A BIG Decision and Declaration

There are so many positive things that came out of Monday of which I am determined to implement/keep-up-with/follow-through-on!

Some important discoveries and thoughts from yesterday…

-Hal Higdon’s RUN SLOWER idea. (I know I have touched on this many times already (HERE and HERE), but I think yesterday scooting along the running section of Barnes and Nobles and reading Hal’s marathon training book… it finally sunk it– “Hey Andrea! How bout you listen to these incredible, incredible coaches and athletes who have made running and exercising their CAREER!”

-I did the most perfect recovery run I have ever done Monday evening!You all know I am awful at recover runs… I just can’t seem to accept that I should run slowly and relax. But last night, I ran with a friend, and we did the most easy and comfortable 5.25 miles at 8.07 pace!!! Success!! We chatted the whole way and my legs felt great and my breathing was super easy… it was so encouraging! This is how the rest of my runs will be for 2013 !! –> continue reading below for my reason for this!!

….and this last one is the big “decision” that I have made….

-I have decided to declare the Fall and Winter (if need be) to be 100% dedicated to Healing. Healing my tired legs, healing my mind, getting my body healthy no matter WHAT that looks like. I will be getting my period back, putting on weight, increasing my bone density…..

…basically what I am saying is I will NOT be worrying about running and my times and races. I will NOT be discouraged by bad runs or trying to push hard for PR’s.

My body is in the midst of a big change right now, and I am sure that my running is going to suffer a bit (or maybe a lot…) My runs may feel harder, and I may get slower…. But the important thing is not to let this discourage me from getting healthy. And if I was still trying to race and knock out PR’s… and yet not see my times drop… I would be mentally frustrated and want to stop all the nutritional progress I have made. I am way to competitive with myself to see negative results and not let them effect me mentally. It is a variable that I can easily remove…. so I will.

So to prevent this and to back getting healthier my #1 priority right now… I will just be declaring the rest of 2013 as my Fun, Relaxing Run Time!!

**BUT— I also know that once I get my body back to health and at the weight it needs to be in order for optimal function and menstruation… I will come back to running/racing stronger than ever. I will learn to use my new body and the strong muscle that will come along with it. I will be able to train and successfully complete a Half Ironman in the spring of 2014… I will be a stronger and more powerful runner.**

I am sure that while right now this sounds all great and peachy…I will get days where I just want to give up and race and push it and get my body back to what it looked like when I was faster…and it is days like that I will need to reread this post and my journal.

A happy sun set from last night to leave you all with 🙂


I hope you all have a great Tuesday and find something that makes you happy today!

Are you a sunSET person, or a sunRISE person??

Any Hal Higdon fans out there? Slow running ideas?



  1. pickyrunner · · Reply

    Proud of you for making this your focus girl!! You seem like you’re on a really great track lately and that is seriously so awesome. It’s going to be tough “training” for races while trying to recover but I know you will work with your doctors to keep you on track! Focus on that end goal-the half ironman- and it will make the hard days bearable 🙂

  2. all I can say is echo what others and it seems like doctors are telling you – resting and healing your body will only make you a stronger faster runner on the other end. I took almost six months off running when I was really sick and I am glad I did – I came back to an even better and SMARTER runner. sometimes we just need to totally step back and heal.

  3. Amanda · · Reply

    Awesome personal statement! I am so excited for you to be able to make this declaration in this post. You are going to do wonderfully. I cannot wait to continue to read about your progress. (Just an FYI, I read your blog and pickyrunner’s blog everyday. Anyway, you don’t want to have to continue to focus on these issues when you’re in your 30s. It becomes so tiring. It’s fantastic that you’re dedicated to recovery and living your life now.

    1. Thank you! Yes, having it stated in a POST makes it that more real and something that I feel I “have to stick too”. I have not run it by my doctor’s yet… but I can’t imagine they would be against this!!
      Thank you so much for being a reader!! That literally made my day to read that 🙂 THANK YOU!
      I hope you have a great night and a fantastic rest of your week!

  4. I think focusing on healing in the fall/winter is such a great idea!
    I’m more of a sunset person, but mornings are my favorite time of day. I just don’t like being up before it’s light out so I don’t want to see the sun rise. haha

    1. Glad you think it is a good idea! It kind of just came to me and I am definitely looking for others opinions as to this decision!

      haha I am an EARLY riser so I see lots of sunrises which i love… but really NOTHING beats a good sunset! So in my opinion, you are still seeing the best 🙂

  5. I love this post :o) It’s so positive and motivating!! I’m really happy you’ve come to the decision to focus on your health above running or anything else! And you had a great recovery run, to boot!

    1. Yes yes a recovery runs for the next few months… I have to keep the positive thinking about how much FUN i will have with this! No pressure… no crazy intense workouts… just pure running 🙂

      I need to always remember that HEALTH wins out over running/fitness/body/school… I hope I can keep this in mind in the days, weeks, months to come!!

  6. Sounds like your mind is right where it needs to be to carry out your goals. Bookmark this post for those days when your determination wavers. You can do it thought. Remember the long-term. Your health is the most important thing.

    1. That is exactly what I will do– bookmarked for the times to come (and come they will) when I need this reminder.

      Health is so much more important than a thing like running and what my body looks like. Health is what will keep me alive and kickin for many many years to come. My health is what will keep me active till I am 80 🙂 My health is what will give me KIDS and a FAMILY!!

      As always… thanks girl. You are full of hope and encouragement and I I love it 🙂

  7. I’m a runner who struggled with some serious disordered eating for a really long time. Its a struggle every day, but I know what a better runner I’ve become by learning to properly fuel my body and not deprive myself. Its really hard. I feel ya girl!

    1. Thanks so much for this affirmation! That is seriously what I needed/wanted/was hoping to hear…. Thank you for sharing this!! It makes me that much more “mentally on board” with the whole weight gain process.

      Thank you so much I really appreciate your comment!

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  10. What a great decision! You will not regret it! There will always be time to race and push hard, and sometimes we just need the quiet to build the strong foundation!! Cheering for you! 🙂

    1. Exactly!!! Thanks so much I am glad so many people agree and support this decision!! I am feeling really good about it!! I got a whole lot of racing in my future… but for that time is not now. This time is for healing!

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