My 1 hour MASSAGE…you’re welcome, body!

After the triathlon on Sunday (read about it HERE) I treated myself in 3 ways yesterday-

1.) NO EXERCISING. I wanted to… don’t get me wrong. I was dying to go for a run. But I thought long and hard about it, talked to my nutritionist Heather, and decided that taking today as a rest day will let my legs recover even quicker! So I sucked it up… and stayed stationary for most the day.

2.) LOTS OF FOOD. This was both by design (i.e. refueling and my continuous goal of weight gain and getting my period) and due to lingering binge tendencies.  For some reason I seem to eat the most unhealthy and the most “binge-y” on my rest days. Which really does NOT help with my mental progress. Not exercising AND over-doing it on the animal crackers/pita chips/tortilla chips/apples/cereal/etc just makes me freakout and immediately feel like a failure. Something Heather talked to me about today is not being so hard on myself when I do maybe “slip up”. Instead of beating myself up, just accept it, think about how I would have liked my meal to go, then try and do it next time!

3.) FULL BODY MASSAGE. For a full hour. Oh my goodness this was wonderful! I discovered I have two areas that make me just melt…. my ears… and my butt. Hmm, don’t know what this “means” really. I guess my future husband will get to have fun discovering that if you rub my earlobes or pound on my bum, I will do just about anything for him!

What were the thoughts running through my mind during this hour?–God, running, school. I tried to relax.. really I did! But I just kept cycling through these three topics!!

I am thinking a lot about the upcoming school year. In a just a couple weeks I will be moving back to Indiana University and living on my own.  This is a full post in and of its self, however!! More on that later!!

No matter how antsy and worried I get, however I need to keep in mind THIS POST that I wrote a while ago! I am still Andrea and am proud of who I am… but I am also excited for the fresh start this year provides. I get the chance to reinvent my life and this time be SMART AND HEALTHY about it.

But again… that is a post for another day 🙂

Look at my sunset driving home from my evening massage… almost drove off the road taking pics (and due to ultimate relaxation) but no cops were around to witness my weaving and constant breaking–


Gorgeous Lord!


I was hypnotized!

Ever had a massage?

Favorite body part to get massaged?!

Does anyone watch the t.v show The Bridge?



  1. pickyrunner · · Reply

    I actually am that weird girl that hates massages. Yes, hates them. They make me so uncomfortable. I struggle with binges on rest days too but my RD told me its because your body usually does the most healing then and food is a big part of that process. So look at it as refueling and maybe it will be less anxiety ridden!

    1. hate massages?!?! well good to know.. so if I ever run into you in RI or at a future race (which we must do!) I will not propose massages!! probably more likely you can teach me the ways of delicious ice creaming 🙂

      That is a great way to look at rest days!! That really helps to think of it as my body wanting to be fed and repair with lots of food!!! Thanks girl!!!

  2. Sounds like you are on the right track! I have had MANY massages and absolutely love them, but I’ve given even more–I’m a massage therapist! I usually exchange with another therapist, otherwise I couldn’t afford to get them so often. Favorite part to have massaged is my LEGS because they are always so tight from running. Have a great day!

    1. So cool that you are a massage therapist!! I would trade massages with a coworker every day!! Yes my hamstrings were verrrry tight and it was a little painful (which probably means they need to be worked on ha)
      I am thinking I will have to make these massages a more regular occurrence 🙂
      Have a great one!

  3. I bet that massage felt great! way to totally take care of your body after an amazing race!

    1. Thank you!! It did feel wonderful (i fell asleep for a few mins!) And it was hard to take the day off and eat like I did… but I know my body is thanking me for the rest!! Thanks for all your EXTREMELY helpful comments! I seriously can’t begin to tell you how your advice has helped me!
      Have a great day!

  4. I tend to binge/overeat on rest days, too! That’s why I absolutely hate them… or part of the reason anyway. I’m learning to do better.. for awhile I would do twice a day runs to make myself feel better about all of it, but that resulted in injury, so I’m learning to do other things instead. I don’t know if this is how you define a “rest day”, but I do yoga in the morning when I know I’m not going to let myself run that day. Not hard, full-body-sweat yoga- the relaxing and flexibility one. I feel like it stretches out my muscles, which helps them recover from running easier, while still giving me that sense of “I did something today” so I don’t freak out and eat my entire kitchen. 🙂 If it works for me, it could potentially help you? 🙂

    1. Yes I totally need to start incorporating Yoga in my routine… that would really help me mentally!! Because it is super hard to eat and not exercise. I definitely have done the 2 a day workout thing. I just would have to workout to justfiy eating!!— that is the #1 habiti I am learning to kick… and while it is still a struggle I am doing 110% better with it!!
      Thanks so much for the advice!! Have a great day!

  5. Great job with the recovery day! I just booked a massage for tomorrow. I love them, but don’t get them nearly enough. I am really hoping this will help whatever is going on with my back/hip!

    1. Yes!! The other thought that kept popping into my mind was…”Why in the world don’t I do this more?!?!”
      Enjoy it!! I think it WILL help your back/hip if they really dig into the tendons/muscles and release some tension in there! Its worth a shot, right?

