Fartleks and Appreciating the Warm-up

Packing up my apartment is an overwhelming MESS!!! Ahh! It’s ok… I am making some progress…


I vow never to move in or hang as many things as I did last time until I am SURE I am staying for at least 2 years… total rookie mistake!

Friday’s Fartlek Workout= success!!

It was so fun mixing up my run a bit! Don’t worry, for all those thinking I am a hypocritical runner who can’t keep her promises to herself (or blog world) when I said I was going to only partake in fun runs and not be competitive– I said I was going to take the fall/winter to heal my body and work on getting healthy, and that is still my #1 priority!! I am doing my runs without any regard for my time or speed!

I was wondering if a speed workout was a good idea, but when I thought about the reasons why I wanted to do it (fun, mix it up a bit!) and that 0% of it was to be competitive or prove something, I decided that it was perfectly great for me to do fartleks! I am very happy with this decision, and seeing how good I felt on them just lends further justification to my Operation Get Healthy!!

Anyways here is what I did! —-> I followed exactly the Workout that Janae from The Hungry Runner Girl did last week!! I loved it!

20 min warm-up @ 7.31 pace

8x 1 min HARD (with 1 min jogging recovery in between) over all 6.41 pace

21 min cool-down @ 7.40 pace

Total= 8 miles

Anyways, (cue awesome transition), on to other topics!

I used to neverrr warm-up.

My least favorite thing in high school xc practice was the warm up. I always felt awful with heavy legs and I swear my breathing was so ragged and labored, despite how slow we were going. But of course, when you are 14 years old, you are not in charge of your workouts and when the coach says run a warm-up, you run a warm-up.

Once I was no longer on a team (aka college onward) I stopped warm-ups entirely. I felt I didn’t need them. Well, Andrea, once again, stop thinking you know more than the 1 million+ coaches/athletes/professionals out there who preach that warming your body up is essential for not only injury prevention… but for a great workout!

As I was thinking about my runs recently… all my best/fastest workouts have been either as a 2nd workout of the day, during a day when I had a long bike ride before hand, or during a triathlon after having swam and biked.

In all those cases, I was able to pull out faster times and paces than on days when I only had running. I was so confused! Well, Andrea… it is called warming up the muscles.

I have decided to become MUCH better with warm-ups. I want to do stride outs before hand… before a speed day/track workout I want to be sure I do a few miles to get the blood going… These are all “duhh” things, but I am notorious for not listening to the pro’s and thinking I knew better than them (dumb). I did a 20 min warm-up before the fartlek yesterday and I know that that made a difference!!

**Today I am going back down to my apartment to spackle (spelling on that?!?!) the walls where I had drilled holes to hang pictures, coat rack, tapestry (oh yes, I had a tapestry. It was huge and awesome) then I hope to come home for a long slooooow run!! 🙂 Really starting to dig those!!

Have a great Saturday everyone! Try not to work too hard (or at all!) and do something you enjoy!!

Tell me about your weekend plans!

-Apartment things, and we are hosting a bike ride follow by a dinner party on Sunday evening!

Are you good at warming up?

-Nope, but working on it 🙂


  1. Runner Girl Eats · · Reply

    Great job on the workout! It looks killer!

    1. Thanks girl! It was hard… but honestly not as bad as I worked it up to be!!

  2. Good job on the workout 😀 That’s awesome! I don’t really have much planned but am traveling tomorrow and reconnecting with old friends. Can’t wait for that! Not good at warming up…but I did a short warm-up today and a short cool-down today before/after my speed workout!

    1. Thanks girl!!
      Fun to meet up with friends!
      Normal days I have a hard time remembering to warmup… but for speed workout days I am REALLY TRYING hard to ALWAYS warm up before those now! That is my goal for the next month/forever!

  3. Checking in with yourself to make sure the run is for the “right” reason is super smart!

    I need to focus more on warmups too. I always do a warmup before a race, but rarely before just a scheduled run. If I have 6 miles on the schedule, for example, I’ll take my first mile slow on purpose, and consider that a warm up. But I know technically the warmup should happen before the actual mileage! Maybe I’ll join you in making that a goal!

    1. Thanks girl 🙂 trying hard to keep my MIND in the right place! Again… some good days, some harder days, but all in all DEFINITELY an upward curve!

      I usually do that too on my long runs and normal runs–just warm up on the first mile or so. But for speed workouts, I usually dread them some much I would just go straight into the workout. I am definitely going to spend the time warming up now! I just can’t get my legs moving that quickly now without them being warm and a little tired!!
      Yes!! Lets make that an August/September goal!– do more warmups more regularly!! ha have a great sunday!

  4. I’m in the middle of moving too – so ready for it to be done! Awesome workout!!

    I’m terrible at warm-ups! For xc, where we practiced was exactly 1 mile away from the school so we were forced to warm up and cool down 🙂

    I’m heading to California tomorrow for the night – so I can’t wait!

    Good luck with the rest of your packing – have a great weekend!

    1. ahh yay for moving!! I will send you “strong” and “organizational” vibes!!

      California! so fun!! I have only been to Lake Tahoe for skiing… I would love to spend time in cali!! Have so much fun!

      good luck with YOUR packing 🙂 have a good one!

  5. I never warm up……….which is horrible. I know how important it is, but I rarely warm up before running or lifting…..hmmm……September goal maybe?!?! 🙂

    1. I know it is so funny how we are so dedicated to our workouts… yet so many of us never seem to make time for warmups/cooldowns! i just never give it enough credit for what it can do for me…. yet once agian, ALL the running professionals/magazines discuss how important it is!
      Definitely MY goal for August… september.. october… forever?? haha have a great night!!

  6. Andrea….do you do all of your runs in your NB 890v3’s? or do you have racing flats for races and interval workouts?

    1. I REALLY want some racing flats!! That is defniitely something i have been looking at lately and will most likely get!! so yes, as of now i do all running in my 890’s V3’s. Love them, but would love a racing flat/minimal shoes for races and speed workouts!

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