Switching It Up & Ice Baths

I just really like this quote! It resonates with me and reminds me of how I should view “exercise” and “food” and ME.


Switching It Up!

Yesterday’s 5:45am run was a blast! 7 of us out there on the pitch black streets with the stars overhead… talking loudly and running slowly! Fantastic!

I decided on that run however, that I am going to take Thursday (Today) and Friday off from running to really let my legs recover from the last few weeks of high mileage. I don’t want to do this… in fact it made me so sad to even think about, but I know it is best for my legs.

***(I have mentioned before that I seem to go through running/lifting cycles… I think this has helped keep me fresh, injury free, and yearning for the run!)

But I am looking at the positives! And those are… weight lifting and cross training!

It is good to cross train anyways, right? And how does that saying go? “Absence makes the heart grow fonder” …? Well, not that I needed rest days to make me miss running (I actually miss it during the day when I do it so early. Its like I want another run to satisfy the craving…) But anyways, I will spend these two days doing upper body heavy weights and lower body bodyweights, specifically focusing on the hips, hammies, and glutes… and stretching stretching stretching, rolling rolling rolling, ab-ing ab-ing ab-ing… ya you get the picture.  Also some stationary bike and/or rowing would be great 🙂

See! Bright side of no running!

Saturday I plan on heading out to the trails however! I am so excited just typing it! Sunday I would like to head back to My Hill. Yes, it is now capitalized because I have named it, thus signifying ownership. It is totally My Hill. I rock that mother! Hill repeats on it sound glorious!!

Ice Bath Time!

Last night I did an Ice Bath and it felt like Heaven!!!


The Set Up!

I bought a 20lb bag of ice and dumped it in my bath tub and crawled right in!

The best way to pass the time in the ice bath? — The Mindy Project. LOVE.


I could hear my legs thank me. Seriously. They said, “Andrea, you are the greatest.” I know guys… I know…


OK… doesn’t look cold. Looks so innocent… don’t be fooled!!

Yay for Thursday’s! Have a good one my friends!

Are you an Ice Bath taker?

What kind of vacationer are you? Beach, relaxer… City, explorer… Outdoor, adventurer….?

–Outdoor, adventurer for sure. I get restless quickly! But I also love the other two… so maybe a combo vacay??



  1. I took one yesterday. Distracting the mind is key. I haven’t thought about watching a show though…great idea!

    1. yay for ice baths! I actually got side tracked with show on and probably stayed in too long! oops!!

  2. pickyrunner · · Reply

    Haha I love the dialogue with your legs 😉 I’ll be honest, my legs HATE me when I take an ice bath. Hate me. I get so sore and tight afterwards, it’s like it does the opposite of what it’s supposed to! So I just use heat instead.

    I need to remind myself of that quote. I’m proud of you for taking two days in a row off. Yesterday ended up being a totally unplanned rest day thanks to my RD’s orders given recent events and while it was hard, it made me appreciate my run today so much more.

    1. I debated a hot tub or ice bath…yes I am looking forward to this weekend with runs! Glad you took a day off too!! we are learning 🙂

  3. A very late congrats on your run last weekend… I know, I’m a real good for not posting it earlier but your time for the 20 was seriously impressive! Taking a few rest days is probably the best thing you can do for your body. 😀

    I used to take ice baths in college just because my coach was all about them, but honestly I felt like they never really did much besides make me cold and numb lol once I got the feeling back in my legs, though, they never felt better or worse than they did when I didn’t get in the bath. Weird. Most of my team said that they loved the ice baths though, so maybe I’m just a weirdo. 😉

    1. Aww thanks!! Ya i think it is happy to not be running fro a couple days! you are so lucky to live by the lake shore seriously it was beautiful!!!! We ARE running next time i am in town up there!
      Haha that is funny about ice baths…I mean usually people can feel a difference, even if they hate them… but I guess you can be a wonderful exception to that! I love hot tubs for my muscles too… just found out my apartment complex has an indoor hot tub. SCORE.

  4. I love that quote!! It just says everything. Maybe you could do running every other day?? That’s what I do at least haha I know I couldn’t handle taking more than a day off. Ice baths scare the crap out of me!! I iced my shins, and have stood in a trash can (it was clean ;)) full of ice, it ended up going up to my high thighs, I couldn’t get out of it on my own, so a guy on my cross country team had to lift me out. But since doing that years ago, never again, it was so painful hahaha.
    I would say I’m a beach/adventurer type vacationer. Oh! And I love the Mindy Project!! I’m a couple episodes behind already, but that’s okay, I’m waiting to watch them with my boyfriend.

    1. hahaha i laughed out loud at picturing a guy having to pick you up out of the trashcan!!
      yay for the Mindy Project!! I love her she is great!
      And a beach/adventure combo is wonderful 🙂

  5. I have never taken an ice bath! I don’t know if I could force myself into a freezing cold tub. I love my Epsom salt baths though, especially after a long day! I love going to the beach for a little getaway!

    1. Ohh baths sound grreat though!!! I like hot tubs for my legs in the winter 🙂
      A Beach vacay sounds great right now!!

  6. I’ve never taken an ice bath, but I do (very occasionally) put the water on cold and sit in that. I would say I’m both a city explorer and outdoor adventurer – is that allowed? 🙂 I love doing both and always come home from vacation more tired then when I left!

    1. Yes perfectly allowed to mix and match vacay types 🙂
      I agree with you! I LOVE sighting in a new city (perferably abroad) but i love being active with skiing, whitewater rafting, hiking, running, etc on the vacay as well!!! 🙂 Good choice!

  7. you are a beast! I am such a wimp! The very thought of an ice bath makes me run for a sweater!! BRRRRRR!!!!!!

    1. hahaha You get used to it within 20 seconds!!!!

  8. yogachic1212 · · Reply

    Love love LOVE that quote, girly! That ice bath looks amazing, (and I’m being completely serious). Post run ice baths are like heaven (not sure who would do an ice bath on the reg, but more power to them haha!). Taking today and Friday off actually sounds like a pretty good idea, I definitely don’t allow my legs to rest that much in between. I’m definitely going to try to take a rest day today, it’ll be a good mental challenge for today 🙂 Hope you’re having a good day love! xo

    1. Glad you like ice baths too!!!! I look forward to how good they feel!! yes, so so hard to take days off ((having a really hard time with body image this week)) but i keep reminding myself how good my legs will feel this weekend!! Have a great wekened!

  9. Your Chicago run: Awesome! What more can I say. Your mile splits were very impressive for someone who was going to do 20 miles as a training run. You go, girl ! I’ll pass on the ice bath and just use ice when I have some inflammation…like I’m having now and hoping it’s not plantar fasciitis. I’m all about cross training and taking a day off when I feel it’s necessary…heavy legs…lack of enthusiasm..etc. Sign me up for some beach vacation….any of the Caribbean islands will do. I also enjoy going to New York and living just 100 miles from the city I should go more often…I’ve been to the city several times this past year for sporting events…Mets…Knicks…Giants. Actually, the Giants game was played in New Jersey.

    1. Thansk so much!
      Ugh plantar fascitis is so annoying and painful! Hope it gets better! Wow fun things to go to nyc for! I love watching sports!!

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