Branching Out and Workouts

Miss Social Butterfly over here did things TWO NIGHTS IN A ROW!!! Big deal guys… big deal!!

Monday nightPulp Fiction with the boys ((I have always loved “boy” movies as opposed to awful romantic comedies… gag me)) Seriously… this movie is a classic in my book. The dialogue is just phenomenal.

Tuesday nightA Bible Study with a whole new set of people that I didn’t know! I got invited by a runner I met at the Magnificent 7 7k race in April! So sweet of her to think of me and invite me!

It has been hard since coming back from Young Life camp this summer in keeping with my devotionals and quiet times with God. I also have gotten so caught up with nutrition/eating/healthy-ness that I keep turning to my doctors, others, or my parents for answers and support. I am disappointed in myself for not making God my #1. Because He is always keeping my best interest at heart. He cares more than anyone!

So being invited to a bible study with a community of other Christians (some who are runners!!! yayy) was wonderful and needed! It was the first time that I really felt at at home here in Bloomington. I hope to keep up with the bible study and joint the church here too!

Work that Body!

I ran when it finally got light out Tuesday morning and explored my new area! Can we say HILLS?!?! Oh my goodness… I felt like I was working so so hard and while my pace didn’t reflect the effort level I put forth, I know it was a great workout and I will see improvement on the hills throughout time! I did 6 miles in what was the most humid weather we have had yet this summer… then immediately jumped in the shower, made a smoothie, then headed to class for the rest of the day!!

I also did some leg workouts on Tuesday as well— 4 sets of 15 front squats with 55# barbell. Thighs and booty were screaming!!!! Then did some pull-up hangs where I lowered myself as controlled and slow as possible. Ouch dude…. ouch.

Ya… I look like this when I lift too. Hair down and everything…. wtf?!? No body looks like this!!!

This is more what I resemble…

Wednesday I headed back to the gym with my Jiu Jistu and lifting friend Josh for some shoulder/back work! I love lifting with him!! He pushes me hard!

***Interesting article HERE regarding runners and weight training– a common “myth” (suggestion??) is that runners want low weights, high rep’s … and this article argues the opposite view of lift heavy!!

Or click this link….but regardless, check it out!–

Today I am so tired and sore from lifting that I don’t even know if a light run is going to fit in!! Which, to be honest, worries me a bit since I am going to be gone all weekend in NYC and most likely get no workouts in!!! Ahhh I am trying to control the anxiety that is creeping in…

**Sorry for not posting yesterday! Life was busy… and I am not sacrificing school time/sleep time for blog posting– Me and my therapist decided that is best for me to remain “un-stressed” in my time here.

Also… I LEAVE FOR NYC on a 7am flight TOMORROW morning! Expect LOTS of pictures from that trip… and not a lot of updating until I get back! 🙂 Remember– dear old sister still doesn’t know about this lovely little blog of mine…. hmm maybe one day…

Have a great day guys!

What do I HAVE TO SEE in NYC?

Do you ever find your blog is stressing you out more/taking time away from something else? Or PRESSURE??



  1. Have an awesome weekend in NYC! If you have time, check out The High Line. It’s an old stretch of rail road that has been converted into a really cool park with awesome views and gardens! It’s my favorite in the city 🙂 And if you are interested in a museum, the Tenement Museum in the Lower East Side is so cool, unique, and intimate—my fave! Have fun! 🙂

    1. Great thanks for the suggestion!! I am writing all these down haha

      1. Awesome! Have so much fun!!!

  2. I hope NYC is great! It’s one of my favorite cities. I agree with Julia – I’ve always wanted to go to the Tenement Museum, but I never seem to be able to make it there. If you’ve never been to the city, you’ve got to do all of the normal touristy stuff, and if you have time, walk across the Brooklyn Bridge. That may be one of my favorite things to do in the city! Have fun!

    1. My sister lives in Brooklyn so i will be definitely crossing the brooklyn bridge!! I have heard cool things about the Tenement Museum!
      Thanks for the suggestions!!

  3. Hahaha I never did understand girls that wear their hair down, although I have to admit, I have been one of those, only because I was too lazy. But I quickly learn that it’s a bad idea and I end up putting it up. I can honestly say, that heavy lifting has mad me a better runner. I never thought it would. But it just makes you stronger, I mean, it sucks having to run the day after a heavy lifting day, especially leg day haha but it’s all worth it in the end. Because a couple days later I can feel how much stronger I am. Enjoy NYC! I’ve never been, so I’m looking forward to all the pictures!! I do find getting a blog post together sometimes to be stressful. So I try to get it together day by day (since I blog every other day). Doing a little everyday, helps it to be easier to get the final product up on time. Plus it doesn’t leave me stressed out the night before, trying to write it and not let it be seen that I rushed.

