All about FOOD! Yumm…

 A short quick HELLO!

This is easy and painless this morning… but some good ones are to come later in the next few days!

**Yesterday Andrea did ZERO running or lifting ((I did get in my 100 pushups tho! ouch!)) But I just didn’t feel like running!!! 

…another post on this later…hmm…


I have been on a roll with movies the last few weeks!!

The Heat, We’re The Millers, Elysium, and The Butler!

The Butler was amazing!! Oprah (who I am not a fan of.. don’t hate me…) did such an incredible job I bet she is nominated for an award. She completely transformed into the role.

Go see it… 🙂



The following links here are great sources for women runners and athletes looking for the right foods to fuel up with!

Take a look:

10 Best Fitness Foods for Women

Best Pre-workout Food

A lot of this we know, but it is still nice to read it and be reminded!

As the days wind down for me to return to my life as a grad student, I am both nervous and excited to really be tested in terms of meals and nutrition! I have made so much progress in the last few months after seeking help from my family, doctors, nutritionists, etc, and I am prepared to do everything I can to keep the momentum moving forward!

I live by myself at school (just moved into a sweet new place with an AWESOME kitchen!) and balanced meals have always been a problem for me. But I am going in with a positive attitude and some ideas to help me succeed!

I plan on making a weekly meal calender so I know each day/night what I am fixing/eating. I will prep on Sunday and I will stick to my plan.  That way, even if I come home tired and just want to sink into a bag of pretzels or consider filling up on 7 apples and calling that dinner, I will look at what I had planned for dinner, and I will cook it!! Yes, I am determined to convince myself that if it is written on my fridge calender, than that might as well be set in stone ha.

**I would LOVE some help on what meal planning looks like, what people make, how to go about it, fast delicious healthy meals, etc.

So far I am thinking:

Salmon Casserole (dads version that is to die for)

Grilled chicken/sweet potato/steamed veggies (easy easy)

Fish Fish and Fish with broc or asparagus and brown rice

Good Ol’ Turkey Sandwich with ALL the fixings (still my favorite thing ever)

Ground Turkey Sloppy Joe’s

Tuna sandwich

Omelet’s and egg sandwiches

Anything else you guys think?? Need some help!!




  1. movie roll is right! I wanted to see the ones on that list, too, so I’m glad they’re worth a view 🙂 I think making a meal plan sounds like a great idea. I used to do that, too, when I was living on my own, and it made things a lot easier after a long day at work. I could just look at what I had planned out and make it, without having to figure anything else out. Much easier than trying to decide what i wanted and then check to see if i had it!

    1. That is so good to hear that you liked it and it worked out well for you! I think this is just what I need at the beginning! Definitely take the stress out of deciding a meal and instead devouring a bag of chips and calling that dinner!!

  2. You should get a crock pot. It’s so easy to throw everything you want in the morning, then it’s ready at dinner time. No prep and no excuses! If you make a full turkey or chicken breast in it you’d even have leftovers to slice for sandwiches.

    1. I have a crock pot and I LOVE IT!! I always forget about it though!! I need to remember to make big meals and eat on them for a while!! I definitely love the no prep aspect. that way when I come home it is ready! Great idea THANK YOU!!!

      1. I was going to say crock pot too and I know that I’ve checked out a crock pot cooking for 1 or 2 at the library…or make a big batch and have leftovers and freeze them. I love coming home to the smell of supper cooking.

      2. Yessss smell of cooking after a long day!! crock pot is definitely a must!

  3. Those all sound yummy!! I always just go with what I’m craving, try to make it healthy if it isn’t, and always have a side of veggies. Spaghetti Squash are incredibly easy to cook, and super yummy!! If your ever looking for something easy and quick, I’d go with that!

    1. I love that approach! I think that is definitely where I want to get to eventually, but I don’t think I can handle cooking on a whim like that yet!
      I havn’t had spaghetti Squash in a long time! I love it though! Thanks for the great suggestion!! 🙂

  4. Cooking and planning meals for one can be hard sometimes. I do it 4 out of 7 nights a week because my BF works nights. But often it works out well to make extra and eat it for lunch the next day. Some of my go-to’s are chicken and veggies, salad (I mix up what I top it with), omlettes or scrambled eggs with veggies. I don’t do a lot of meal prep but it’s nice to do little things to make the meal simpler like washing and chopping all the veggies and fruit and cooking sides ahead of time like sweet potatoes or quinoa. Sounds like you are on the right track! Good luck!

    1. Great idea to have leftovers for lunch and even a dinner the next day. I think food actually tastes a bit better the second day 🙂
      Food prep ahaed of time makes sense too. I will do that on Sundays and if something can be cooked then freezed or refrigerated for the rest of the week I will. But maybe I will always keep cut up veggies, cut up turkey breast, cooked chicken, hard boiled eggs on hand…? I LOVE sweet potato so I can cut them up and cook them before?!
      Ha I don’t know I will figure it out!!
      Thank you so so much for your suggestions!! And thanks for your encouragement!! 🙂

      1. Yes to the sweet potatoes. I cut them into cubes and oven roast them with some olive oil and spices and just put them in the fridge once they’re cool. I have eaten them several days after cooking them and they still taste great!

