Sports Bra Running Part 2

Sorry for being MIA this week!

Needless to say… after getting back from NYC and having a weeks worth of things getting squeezed into 4 days was very busy!

I will spare you from my final NYC details (other posts HERE and HERE and HERE)… but just know that it was so much fun and I had a blast with my sister! We were able to meet my cousins for brunch Monday when I left! All 3 of them work for the same company which is very cool… so needless to say if I am really in a bind job hunting after this whole grad school thing, I bet I got a good “shoe-in” at their company! 🙂

At the cute cafe we went to (while the service was just absolutely horrible) my yogurt/granola/fruit parfait was awesome!



My workouts lately have been lots of strength training with my super buff (no really… he is a walking ROCK) Josh… and running only every now and then. I am not sure why, but lately I have been going through “swings”. For 2 weeks I will be super into running– high mileage, often. Then I will be super in to weight training for 2 weeks– heavy lifiting, circuits, etc.

Lately I have been on the weight lifting circuit. But I am still trying to fit some runs in!

Yesterday in between classes and work, I quickly changed into my running stuff in my always ready car and took off at the hottest point of the day for a run around the campus. But there is more…. I did it without a shirt on!! Entirely in spandex shorts and a sports bra! I felt naked! But it was just

((Earlier I had posted on how when I am finally able to run in a sports bra in public, it will be a big step for me!))

It felt great to be free from carrying what others thought while running! I just didn’t look at a soul! haha I am really proud of myself for overcoming that fear and just doing what I wanted! This is not a daily thing… and I am still self-conscious of my body.. and I am sure on my days when I am really feeling “not too good about my self and recovery”, the last thing I will want is to prance around in my sports bra.

But I think I think a lot of the decision I made and the comfort I was able to get from it was due to the weight lifting I have been doing. I just felt so much stronger. I was proud of my strength.. and even though you couldn’t tell it by looking at me ((muscle takes a very long time build and “show”)) it still made me more confident out there topless!

**Side note.. the run actually kind of sucked haha– one of those days that you swear you are dragging sand bags behind you and every step is a struggle… but whatever! I did it, right?! Right 🙂

Anways… I have lots of studying to do, as well as come up with whether or not I want to do a long run this weekend!!

Have a great weekend everyone 🙂

Who is long running??

Any other Sport Bra Running accomplishments? Or anything else that you were uncomfortable with that you hope to over come?


  1. pickyrunner · · Reply

    Congratulations!! I know how hard it can be to do that and I don’t even usually wear spandex shorts! But the sports bra is a HUGE accomplishment and you should be really proud of yourself! I don’t go in phases of running/strength because I just don’t love weights but it’s good for you to mix it up- it probably lessens the risk of injury!

    1. Thanks girl! I think the key was not to over think it and just DO IT. I felt a little “jiggly” but I felt strong too. That is important. I hope it lessens injury and makes me overall more powerful by mixing it up… i don’t know haha just seeing what works i guess!

  2. Saturdays are my long run days, so I’m looking forward to that tomoorrow! Congrats on finally being able to run like that!!! I want to be able to run like that, but yeah, not sure when that’ll happen haha. Just keep working out as you feel it, you don’t want to push it and then start to hate one or the other!

    1. Thanks girl, great advice! I don’t want injury or to get burnt out! but i think mixing it up is working well! have fun on your long run tomorrow! Hope it goes well! I am still debating one haha

  3. Congrats on jumping that hurdle! I still have yet to run in spandex shorts once in my life. I have what you would call “athletic” thighs and a butt that draws more attention than I prefer so I still can’t think of doing it without being self conscious. There are ALWAYS high school cross country teams running the trail where I do my long runs on the weekends. Those girls love running in their sports bras because, let’s be honest, there’s probably no one in the world skinnier than a high school cross country runner. It’s embarrassing how intimidating it is to me. But eventually I sucked it up and reminded myself that I am in fine shape (even though I don’t have the metabolism of a 15 year old) and if it will help me cool down and be comfortable to run in a sports bra, then it’s stupid not to do it.

    1. OH my gosh girl I hear you!! Sometimes when I am out running on campus… the Indiana University womens running team runs by– all in little black spandex shorts and matching red sports bra. Every single one of them toned to the MAX. Talk about INTIMIDATING!!! I just keep telling myself thought that if I was on a team with a coach and was FORCED to put in the miles and workouts they do.. I would look like that too! But I don’t, and I am doing the best I can working with what I got!

      I LOVE the way you thought through the sports bra thing! You are totally right!!! That really inspires me too.. because it is just too plain hot and if I am cooler in a bra, then so be it! Thanks for the insight and reminder!

  4. I have yet to find a sports bra that is supportive enough and COVERS enough for me to run without a shirt. I’m afraid I’d look like I was trying to be a 90’s Baywatch Babe…no thanks. It does sound nice though haha. Spandex shorts are awesome though.

    1. hahah aww sorry girl! Ya… I have the chest of a 10 year old boy ((literally don’t really even need a bra)) … but a couple years ago when I was heavier (before my ED) I had some DD’s and I know what you mean!! Finding a supportive/cute/comfy sports bra was hard work!! haha I know what you mean about the Baywatch thing! Oh well…in the end you just gotta do what you are comfortable with!! 🙂

  5. Nice work!! That really is a huge step for anyone, I think. I am most definitely not there yet. Maybe someday 🙂 Also I need to go catch up on your NY posts!!! Have a great Friday my friend!

    1. I have miss you too!!! I am catching up on YOUR posts as well!!! so so so excited for your race! Have a great relaxing weekend! 🙂

  6. Congratulations!!! That is an AMAZING accomplishment. I run in my sports bra all the time. I have a jiggly tummy, but I don’t care. You worked hard to get that body, your body functions well, and you’re going to be hot and uncomfortable, so why not just run in your sports bra?! Congratulations again!!!

    1. Thank you so much for sharing that! I love that you run in a sports bra and don’t care and have such confidence in your body! I learned a lot just from reading your comment haha You are so right?!?! It is my body and it is beautiful when I am working hard and sweating and pushing it! If i want to wear a sports bra… then I am going to do it!! Thanks for the reminder and wake up call! Proud of you for your great mind on it !

  7. I’m so glad you had a good experience with a shirtless run…even if the run sucked haha! That really says something for your confidence :o)

    1. Thanks so much! It was a proud accomplishment and I realized it is MY body and I was hot and it is what it is!! I shouldn’t care at all what others think about it!! it has nothing to do with them! Have a great weekend 🙂

  8. YOU ROCK!!!! I haven’t conquered that fear yet (sports bra run), but now maybe I will have to try 🙂 Good luck with school… I start my first post-bac class on Monday eeekkk!! Long run is 19 miles tomorrow !

    1. whoo-hooo 19 miler!!! way to get after it! Good luck with school on monday!! you will be great!! Don’t get wrapped up in grades… just learn and soak in as much info as you can 🙂

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