    1. I agree with the lifting!! the next few runs always suck but you can FEEL the muscles growing haha 🙂
      That is a great way to handle the blog posting– It can get stressful… and i dont’ want it to be! Sounds like you have a great little system… i need to maybe get on an every-other-day schedule now with school!! Thanks for the suggestions!!

  4. Ok you have to go to Central Park! Maybe go on a run there! Two birds with one stone 🙂 The 911 memorial, Times Square, a Broadway play. You HAVE to eat a Magnolia cupcake, at the Shake Shack and a slice of pizza from anywhere in the city. Seriously. You’ll also walk soo much that it might as well count as your work out. That trip was hands down the most exhausting one I’ve ever been on! Oh! We also went to the top of the Empire State Building at night. That was pretty cool!
    Girl, no worries about not blogging every single day. Real life always trumps blog life. We’re still here for you when you come back 🙂
    Good luck today and have soooo much fun this weekend!! Can’t wait to hear all about the trip!

    1. Girl you ALWAYS make me feel happy and better haha you are so right– Real life trumps blog life 🙂 I guess it is good that I am keeping busy now with school and stuff… it makes when I DO update that I actually have things to update about! haha

      I will definitely need to get an authentic new york style slice!! I think ny pizza is thinner and chicago is deep dish… and I am not a deep dish fan so I am looking forward to the thin crust!!

      I WOULD LOVE RUN CENTRAL PARK!!! maybe i can convince my sister to do it too!!!
      And I am writing down Magnolia Cupcake and Shake Shack— don’t want to forget to hit those up!!!
      And we plan on 911 memorial and a broadway play!! yayy:)

      have a great weekend girl, talk to you later!!

  5. In the gym, I am the sweatiest person on the planet. it’s disgusting how much I sweat. I’ve formed a good relationship with one of the trainers and he ALWAYS teases me about how sweaty I am. I was reracking dumbbells one day and my towel was falling down, so I asked him to grab it. His response? “No, you get that sweaty thing away from me. I know you.” Oops 😉 That just means I’m getting a better workout than everyone else, right ? 😛

    Have so much fun in NYC!!!

    1. haha yay for sweatyness!! great story… so true– sweat=kicking butt out there!!!!

  6. Please, please, PLEASE go to the Peanut Butter & Co. Sandwich shop. I too have an ED and struggle with a love/hate relationship with peanut butter. I love their products, but have never been to the city (pathetic for a NY state resident, right?)
    I NEED to know how it is.

    1. oh my gosh that is so so weird that you said that, bc i just got done dipping my finger in a jar of crunchy pb&co and thought about how much I want to go to the shop in NYC!!! Literally was going to google the exact location!!!
      I definitely understand the love/hate relationship with pb. I cut it out of my life for a couple years bc I was either “all-or-nothing” with it and i felt I had no control… but it has gotten so much better and i am able to manage it without much thought now!! (((yes, however, i still have some binge fest on it, but I try not to let it get me down and instead think about all the progress i have made))) I hope you get to a comfortable point with it soon!! 🙂

      I will try and find it and FOR SURE tell you how it is!!!

  7. Washington Square Park…Canal Street…SoHo …The.West Village…A run in Central Park like “seethisgirl” mentioned…Little Italy…..Chinatown…MOMA… are going to have a great time!

    1. yay GREAT suggestions!! so many great things to do and see! i will let you know how they go!! I am very excited!! 🙂

  8. I never know what to lift. I want to gain strength but develop lean muscle to counter-balance the runners’ thighs I’m growing these days, so I aim for lifting light. But maybe I should try heavy…who knows really?!

    1. I think we could find a million articles on BOTH sides of the argument!!!
      I understand the lean muscle thing for sure! I would say whatever works for you!! 🙂

  9. yaaaaaay!! I leave for NYC tomorrow night!!!

    1. oh so great!! Long shot, but if we are at all in the same area and you are thinking, “I am bored” ((haha ya right!)) and you want a coffee/lunch/etc let me know!! Have a safe flight and trip!!

      1. would LOVE TO!!
        We are there for a wedding, so the only free day is Monday and we are going to be meeting up somewhere in the city for dinner/drinks/games/park…something! If you are still there,maybe you and your sister can come in from BK?
        email me – !!!

      2. Awesome will do!!
        Oh wedding will be so fun!
        I will email you if Monday looks like it might work!
        Have safe travels!

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