Declaration #2: Becoming a “Why Not?” girl

Yesterday’s Hill Workout did not go quit as planned, and you know what? That is OK!

I enjoyed a 6.25 mile run (with lots of hills)…. but it was not the killer hill repeat workout that I had originally planned. I actually love hills, so instead, I just casually ran them and enjoyed every second!

And I promised my doctors, you guys, and MYSELF that I would run for enjoyment and not for speed/time/distance! And holding true to that, I had a relaxing run, appreciating the abnormally cool weather and bright blue sky!

Besides, I have to save up my energy for moving today…yowzza!

On to yet another declaration from Me…

Today, I am declaring CRAZINESS AND CARPE DIEM-NESS to be present in my life!!

If you have read a few of my posts before or my About Me section you might know that my sister,  Gretchen, and I are very close! We are 2 years apart (she is older) and we were both Kappa Kappa Gammas at Purdue University together! While I actually would have loved to have gone to a smaller school and run on the cross country team… I went to Purdue because she was there, and spending 2 more years with her was absolutely worth it! She is my best friend and always will be!

With that said, she and I are actually very different! Ok, maybe not when you get down to our morals and values in life… those match up…. but the way we currently live life and approach life, is different.

I am a Why? girl where as Gretch is a Why Not? girl.

When opportunities come or decisions present themselves, I immediately start rolling through a list of pro’s and con’s, the consequences of doing one thing over the other, how my life is affected down the road, if it is the right moment for me to do X or if another time is better, will I be tired/hungry/full/uncomfortable/stuck/happy/regretful… you get the idea. I over analyze everything about the decision. Most times, my very last question that I ask is just simply Why?

9 out of 10 times, I back out and say No to whatever decision I was contemplating.

Gretchen, on the other hand… 9 out of 10 times she says Yes! Instead of running through a million and one minor factors that her decisions would cause, she might just consider the main ones of, Is this safe? and Am I jeopardizing my morals? These are obviously the most important questions to consider and the answer is almost always Yes and No. She then will give a little smile, shrug her shoulders and say, Ya, sure. Why Not!?

Gretch knows how to have fun, enjoy life, roll with the punches, give things a try, put her self out there… really she just knows how to Carpe Diem.

I am working on relaxing and become a Why Not? girl. In the last 2 years, I have become a rigid, uptight party-pooper!! You are not 80 years old, Andrea! You are young and vibrant and deserve a fun, active, happy life without feeling the burden and weight of the entire world.

Today Wall Art

Adding to my list of Mental Health Goals for the upcoming school year (READ THEM HERE!!!) is now becoming more of a Why Not? girl 🙂

Have a great weekend! I hope everyone is getting great weather, where ever you are!

Are you a Why? girl or a Why Not? girl?

What are you doing this weekend!

Favorite meal you had this week?


  1. Hi Andrea….First of all I’m not a girl….but I tend to analyze. I’m more pragmatic than capricious. In early October I want to run a 10K so on Sunday I plan or running the race course….the race goes around a lake in northwest Connecticut and generally gets around 100 runners. Should be fun. I haven’t had my favorite meal yet but I’m looking forward to some linguini with red clam sauce and a glass of red wine. Seize the day !

    1. 10k is a really fun distance!! And around a lake like that sounds beautiful!
      Yummy sounding dinner! I might steal that idea for some meals this week!! 🙂

  2. pickyrunner · · Reply

    LOVE. I’m such a why girl. I’m better about turning things down now than I was but its not a carefree decision by any means. I’ve always wished I was like that and I think this summe I’ve really pushed myself to branch out of that comfort zone and become more in the moment. But I still have a longgggg way to go. I know we can both do this!!

    1. Yes we can!! I just need to learn to relax and go with the flow more! Awesome that you were able to get out the comfort zone a bit this summer!! I am hoping to do the same this fall at school!!
      Have a great one 🙂

  3. That sounds like an amazing plan!! I tend to over analyze things too but life really is too short for that nonsense 😉so glad you are getting some enjoyable runs in!

    1. haha so true– it is “nonsense” that is keeping me from enjoying my life!! I need to relax and let loose sometimes!!
      Have a great sunday 🙂

  4. Thanks so much for this, Andrea! I am a bit of a Why? girl myself, and it is definitely something I want to work on this year too!! Here’s so saying, “Why not?”! 🙂

    1. Whoo-hoo! Cheers for taking advantage of all the “Why not?” opportunities in life!!
      Haha have a great sunday!!

  5. I love hills once I get used to them! I need to start working them back into my training. (My marathon has a HUGE bridge to run, but since I live in the flatlands it’s hard to find good hills for training!)

    I’m a “why” girl, too. I’d like to be a “why not” girl, but I’m always thinking about possible consequences and the reality of my decisions. I can’t get my brain to shut off!

    1. Oh wow a big bridge!! ahhh I love them but they ARE scary in races haha
      Yep, sometimes I have to turn off my brain! It always seems to be in overdrive!!
      hope you find some good hills 🙂

  6. I’m just like you in my thinking processes…BUT I’m really working on it! Loved the today is the day! I think I need to put this on my refrigerator as a daily reminder!

    1. Oh yay! I know I need this stuff posted around me at all times I feel like… I so easily lose sight of whats important and what I want to accomplish and all of that.. maybe I will put it on my fridge as well 🙂
      Have a great evening!

  7. I’m like you (which we just keep establishing!) and I’m a Why girl for sure. I really should be a Why Not girl more often. Maybe that should be one of my goals to go along with all of my new changes in life 🙂

    1. Yes! That is how I feel… I am on a role with changes for this year, might as well throw in the challenge of saying Yes to more things and turning the brain off every so often!
      And i LOVE our similarities!! 🙂

  8. I love this post! I am SUCH a why girl! I’d (like to) think I was a little more of a why not girl in high school and college, so hopefully one day I will get back to that!

    1. I was defintiely more of a Why Not girl in college!!! So some of the “fading away from that” may be due to maturity, but I think for me a lot is due to a loss of confidence and over analyzing EVERYTHING about my life!!
      Sounds like we both hope to loosen up a bit 🙂

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