

  8. […] Yesterday morning I had hoped to do a nice 8 miles. I got in 4.5 instead. I just wasn’t feeling energized, focused… my legs were heavy, my mind was struggling. I cut my run majorly short and headed back home. Mentally, I think I was just very very tired. These past few weeks of school have been really intense. And we all know that “sleeping” is one of my biggest challenges… and now that I have been doing mainly morning runs… ya. I think mentally I was just a bit out-of-it.Β  The physical problems associated with yesterdays run? Well, don’t know exactly. Haven’t come up with a good reason for the heavy legs yet. […]

  9. Everyone has given you really good recommendations. I eat a lot of cottage cheese mixed with Greek yogurt. Especially after a long run since it digests easily. Have you considered edamane? Or Quest bars? I also eat a lot of eggs. Generally, in the mornings before I go to work. I know it’s not the best option because of the sodium, but any type of jerky is also a high protein snack.

    1. OH edamane that is a GREAT suggestion!!!! Thank you I will definitely get some of that!!!And I have heard everyone rave about Quest bars… but I have yet to eat one. To be honest, the calories in them “scared me” a little bit. But there are all GREAT things in there for me!!! I need to get over that feeling!!
      Thanks so much for the suggestion!!! I really really listen to them all!! Have a great weekend!

  10. […] have taken all of your wonderful ideas regarding protein and really worked hard! My fave snack that doubles as my yummy dessert is plain Oikos Greek Yogurt, […]

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