Workout Recap 8/9-8/15

Hey guys! I hope Thursday treated you all well! I have learned to love Thursday’s more and more throughout the years… It really is becoming the “new” Friday!

I am still LOVING my book, UltraMarathon Man by Dean Karnazes… He is currently recapping his Western State Endurance 100 mile race that he did through the sierra mountains in Lake Tahoe area. I just sit here with my mouth hanging open in shock!! What a feat!

So many of you left me great suggestions for other running books to read and I will definitely be checking them out!

So Tuesday was my Move OUT day… but tomorrow is the big one– the move IN day!! And of course moving in means now we are going to be going UP stairs with these ridiculously heavy items, rather than DOWN. Oh well, it is by no coincidence that I scheduled a rest day tomorrow as well!!

This Friends episode is seriously how the day will go tomorrow…

On to the workouts….

without even meaning to, I have been increasing my mileage the last few weeks. I really have not been trying to at all. It just sort of happened. I have just been feeling so strong and powerful on my runs and the endurance I feel is un parallel to anything I have felt in the last few years. This whole ‘eating more’ thing must be working!! I have to reign myself in and hold back from doing 10 miles everyday. That is NOT normal for me!

I obviously do not want to hurt myself. NOT AT ALL. I am fully aware of the consequences of increasing mileage too quickly. But it is as if for the last 2 years my body has been yearning to run more but I just wasn’t allowing it with the minimal food intake. Now that I a giving it what it wants… well…. the miles are just kind of sneaking in there!

Friday 8/9

p.m: 8.2 mile run–Fartlek’s! I used Hungry Runner Girls workout— 20 min warm-up, 8 x 1min hard (1 min jog inbetween) 20 min cool down for 8.2 miles total.

Saturday 8/10

a.m: 1 mile jog to weight lifting (did arms and thrusters) then 1 mile jog home.

Sunday 8/11

a.m: 12 mile run ((The bathroom emergency run from H*ll)) pace at 7.40

p.m: 25 mile bike ride

Monday 8/12

a.m:  light pilates class

p.m: easy 5.2 mile run at 7.50 pace

Tuesday 8/13


Wednesday 8/14

a.m: 9 mile run at 7.20 pace

Thursday 8/15

a.m: weightlifting (arms, back, triceps) and light pilates class

p.m: 8.2 mile run (divided between a warm-up, easy running with group, and hill workout)

Friday 8/16 ((TODAY!))

p.m: Hill Repeats!! ((hopefully!!))

I LOVED the hill loops that I ran yesterday to start and end my workout, so I decided today to do hill repeats! And now that I am a HUGE believer of the warm-up, I will probably do a similar thing to last Fridays fartlek workout ((except with hills of course!)) Maybe again something similar to Hungry Runner Girls hill workout (HERE).

Have a Great Friday everyone and a WONDERFUL WEEKEND!!

P.S– all of your strong vibes really helped me on Tuesday… if you have any more strong thoughts to send my way tomorrow, they are appreciated 🙂

How many miles do you like to put in a week? Are you trying to get more/less?

Do you find you get injured if you put in too many miles a week??

Hill workouts vs. other speed workouts– thoughts??



  1. pickyrunner · · Reply

    I’m glad you’re loving running and getting in so many great workouts! Just make sure that you’re not increasing your workouts with your increased appetite to counteract each other and you’ll be golden 🙂 I love running long distances and I can’t wait to be doing some of these long runs again, but I’m even more proud of that rest day you’ve been taking!

    1. Yes you are absolutely right… even more important to eat more– not only am i running more but I am still needing to GAIN weight!! So lots of food!!
      You will be back running long in no time… you are doing it right by taking it slow and easy! Nothing is worth getting injured again!
      The rest day’s are getting easier!! They make me feel good the next day (ha duhh go figure!)
      Have a good one girl 🙂

  2. I’m so jealous of much you can run! I use to put in the mileage that you do, but I ended up getting injured, mainly because I was not feeding my body enough. But now I have issues when I add on miles, the furthest I can handle is 8 miles right now, hopefully that changes though 🙂 Have a great day, and great workout 🙂

    1. Thanks girl! That is very smart of you to cut back and put in a little less mileage when you are at a risk of injury. Nothing is worse than injury! Take it slow and you will get up there in miles again! Just keep enjoying the run.. I find that is so much more important than anything when increasing mileage! You actually WANT to be out there doing it!!
      Have a great day girl!

  3. hahaha- that episode of friends literally made me cry laughing. love it!

    1. Bahh same! I could probably relate every moment in my life to a Friends episode…

  4. wow you really are amping up the miles! Good work girl!

    hahahaha Ross:pivot!!! pivot!! Chandler: shut up! shut up! shut up!!! I love Friends 🙂 I’m having withdrawals because my Friends discs have been packed in a box, in a storage unit for 3 weeks now. #firstworldproblems

    I have no idea how many miles I’m doing on an average week. I’m just following my training plan and hoping it’s enough haha Which of course it will be 🙂

    Have a great Friday!

    1. Props to you for following your plan so well! I have never tried a training schedule! Sounds like you are really liking the approach of the one you are doing though. I might try it out for a future race??

      SAD about your Friends seasons!!! — Rough stuff right there…Friends ALWAYS puts a smile on my face!

  5. Yay for enjoying more miles BUT being smart and watching how much you increase by! That was something I have definitely had to learn when i started marathon training earlier this summer…went a little too far too fast and had to take a few extra rest days to heal up, but I have learned my lesson thankfully 😛 these days i usually hit 32-42 miles a week and it feels like it works! Never thought I’d say that haha but I’m glad my body has adjusted! I would like to eventually hit 50-70 miles per week but i have a long way to go before that happens…which is fine with me! Slow and steady is what works best when increasing mileage for me so when fall race season is over and i’ve rested my legs for a few weeks, i’ll start going after that goal!

    1. Me too! I think it would be great to hit that 50-70 mile/week… but like you, I am NO WHERE near that mileage yet. I hope I am not increasing too quickly right now. I would hate to get injured!! But I feel GREAT!! so…?
      32-42 is similar to what I am doing right now and it feels good!

      It sounds like you are smart with your training… I hope to take the same approach!! Whether you meant to or not… thanks for the advice!! haha have a great Friday!!
      P.S–I hope you keep us all updated on your fall racing and when you eventual start chasing that 50-70 mileage goal!!! So exciting!

      1. Oh you’ll hear about it 😉 i could talk about running for days and joe would much rather i do that with my run club friends or on my blog than in his ear 😛

      2. haha YES spill it ALL to us girl!

  6. Okay, maybe I will pick up the book. I just finished Eat & Run by Scott Jurek and it was insanely awesome to read about how he pushes himself to 150 miles etc. Truly insane! (And awe-inspiring!)

    1. I have to check that out! Sounds great!!
      Yes this one is a very quick read! you will love it and fly through it!

  7. Looks like a great week of workouts. Just be careful, and make sure you’re fueling your body with enough calories to counteract the calories your burning 🙂 🙂

    1. This is hard for me to remember. The doctor said she is still seeing progress in terms of my weight gain, but that the moment I STOP gaining weight or if I go backward, she is going to cut out exercise. That scared me to pieces!! So yes thank you so so much for the conitunal reminder, that I have to eat to not only maintain the level of fitness… but also to KEEP GAINING WEIGHT.
      Hard to think about so many things sometime!! I will get there though… Thanks girl! 🙂

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