Attack them Hills

Hello Everyone!!

Today I was in the mood to talk about Hills….yay get pumped πŸ™‚

I completely forgot about a hill I found last year here in Bloomington, IN that is well away from the hustle and bustle of campus. In fact, it is mostly an isolated stretch of road that sees only neighborhood resident traffic.


The top of the hill is at the very end of this road– that cliff drop off. That is top…. and it is a loooong way to the bottom…

In other words… it is the PERFECT place for a great hill workout.

I headed over there last Friday night ((and again yesterday night)) for an evening hill repeat workout. It was 7pm, I wanted to get my sweat on, but was not up for a regular run.

I was greeted with a gift when I drove over there Friday for the first time since last year– there was construction being done on Lake Griffy (something with the dam..??) so a huge stretch of the road was closed off to traffic. Score! While cars were not able to come within a 1 mile stretch of the hill… runners were easily able to dance around and over the barriers! If youΒ really don’t want me to run on a stretch of road… you gotta find something more than a sign, fence, and cement guard rail to prevent me from entering.

At 7pm on a Friday, there were zero construction workers. So no cars, no people… it was dead silent. Just me and this BEAST of a hill. Lets talk about that Hill….

First of all, it is MUCH steeper and longer than I remember. Seriously, I was afraid of falling down it while I was jogging to the bottom… it is a looooong hill. And it is so steep that from the top it looks more like a cliff with aΒ  drop off. No joke.

Secretly Love it.

I kept it short and simple on FRIDAY:

7 x 1 min sprints up the hill (even though hill was longer than 1 min worth)

Recovery in between of jogging down.

Boom. Done. Legs dead.


No, this is not the hill. This is when I finally made it back to my car and phone and decided to document the ultimate sweaty-ness (obviously).

SUNDAY hill workout (a bit longer):

19.00 min warm up

7 x 1 FULL HILL (all the way to to the top, not just 1 min sprint like Friday)

19.00 min cool down

Friday’s sprints were very different from my Sunday long, steady haul up the entire hill. I really like both work out lots!!

**And side note: I ran in a sports bra πŸ™‚ Then again… there was not a soul around. Does that still count as being “brave” about it? I think it certainly does! ((read my sports bra posts HERE and HERE))

They were quick workouts, but effective ones,…and I came home and immediately started researching the benefits of hills.

Here is a great article from Running Times“Short+Steep+Swift=Strength”

And another one from Runners World“Study: All Hill Repeats Improve 5k Performance”

And another from USA Triathlete“3 Hill Running Workouts For Triathletes”

In summary? Hill running is just as good for us as we think it is. It is hard… it burns… and it is effective. Do them. Conquer them. OWN them.

Have a great and fabulous day guys!

Do you have a favorite hill?

How do you make your tuna salad? My recipe needs a revamp I think…


  1. Way to get after the hills.
    I love tuna- had it for dinner last night actually! I just do a little mayo, lemon juice, chopped pickles and onions…sometimes raisins!

    1. oh nice! i never thought of pickles or raisins in it! thanks for the idea!

  2. My favorite hill is the causeway that leads to the beach. I run over the water, it’s super steep, and it’s such a great feeling to conquer it. Whenever I reach the top I always want to pump my fists :D. I don’t eat tuna anymore, but I used mayo, pepper, salt, and relish.

    1. oh sounds gorgeous!! yess you pump those fists πŸ™‚ relish! never thought of it!

  3. Runner Girl Eats · · Reply

    I used to run the same hill all the time but stopped for some reason. This post has be wanting to get back at it! The key ingredients to my tuna are relish and onions (preferably red). If I don’t have those ingredients, I don’t even make it.

    1. Ya hills are great!Hope you get back to them! Everyone has been mentioning relish in their tuna and I have never heard of that!!

  4. Craisins! I need craisins in my tuna! πŸ™‚

    1. hahah I have never thought of raisins or craisins and people have been telling me that!! so interesting!!

  5. How long did it take you to do one complete hill repeat? I love in northwest Connecticut and hills are a way of life. Running up hills can be a challenge but I prefer running up a hill to running down. I hold back running down hill and I’m often passed in a race by other runners flying by. More often than not I eventually catch up and pass them once the road levels out. It’s chunky light tuna for me…a little mayo…relish or pickles…no albacore tuna.

    1. Everyone is sayin relish! Never tried that or even thought of that!! I will have to!
      And yes… i hate running down. That is how I get shin splints… i like going up!!
      Hills in Connecticut sounds great!

  6. Girl, you are going to ROCK your marathon! You are doing such good training exercises! I’m like Paul and I live in CT, so there are hills galore. I can’t help but run up and down them pretty much all the time.

    1. Aww thanks girl!! I forget how it is getting closer and closer!!!
      That is so cool how used to hills you probably are! You dont even realize what a flat Indiana girl like me is used to!!haha i am jealous of your hills!!

  7. emskiruns · · Reply

    wow that is some great hill running and thanks so much for the links to read some more on hill runs I for one totally appreciate that as once foot is better I need to get on it with the hill runs.
    I reckon that running in a sports bra is totally brave regardless of who is actually around !

    1. Oh good I am glad you found those articles interesting!!I hope that foot gets better soon!!! so frustrating! I am sorry 😦

  8. I love hills. Actually, I love when a hill becomes “easy” and I need to up the ante and move on to a steeper hill. Also, hills for me = bridges. I live in the flatlands of Florida lol.

    1. YES! haha I love when certains hills just become “another part of your run” and no longer leave you dying!! haha Florida is pretty flat… but glad you got some bridges πŸ™‚

  9. Hills and I have a completely love/hate relationship. Sometimes my legs just say “no. um. NO!!!” πŸ™‚ loved the pic!!

    1. Yes definitely get that!! They hate me when I do them… but love me afterward πŸ™‚

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  11. […] out to the trails however! I am so excited just typing it! Sunday I would like to head back to My Hill. Yes, it is now capitalized because I have named it, thus signifying ownership. It is totally My […]

  12. […] back into fun cardio cross-training like spinning, stair climbs, etc. I LOVE STAIRS. Kind of like I LOVE hills! I did the a Stair Climb race last January and it was one of my favorite things! I plan on doing it […]

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