You want serious Abs of Steel?

Hey guys! Just a quick Hello…

and an AWESOME ab workout for ya!

The link at the bottom is a great article and shows the 12 Plank moves that we ALL should incorporate into our daily/weekly plans!

My lifting “Coach” Josh (aka my Muscle Man friend) pointed this out to me and I am thrilled to say that this is a killer awesome ab/shoulder/back/arm workout! Full Body for sure!

I highly recommend starting your morning with this… or adding it in on at the end of a run… or on your yoga mat in the evening in front of the T.V… anywhere!


Got my computer all set up…


…got my mat all set up…

And I obviously had ABC Family playing whilst doing this… Who can pass up a young Harry Potter??


…and got H.P going in the background โค

The article is based around the idea that the “basic” plank hold, no matter how long we are able to hold it for, eventually experiences diminishing returns– i.e. we get used to “holding” it and lose out on “fooling” our muscles with different movements.

From the Article:

Being able to hold a traditional plank for 10 minutes isn’t very functional for anything except just that,” says Tier 4 trainer Josh Stolz. “Even Stuart McGill (a top authority and researcher of low back pain and function) recommends holding a plank for 10 seconds, tops, followed by a brief, 1-to-2 seconds-long relaxation of the muscles. This can be repeated a certain number of times, but the point here is that standard planking for a long period of time is not functional because muscles and fascia need to turn on and turn off.

I think he makes a great argument. It is the same reason that we mix up our runs with hard/fast/slow/long/hills/sprints/etc.

***Click the link below for a demo of the workout moves and the great article!

The Planks You Should Be Doing (But Probably Aren’t)

((In the middle of article, click on the Slideshow for all 12 exercises and demo))

A lovely picture of my sweaty post-plank self (just because I like to share horrid pics with you all):


**I will admit that I had planned doing each movement for 1 min for a 12 min workout….. that was extremely hard and I will hold off on doing that again until I nail down some of these moves!

These are hard, intricate movements. They take practice, balance, stamina… I recommend going through each of the movements first for a few reps and seeing which ones you need more practice with, or, as in my case, ones near the end that required 1 arm planks and I just didn’t have the strength any longer to hold my body up!

I think I will choose 3 or 4 movements each day to work on-either for 1 minute each or for a set amount of reps.

ALSO… this superhuman dude in the video is on a sped-up repeat video. So do not think that you need to go at his speed! I mean if you can… WOW send me a video of you doing it because I am impressed! I think doing them slow and controlled will be the best approach!

Anyways, ENJOY!!! I know I did…. ๐Ÿ™‚

Also, today is the anniversary of 9/11 and last years attack in Benghazi. I want to send out a prayer for all those affected and to America the Beautiful



  1. That is defiantly interesting. Here I am doing my planks, 2 minutes, not easy for me, thinking I’m doing it all right. Hahaha wrong. I never thought about the fact that our muscles get use to it, I thought just go longer and that’ll fix the problem.I might have to give this a go!

    1. I know me too! But it makes sense now that I think about it! That is why we mix up our running workouts as well! Keep fooling our bodies!

  2. I’ve done the twisting plank with putting your leg under your body and turning…and it’s tough. i wanted to die. i also wanted to murder the trainer who made me do it.

    1. Yes it made my obliques sore for DAYSSS!!

  3. I am totally going to try this ab workout!

    1. It left me sore the next day… that’s for sure! I had to modify some of the moves but overall it was great!

  4. This looks awesome(ly hard)! Will definitely be trying this soon. Thanks!!

    1. Great good luck!!!

  5. I was just thinking that after this race I want to focus more on strength training and tone up. Also, I was thinking that my abs are kind of weak for a runner haha This is perfect!! Thanks!

    1. yayyyy! Isn’t it crazy to be making plans for AFTER the race?!?! I remember thinking that was crazy when I started remembering that there was life after the marathon and good or bad, my days will go on!! haha so dramatic but ya!

      1. It totally is! I can’t believe that in a day and a half I’ll be on my last few miles of the race. Crazy!! Not dramatic, realistic ๐Ÿ™‚

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