Saturday Tailgate Challenge

I have a whole bunch of lovely posts in my Draft’s Folder just waitin’ to be published next week! So hang with me!

Until then however, you must suffer through this random mind-vomit post… sorry?

I woke up this Saturday morning super early. Even by my standards. It is hard for me to even type out….. 3:49 am. I was wide awake, out of bed, drinking coffee, and eating breakfast. All before 4am. That is a problem. I hate it.

Anyways… I had no concrete plans to run this morning. I was playing it by ear. I wanted to do something because I will be going to a tailgate at about 2ish today for an evening 6pm football game. I really wanted to get a workout in before eat copious amounts of chips, cookies, burgers, etc.

Well, all of the sudden decided I wanted to attempt a long run. So I threw on my clothes/shoes/watch and took off. Well, we all know about my Bathroom Issues. My successful 15 miler 2 weeks ago was so great because I I didn’t have to go to the bathroom at all! ((I didn’t eat a single apple)) Well, since today was kind of unexpected… I had 3 apples and a pear this morning (among some cereal, granola bar, and english muffin with pb). But from the get go, the run was doomed. I had to go to the bathroom right away and could tell it would continue throughout the run. So I just turned around and came home. 2 miles total people. Wow, impressive.

I hate the feeling of a failed workout. But I am telling myself it wasn’t a fail… and it is no big deal! So I didn’t fuel properly before…. I knew I was taking a risk trying to run on what I ate! And guess what?! I can fuel properly tomorrow morning and do a run on Sunday! It is all OK Andrea! Relax, laugh at your bathroom issues, and forget about it!

I also realized that this lack of exercise this morning now means that I get to tackle the mental challenge of going to the tailgate, enjoying yummy food, and not be constantly thinking about how I didn’t workout Because food and exercise are not related in the way that I have made them out to be. They are separate. Doing one does not reward nor punish me, causing the other. Separate acts.

This is always hard for me to understand, so I am going to accept this Saturday Tailgate Challenge by enjoying myself and not thinking about not working out! (Sorry for the double negative there)

Whew! This was longer than I expected! Have a great Weekend guys!! Good luck on all of YOUR runs πŸ™‚

Anyone already do their long run? How did it go?

Lets here a holler for tailgates!! What is your favorite thing about tailgates??


  1. I am big about wanting to workout on Saturdays during football season because I know how much more unhealthy my eating habits are this time of year, but don’t feel bad about a 2 mile run- I know that is nothing compared to what you normally run, but you got in some activity and 2 miles is a great accomplishment to some people! Have a great weekend and enjoy tailgating!

    1. Thanks I really appreciate that reminder… you are right. I should just be happy I did something and not worry about it and move on to the important things– like tailgating πŸ™‚

  2. I’m about to go for mine! Hoping for 6-8 miles! If I don’t exercise and I’m going to enjoy myself in lots of yummy food, I try to think about it as fuel for the workout the next day πŸ™‚ It seems to work (most of the time) for me! Enjoy your day girl!!!

    1. Oh I like that mindset! you are right… if I do a long run tomorrow instead, then today is definitely a good fueling day haha πŸ™‚
      Have fun on your run! Hope it goes well!

  3. Crappy (haha) runs happen. I know the mental part is the worst to overcome…But you’ll feel SO proud of yourself when you enjoy the tailgate anyway!

    1. haha thanks so much πŸ™‚ I know you are right!
      Have a great weekend!

  4. pickyrunner · · Reply

    I think the fact that you turned around and went home speak volumes about how far you’ve come. Even just a few months ago you would have suffered through it. I think we both learned a lot this summer πŸ™‚ I hope you have an absolutely fantastic time at the tailgate! You deserve to enjoy life and live carefree once in awhile πŸ™‚

    1. You are so right Sarah! I would never had turned around before… MY voice is so much louder now than my BAD voice… thanks for the reminder of the accomplishments we have had so far! You rock πŸ™‚ have a great weekend!

  5. Sort of random comment but can I just say how I love that runners can talk about bathroom issues with no problem at all? Haha. But seriously, my college teammates and I talked about this sort of stuff like we talked about the weather… but non-runners just don’t really get how much something like that can affect your workout! Last week, I had a long run and I was nervous all morning because the night before I had a lot of fiber. I planned my route specifically around bathrooms… just in case!

    Love your attitude though. You’re right… eating should not be a “reward” for exercise!

    1. Oh my gosh girl I know!! I love that about runners! It is such an open topic and natural to discuss… it is a huge part of our workouts and make or break a run! And my favortie is that everyone has 1 or 2 stories in their running careers that just stand out beyond the rest! I probably have more like 10 stories like that… πŸ™‚
      And I always know where the bathrooms (or covered bushes/trees) are on my runs!

      It is great to hear from another runner reminding me that food is not rewarded after a workout. I have to keep remembering that!
      Thanks for the comment and I loved checking out your page as well! Have a great weekend!

  6. Don’t stress about it at all! Your body could probably use the break! 2 miles is still more than I can do right now so I’m jealous πŸ™‚
    Have fun at the tailgate!!

    1. Aww you are right! I am lucky to be able to run at all! I am sorry you will get back soon, I have faith!!

  7. I did a long run on Wednesday and it went really well. I did speed this morning, also only for a total of 2 miles, and I’m struggling with the amount of beer I’m going to drink today. I know that I’ll be fine and that one day won’t kill me, but though I’ve never fought an eating disorder for a period of time, I have those thoughts too! I think it’s natural to have SOME sort of worry about balance when we care about our bodies. BUT! That should never get in your way of having fun. Cannot wait to hear how you do, enjoy your tailgate!! I’m tailgating too for my university’s FIRST EVER football game! I’m the team’s academic tutor, so I’m like a big ol’ mama bear and am so excited to see what my boys can do πŸ™‚

    1. You are right… I don’t think ANYONE is completely free from those thoughts!!
      That is so exciting about your first football game!! sounds super fun to be so close with those guys πŸ™‚

  8. You are getting it all together…piece by piece…bit by bit. Congratulations !

    1. Thank you so much πŸ™‚ Means a lot to me!

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