Happenings and my Push-up Challenge!

**I was so excited to hear all of your thoughts the last few days regarding pre-run nutrition and how you define a “Successful Run“. You guys are all amazing in your approach to running and working out. It was really beautiful to read! Most of you said when you put forth the effort and have a smile on your face, then the run was successful. YES! Totally agree, 100%

My internship has been over AND yesterday was a “no run” day… Just those two things alone added up to me being super antsy and bored yesterday!

I did do a few things to stay busy however!

I made cookies! My family was SHOCKED! I never bake (I am a horrible baker) and I especially never bake sweets. Well, ok, these were exactly full-on buttery, sugary cookies. They were a recipe from Redbook magazine and they are healthy–put they still came out great!


-I worked more on my gifts for my sister! I gave you a little sneak peak the other day of one of the items I was working on… well here is the second thing I making! ((No secret to this pic, it is what it is!))


We have done many solo European trips together an always refer to them as our “adventures!” I labeled all of the places we have been together on the rest of the mug 🙂

I spent hours at Half-Priced Books. Wow, why would I ever buy a book full price from Barnes and Nobles again!? Half-Priced is amazing… I can walk out with 8 books under 10 $. You just can’t beat that…

-I GOT AN IPHONE! No more droid living for this girl! I love love LOVE it! Maybe it will encourage me to take more pics for you guys so you arn’t just word digesting (boring, I know sorry!)

-I returned to my high school for a visit! I went to a HUGE high school (graduated with over 1,000+ in my class) and I still meet my running group there on Monday’s and Thursday. We meet in the parking lot, and I don’t go in too often, and when I do it is always very weird!


Big, empty high school makes for an unsettling visit…!

-I watched episode 1 of Orange is the New Black. Everyone has been raving about this Netflix show! I had to check it out. After 1 episode, I can say that I really like and definitely see it being a favorite of mine as I continue to watch!

-I did pushups and situps galore! I did 105 pushups and over 10 minutes of situps… just enough to get me nice and sweaty! Those pushups just about killed me! I did them in sets of 15 up until 60, then sets of 10 until 100, then a final push of 5 just to “solidify” that over-100 number! SO SO HARD!!! My arms were dying and shaking! I gave my self about 15 seconds rest in between each set… not only were my arms about to give out, but my breathing was ragged, making me feel like I was getting some good cardio in as well! Double score 🙂

…. And that leads me to announce my PUSHUP CHALLENGE that I will begin starting NOW!

I love having little goals 🙂 For a while there it was Planks ((I reached a PR of 12min30sec plank!))

…and now I will do the same with Pushups! I will work on them daily! They are such a great exercise for the cardio and muscles!

Some Things to Keep In Mind

-No equipment needed, no excuses! Pushups are so “simple” and “basic”, we can do them while watching T.V, waiting for our toast to Pop, or heating up our tea in the microwave! Wherever and whenever, just hit the floor and bust out as many as you can!

-Reduce the amount of rest time as you get better!

-Be consistent! If you start out on your toes, just keep doing as many as you can on your toes– don’t drop to your knees after 20. Make yourself improve!

-Get creative with the pushups! Do scorpion style, jack-pushups, triangle, tricep, wide,etc. Keep it fun!

They are hard and they suck… but just keep working on it!! Remember they are hard for everyone!!

Have a great and Wonderful Wednesday everyone!

Anyone else as excited as I am about Pushups?!?!

-I definitely have a love/hate going on with them! (same with Burpees!)

Are you a better baker, or better cook?

-DEF cook.


  1. Good morning, Andrea…..Push-ups have always been my go to exercise when I can’t get to the gym. I wouldn’t say I have a “love/hate” relationship with them….they are just something I enjoy doing. Can you explain to me what a Burpee is? Loved the mug you are making for your sister. Wish there was a Half-Priced Books around here. I’m currently reading “And The Mountains Echoed,” by Khaled Hosseini. I got that book with a gift card from Amazon. Stay strong, girl.

    1. Ha that is great that you love pushups and do them on the daily!
      A burpee is just about the greatest thing ever… you hit the floor as fast as possible, push up and jump with your legs into a squat, then jump off the ground throwing your hands overhead and clapping. Then do it again… and again… and again..
      here is a clip of a guy doing 100 burpees as fast as he can! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=awhEl6qYwsA it is impressive!!

      Bummer no half price… but amazon is amazing!!

  2. pickyrunner · · Reply

    Holy cow 100 pushups! I can’t even do FIVE!! It sounds like a really productive day overall, and YAY FOR JOINING THE DARK SIDE OF iPHONES!

    1. haha i LOVE MY NEW PHONE!! like.. why didnt’ I have one before??
      Kinda productive day… most important thing were those cookies 🙂

  3. Omg 105!? Go girl! My push-ups are so embarrassing. Even doing them on my knees (“the girl version”) is pretty difficult. I want to go to a Half Price Books! That’s amazing. I like to walk to B & N just to browse on my lunch break and looking at prices makes me criiiiinge. Congrats on joining team i-phone! 😉

    1. Dude push ups are tough and girl pushups still kick my butt!!! Keep it up girl you will get there!!
      I love browsing at barnes and nobles too!! I can sit there for hours if I am not careful!!
      LOVE MY IPHONE!! 🙂
      have a great night!

  4. klopez415 · · Reply

    So happy to hear about your pushup challenge-arm strength is definitely somewhere where I’m lacking, but I like your idea of breaking the pushups into sets. Thanks for the inspiration!

