Want it, Gotta Have it.

I have a new iphone camera app that I really like!!


Do not judge the app based upon my blurry quick pictures in the car or awkwardly at the grocery… those are my errors and not that of the phone or app haha


They have a fish-eye lens which is one of my favorite! This is my dear dear Young Life Coffee mug that is going on 5 years old!!


I don’t know why it was crazy for me already to see Pumpkins and stuff for sale… I mean it is the end of September, so it makes sense. But still threw me for a loop!

PuddingCamera also has a Panorama setting and cant take multiple pictures super fast and puts it in a segmented thing for you! Very cool… I suggest it 🙂

Speaking of iphone’s… Anyone get the new iphone 5c or iphone 5s ? I guess the 5s is only slightly faster… but I really don’t get the benefit of the 5c– so it comes in colors. Big deal. You slap a case on it and it doesn’t matter what color you got. Hmm I must be missing the point.

Anyways…I went home to Carmel (Indianapolis) for the evening last night because I was seeing patients with my dad this morning and because I was leaving for Chicago (!!) this afternoon. As I was lazying around on the couch, full from dinner and tired from the week… I decided I wanted a massage. I wanted a massage real bad. Even though it was 7pm on a Friday, I started calling every place a I knew of.

When I want it… gotta have it!

They were all full!! I was devastated, but not giving up!! The 4th place I called finally had an opening (same place as after the triathlon)!! Perseverance is key people! I needed work on my back, shoulders, and neck. Lifting has made those tendons so tight, as does staring down all day reading, typing, studying.

It was WONDERFUL!!!!


My chair!

I am so excited for Chicago and the run tomorrow!! I am very confident that I will be running for fun and not racing it… this is definitely how I want to approach it! It will also be great work on practicing fueling— that has always been hard for me!

Have a Great Weekend people! Hope you do something fun with your Sat and Sun 🙂


Do you like pumpkin things?

-I love all things pumpkin! Come fall and winter… I throw pumpkin into every single receipt! Every one!



  1. I’m a big fan of pumpkin pie. 😀 iPhone user? More like iPhone lover!!! And now that you’ve mentioned the pudding app. I’m completely obsessed with photo apps, I’ve got so many that it’s bordering on ridiculous. Thank goodness for folders or my home screens would be filled with them. 😛

    1. haha love that you have so many camera apps! So fun!!

  2. pickyrunner · · Reply

    I love my iPhone but I think I’m going to hold out for the next one like the 6. My contract isn’t up yet so that’s part of it… Have a blast this weekend! I can’t wait to hear all about it 🙂

    1. i stole my mom’s upgrade to get my iphone last month…. oops?? That is what moms are for! 🙂 other wise I would have had to wait until my contract was up in January!!!

  3. I LOVE all things pumpkin, but I am never ready for it until the weather starts getting a little cooler. Have a good drive to Chi town – I will be IG stalking you tomorrow 🙂

    1. yay pumpkin!! First day of fall officially… but yes, the weather must cooperate to REALLY be pumpkin weather!

  4. Love all things pumpkin!! Especially pumpkin desserts, except pie haha. Yay for massages!! I’ve been dying for one. Good luck on your race tomorrow!! Or should I say fun run 🙂

    1. haha pumpkin desserts but no pumpkin pie!? i love weird quirks like that!!

  5. I do have an iphone- favorite apps are instagram and myfitnesspal.

    1. instagram is awesome!!!! don’t have myfitnessapal yet!

  6. Love my iPhone! And the new iOS7 is fantastic. I was a little afraid to update, but I think it was worth it. I’m loving my Nike+ and Zombies, RUN! apps. And of course, classics like Instagram and Facebook/Twitter are great too. Most used? Probably AlienBlue (for browsing reddit in line at the grocery store.)

    1. Yes i was afraid to upgrade too and it is different… but it is growing on me!!! Zombies, Run??? never heard of it!! Alien Blue? never heard of that either! haha you have opened my eyes to many things this evening haha 🙂

      1. Definitely check out Zombies, Run! Especially if you like something to breakup your music during your runs. Great quality and really well done – totally worth the slight cost.

  7. I have an iPhone…and need a new one. I shattered mine last night! I love Snapchat! I love pumpkin. It’s delicious and I’m so happy that it’s back in my life.

    1. I lost my snapchat password haha so i havnt been on it forever!! tears!!

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