      2. Yumm that is a great idea!!! I have one in my fridge now I plan on making for din din 🙂 Thanks for the idea! Have a great night!

  5. I second the crock-pot suggestion! I love my crockpot! You can make stuffed peppers, chili, lasagna (if you have friends over).

    1. OH stuff peppers!! that is a great one!
      And CHILI!! I love that.. thanks those are great ideas!!

  6. Let’s see…

    I’m really into the quick and easy meals.

    Lately, I’ve been doing a lot of stir fry (cook whatever meat and just add all the veggies you want, brown rice on the side), breakfast for dinner, chili, sandwiches are always great. I also like to find one or two more complex recipes for the week and make them…and then get creative with the leftover ingredients the following night…makes for some interesting concoctions!

    1. Oh stir fry is good and quick! And you are right.. I love that anything goes in there!
      And I love chilli so hopefully I can throw a bunch in a crockpot and eat on that for a few days!!!

      And I like that idea of a creative meal once or twice a week– it would be a great study break and fun to spend a long time making something yummy and pretty haha
      Thanks for the great ideas! You sound like you have some great dinner!!!!

      1. Pinterest is dangerous!!!

      2. Oh good idea! I always forget about pintrest!!!

  7. pickyrunner · · Reply

    So proud of you girl!!!! No running AND this newfound determination?! It really doesn’t get any better than that. I can’t wait to see what you do. I’m not a meal planner but that’s because I eat the same thing every day for each meal so there is very little thought involved. I’m hoping to start doing some more meal planning too though so I can learn to mix things up!

    1. Thanks girl!!!! I will keep you updated on how it goes!
      I really think i need the meal planning at the beginning here until I “feel out” how the year goes and how I am doing on my own again… let me know how your meals go and what you find easy/quick/yummy so I can fix it too!! haha

  8. It’s really hard for me to stick to a plan. I love to cook so I usually like experimenting with whatever we have. And…100 pushups!? Good Grief! I have no upper body strength at the moment and I can do MAYBE 10 before my form gets out of whack.

    1. I am hoping I can stick to a plan… that is the goal because if not I am afraid I might get a little “out of control” and not eating real meals ((which is the trouble I ran into with my disordered eating last year))

      I don’t do 100 straight through! I do sets of 10-15 with 15 secs rest in between… not all straight through!!! although that would be a goal of mine 🙂 keep up with the push ups and you will get there!!

  9. olivetorun · · Reply

    I THIRD the crock-pot suggestion. Best kitchen invention ever!

    1. Great I will definitely make use of it!! I will search for some recipes!

  10. Awesome plan!! I love it! I really need to do more meal planning. Maybe that can be one of my goals too this next year 🙂

    1. Yes!! Email me if you run into any good, healthy, quick recipes that I can plan for the week too! haha I am excited to do the planning but I am a little nervous for it too!! Well, maybe it is just more that I am anxious to start it next week haha

  11. Meghan @ fitnesscrEATures · · Reply

    These all sound like great meal prep ideas!! I like to prep all my veggies in advance and I like to go crazy making salads with loads of toppings. Omelets are the easiest to throw together and make so YES to that! Qunioa is amazing too and it goes with everything! Have some fun in the kitchen! 🙂

    1. Yummmy i love nothing more than a HUGE SALAD!!!! and omelets 🙂
      Thank you so much for the idea of veggie prep!!
      Have a great dayyyy!!

  12. I’m a bad food planner, so I have no advice. Your menu looks divine, though!

    I liked Elysium a LOT. Also loved The Heat. The Butler is on the list, but I’ve heard it’s really sad!!

    1. Thank you!!
      I wouldn’t call The Butler sad… it is definitely a drama ((and VERY different from The Heat and Elysium haha)) but it has great moments– some funny, some sad, some awesome…Ya it is good! 🙂

  13. I love a weekly meal plan…I usually make one over the weekend and then shop on Monday’s…I’m a creature of habit, but this usually makes me throw in at least one new meal a week.
    About those 10 foods….I have seriously eaten almost ALL of them in the last 24 hours! haha – too bad I’m not running!

    1. haha that is awesome that you have eaten those meals lately… because as I was typing them I craved each and every one of them!!
      I am glad to hear your positive feedback from making weekly meal plans!
      I am also determined to throw in my FIRST FROYO TRIP sometime during the week! I have never been to a place to get frozen yogurt and to put toppings and everything on… it “scared me” but now I think I can handle it!! YUMMM!

      1. Girl- get yourself some fro-yo asap!!

  14. I need catch up on seeing some movies, geez! I really want to see the Butler, maybe I’ll fit it in this weekend!

    1. Yes go see it!! I know, my mom and I were on a movie kick for a while!

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