  6. I’ve had one massage and it was nice. I would love to have another one! Maybe I’ll treat myself after my marathon next month. I’m sure I’ll need it! 🙂

    1. You totally should!! Holding off getting one till after the race was such a treat!! And you better believe that I will get one after the marathon in Novemeber haha
      It is good for us hard working girls to spoil ourselves every now and then 🙂

      1. Oh we totally deserve it 🙂 I’ll get one in September and you get one in November. Then at least if the going gets rough, I can bribe myself haha

  7. I love how you’re watching out for your body so much after a crazy hard workout (triathlon woops!) I’m a huge fan of massages. I do a lot of long distance running in xc then sprints in basketball, so my whole legs get knots in them ALL the time. Therefore, I would have to say that getting my whole leg (thighs, calves, everything) is the best because afterwards I feel so loose and ready to start back up! I’ve never heard of The Bridge but then again I always miss out on the best shows, so I’ll have to check it out!

    1. I bet your legs are rock solid and LOVE being massaged out!! Wow girl you are busy with xc and basketball!!
      The Bridge is soo good but also kind of unsettling… hard to explain, but if you like thriller/suspense/murder then you may like it! haha if you are more of a giggly, romantic girl, then I would NOT recommend it!!

  8. I love massages! I’ve only ever had one, but it was heaven. I certainly can’t speak to post-triathlon recovery, but I know that even the day or so after my LONG runs I am starving. I have heard other people say that too, and I think it’s pretty normal. That being said, it’s SO hard not to beat ourselves up. I’ve been struggling with that lately too. Great job on consciously giving yourself a break.

    1. That is so good to hear about the hunger thing! I was being so hard on myself about it because I was just starving and kept eating eating eating! It helps to hear from you and others that being so hungry for a couple days after a long one is not uncommon… defnitely makes me feel better!!!
      It is so hard not to beat ourselves up. We are usually ALWAYS our worst enemy with food/fitness/body image.
      Have a great night 🙂

  9. My ears and butt are weak spots too. Except my butt is ticklish..that’s weird. I love having my IT band massaged and my quads and hamstrings. Hurts so good 🙂

    1. YES the IT band is essential for a runner to get massaged!! Definitely a good hurt!
      haha yayyy for butt and ears 🙂

  10. I am loving the happiness and peace that are so evident in all your posts! You are really trusting God and seeing Him work in your life! Such a testimony to me! Thanks sweet girl!

    1. Thank you so much!!! Yes I have been really good lately and really trusting and confident… definitely still bad thoughts/moments/days, but the way I am able to handle them now is sooo much better/healthier!!!
      Thank you for the prayers and for the kind words and just overall support!! Absolutely helpful 🙂 Have a great evening!

  11. I eat junk food on my rest days, too! Weird how that’s what my body seems to be craving, like it wants to replenish itself. Good job staying still after the race! That massage sounds heavenly :o)

    1. Yes I think i am just going to take it as my body needing to recover and refuel and craving calories from all over the place– some healthy, some not so much!! it seems that lots of people experience hugggge food cravings after distance events as well! Makes me feel better haha
      The massage was wonderful, as was the rest day, because yesterday my legs felt wonderful for running!! yay!

  12. yogachic1212 · · Reply

    Oh my gosh I love love love massages! A full body massage is heaven, but I also love the foot/calf massages at nail salons haha! I’m so proud of you for allowing your body a rest day! We need those in order to do all of the amazing things our bodies have the potential to accomplish! I totally get that it’s really difficult not to be hard on yourself when you “slip up.” Believe me, I know. Once it’s happened, the best we can do is let it go and hope for better next time 🙂 Also, I can completely relate to the stress of school coming up, I’m feeling it too! There are so many moving parts to it, it’s so overwhelming!

    1. This massaged dedicated a full 20 mins of the hour to JUST my feet!!! oh my goodness I was in heaven.. and fell a sleep for a few seconds! oops!
      The rest day was the greatest idea. My nutritionist told me I would recover faster if i rested, and she was right!! I felt great then on Tuesday and totally ready to go!!
      Lets try and enjoy what little of summer we have left and not think about school… ha we have ALL year to thnk about school! So NOT YET!! 🙂

  13. “…I am still Andrea and am proud of who I am” <– Never forget that line girl because you couldn't be more right ❤

    1. Aww thank you! I had forgotten the context in which I wrote that, but it is so true that no matter how Fresh of a start I am giving myself, I know that God made me as me for a reason and I don’t ever want to lose sight of that or change that for what I may think is a happy life. He knows me best!

      Thanks for your words and I hope you have a stress free joyful day ❤

  14. I just got a full body massage last week! I loveeeeeeeeeed when she pushed really hard right around my hips. That was magical. Also, this isn’t necessarily professional but I love head massages haha I try to convince my family and friends to rub my head all the time. It’s the most relaxing thing in the world.

    1. I am always trying to “trick” my sister into giving me a head massage… like, “will you doing some crazy hair style on me? Will you braid my hair? will you get the knots out??” haha anything to have people rubbing my head 🙂
      And yes the HIPS!! my hips are always so so tight… I love when they just put al their body weight onto your tight spots and just hold it there for a few seconds…. magical!!!
      I have GOT to go more often!! haha
      Glad you treated yourself 🙂

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  16. […] all full!! I was devastated, but not giving up!! The 4th place I called finally had an opening (same place as after the triathlon)!! Perseverance is key people! I needed work on my back, shoulders, and […]

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