My Huge Fake Muscles

Good news! 3 nights in a row now I have gotten 7 hrs of sleep!!

In the last two years (ever since I studied abroad in New Zealand and lost a lot of weight and became obsessed with food/fitness) I have had serious sleeping problems. I average 5 hours a night. And that includes weekends when I have nothing to get up for. Unfortunately this morning I was up at 4:50am… Oh well, can’t win them all, right?!

But for three days in a row….I have been getting 7 hours of sleep!! I am so proud of myself! My nutritionist/therapist/doctor all say that s i get healthier and get my meals balanced and take enough calories in, my sleeping habits will improve. YAY!

Wednesday’s Happenings

I headed to a 8:30am spinning class.

I have never wanted to quit a spinning class so badly– and that includes THIS time when I walked out after 30 mins.

Yesterday I was so tired…breathing so so hard…. heart rate was through the roof…. legs were like lead. But I hung in there.

***I do not feel regret for toughing out the spinning class, because my declaration from two days ago pertained to running and I view spinning as purely cross-training.***

I followed this up with a quick drive to Fresh Market to buy THREE JARS of this delicious stuff:

Crunch Time Peanut Butter

For some reason, stores are always out of the Crunch Time flavor. They always have the chocolate and white chocolate… but it is hard to find the Crunch Time or Smooth Operator — i.e. the NORMAL peanut butter flavors…

I met my mom for lunch at McKenzie River Pizza Co. where they have a bottomless soup/salad/bread-stick lunch deal that is AWESOME.

And NOW is when I tell you how to get HUGE muscles.

I wanted to get in a bit of weights/strength before heading to work yesterday evening, so I headed to the gym and did just a 20 min killer workout:

—-10 Burpees EMOTM for 10 mins ((EMOTM=every min on the min)) for a total of 100 Burpees

—-Curls, shoulder press, tricep work with 20# dumbells.

It was a quick workout that had me DROWNING in sweat… and that was when I instagramed this photo:


I just wanted to show the sweat and awfulness/awesomeness of my burpee workout…. but instead I showed off FAKE HUGE muscles!!

I cannot TELL you how many people told me how HUGE my muscles were and how ripped I was. WARNING:: Be careful of the filter option you choose!! Weird shadowing/lighting=people thinking you are a muscle women!!!

I kept having to explain to people that the lighting in the gym and the filter I chose made me look like I was the hulk, when in actuality I don’t have a single ounce of arm tone-ness. (I totally wish though).

SO… basically if you want to bulk up FAST, be wise with you filter setting when you post pictures and you will be ripped in no time 🙂

I think that 10 min Burpee workout will be my go-to cardio/strength workout from here on out. AMAZING.

Smile and do something exciting and weird today please 🙂

What is your favorite go-to workout?

Do you like Burpees? ((The FULL Burpee’s with chest-to-floor and a push up, jumping up with hands over head…))

–I secretly LOVE THEM!



  1. pickyrunner · · Reply

    Congrats on sleeping so much! That’s great! I remember not being able to fall asleep and then waking up at the crack of dawn in my worst days so I understand where you’re coming from. It sucks! As for the muscles, I had to laugh. I need to check out the filters! To be honest, I looked jacked when I had an ED because there’s nothing to your arms so every tiny muscle looks bigger than it is. And I loved it and truly thought I was muscular, when in reality it’s just that my skin was stretched across them so there was more definition. Now I have REAL muscles. You will too since you like lifting and I hate it 🙂

    1. YES that is so true!!! the slightest bit of muscles shows because there is nothing else there!! haha but ya, really in that pic… it is the lighting and filter 🙂
      I can’t wait to get some REALL muscle 🙂

  2. sleep is something I started to gain back too when I entered recovery. I still remember the first time I slept through a night my mind was blown. so happy you are experiencing that. I miss Fresh Market – there is one right near my hometown. Wish I still had one near me here in DC.

    1. So glad to hear from others that sleeping is a side effect to eating… that helps me be even MORE diligent in getting healthy so I can experience what it is like to just sleep for 10 hours straight JUST ONE TIME!!!
      Fresh Market is the best.. their coffee is just wonderful! I could coffee browse there for dayzz

  3. You basically have to pay me to do burpees. haha…not. a. fan.
    I really need to start doing more arm workouts with free weights though…I really wish I had more tone/definition in my arms…I pretty much just do body weight stuff right now.

    1. Body weight stuff is GREAT for you! I am going to encorporate more of that rather than heavy heavy weights because it is just wearing me out I think…. I don’t know, I am still playing around with how my body responds to lifiting and if it is the actual WEIGHTS that are causing tiredness or the increase in food or the running or what!! haha lots of factors!

  4. I secretly love burpees too! I need to start doing them again. I used to do them at 6 am as part of my pre-work workout… except I don’t think my downstairs neighbors appreciated it so much. So I stopped doing that. I need to do them outside after a run though!

    Good job on sleeping/eating/working out in a healthy way!

    1. haha I had the same thing going on at my apartment!!! I am on the second floor and I would do them at like 6am before breakfast and I KNOW my downstairs neighbors thought I was like dancing around and jumping up and down like a crazy women… whatevs!! You gotta do what you gotta do!! 🙂 So glad you like Burpees though ((I mean they SUCK… but they suck in a great way!))

      Thanks so much for the positivity! I hope you have a great day!!

  5. I’ve finally got my sleeping schedule back and it’s so great! Those muscles may be a little distorted, but they look like they’re getting bigger and stronger 🙂

    1. Yay on your sleeping!! I can’t wait to really get on a normal sleeping schedule and on weekends even get like 8-10 hours!! Great job!

      And thanks for the comments on my guns 🙂 I like to think they are getting bigger and stronger too! Have a great day!

  6. Funny thing about sleep, so important but so hard to get enough of. Congrats on getting more! I know my days are a million times better when I’m well-rested. After a few days of too little sleep, I absolutely crash. And that burbee workout is a great idea! It sounds so doable, and then I realize that it’s 100 total burbees and then I get scared….but I will definitely have to throw that into my quick workouts. Thanks for the idea!

    1. Yes sleep is a beautiful thing!!
      haha I know! its like Oh 10 burpees in a minute… so easy… but if you push it you are DYING and you realize that 100 burpees is a TON!! it is a great addition to any workout!

  7. Hahah your muscles do look huge! But there’s nothing wrong with that! Rock it 🙂

    1. haha will do 🙂 thanks girl!

  8. Oh my gosh, I literally just posted on how to make sure you’re getting the right amount of sleep! 7 hours is awesome :o) I squeaked by on 4.5 last night. Ouch.

    1. oohhh 4.5 that is rough, sorry girl! Ya i think it is an aspect of our training and health that we so often over look– we take care of finess and nutrition… but we don’t really work on SLEEP.
      Now last night i got about 5… so not very good… but it will come back 🙂

  9. […] very tired. These past few weeks of school have been really intense. And we all know that “sleeping” is one of my biggest challenges… and now that I have been doing mainly morning […]

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