    1. Ya girl no problem!! I just did my set of 100 and I am definitely wondering what I was thinking with this Challenge! 🙂 haha but i love things like this… I know I will only keep improving and so will you!! Keep at them and let me know how they go!!! Have a great night!

  5. I wish there was a half priced book store around here! I love reading but hate that the books always cost almost $10, which isn’t too much, but for a broke college student it defiantly is hahaha I hate pushups, I am just really horrible at them and they always bother my shoulder (pulled it a couple years ago during swim, now it pops all the time). I do love me some pull ups though 😀 Defiantly better at baking! When it comes to cooking, I like to try and come up with my own ideas, that doesn’t happen too often.

    1. Oh I know girl.. full priced books are sooo expensive! I really can’t bring myself to buy a brand new one too often!! Oh gosh I know lots of swimmers who have messed up their shoulders… so sorry to hear that!! Ya I would not do pushups with a bad shoulder– not a good idea! 😦
      I am jealous of your baking skills because mine are awful!!!!

  6. A 12 1/2 minute plank!? Mind = blown.

    1. hahah I had to work up to it!! The key is to STAY DISTRACTED!! i recommend instagram or reciting something over and over ((i did a bible verse that I had to memorize this summer!!))

      1. Great advice! I tried playing on my phone while planking this weekend and it did help take my mind off the time. I’m nowhere near 12 minutes but I think I am going to try and see how long I can build up to.

      2. Awesome!!!! you will get there!! keep being distracted while planking!! Great job keep it up!

  7. I used to hate push-ups, but I actually requested them in our strength class on Monday. I’m getting better at them, but not a rockstar yet!

    Welcome to the iPhone side ;D I’m definitely a better cook, and I use my iPhone to capture all those photos 😛

    1. I definitely can see improvement in my pushups the more I do them! That is cool thing about them! Keep at them!

      I love my iphone… I honestly can’t believe that I waited this long to get one!!! My food pics will HOPEFULLY improve now…

  8. So glad you like OITNB so far.. I am obsessed with it!! I can’t even wait until next season!

    1. YAY another OITNB lover!!! so glad… when I inevitably post about it I will be happy to know at least YOU will know what I am talking about!

  9. Girl you are amazing! I came across a push-up “program”(hundredpushups.com) to do 100 consecutive push-ups awhile ago. Thank you for your motivation! I’m going to copy you and start this week 🙂

    1. WOW i can’t imagine 100 consecutive!! I will have to check out that website and strive to get there!! yay keep me updated how the pushups are going!! so hard but so great for us!!

  10. Holy push-ups lady! I JUST watched Orange is the New Black for the first time yesterday! I liked it, too! I vowed to not get addicted to any more TV shows, but…

    1. … but… me too!! The last thing I need is to be a grad student with a T.V addiction– that is NOT conducive to good study habits!!! shoot.. oh well!! 🙂

  11. Wow girl….105???? I usually hit 10-14 and want to give up but can usually get 20-24 before i need a break! Arms are my least favorite thing to work, though, so that might have something to do with it 😛 I am definitely a baker…with a sweet tooth like mine, cooking definitely can’t compare 😉 I try to use both a nice mix of regular recipes and those that use slightly healthier ingredients…keeps everyone in my life happy, including me!

    1. I am jealous you are a baker!! I am just awful at it!! I am much more of a cook.. and even that is questionable! Sounds like you got a good balance of yummy and healthy treats!!
      Don’t worry there is NO WAY I do 100 in a row! I break them up into sets of 15 and 10 with as least amount of rest in between as I can stand!! It is soo challenging but fun too!! arms are DYING after!
      Keep it up girl and you will see improvement really soon!!

      1. Ahh ok that makes me feel slightly better haha but i still think i’d get to 50 and be unable to move for a year 😛

  12. I can not believe you did that many push ups! You are seriously my hero! Also adorable that you are making your sister gifts- that mug is so cute!

    1. She is seriously such a great big sister to me! And thank you!! The pushups are so so hard but it is so fun to test myself 🙂

  13. I can do 15 pushups…And I thought I was good! I’m like, beyond impressed lol.

    I love books on sale/used books etc, but there is just something about a brand new book…I treat books the way I do music…if I can get it cheap, I will, unless I’m a loyal fan of the author, in which case I’ll shell out the big bucks!

    1. SAME! I buy new on series that I know I love or authors that I am obsessed with haha but other than that I go for the cheap ones!

      Don’t worry I can’t string 100 together– i break them up in 15 and 10’s with a short of rest as possible between ((about 10-20 sec))! Keep at them and they WILL get easier!!

  14. I’ve been doing pushups in various gym classes since I joined the gym in January. I’m amazed by how much strength I’ve gained! I love your challenge! And WOW a 12 minute plank?!?! You are a rockstar!

    1. Yay for push ups girl!! I love them because you can do them anywhere and within a relatively short about time, you really CAN see and feel improvement!! That is so awesome to hear!! Way to go 🙂
      haha and that plank took me a while to work up too!!

  15. Push-ups and burpees are great exercises, but I totally feel the love/hate thing 🙂 . I can’t wait to hear what you think of Orange is the New Black! Also YAY for the iPhone!

  16. um, 12 min plank!?!! Are you kidding me?! You must have the best abs ever! I’m happy to get over 2 mins! haha Push ups are such a great workout. They work so many muscles. Good luck!!

    1. haha NO not great abs… just easily distracted for 12 mins so i don’t think about it! Yes I am discovering I love pushups! so so hard!! Keep at the planks and I swear they get easier!

  17. […] Start of my Push-up Challenge!! 105 […]

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