Workout Recap 7/17-7/23

Recap of workouts from: July 17 (Wed) to July 23 (Tue)

I ended my last workout recap on Wednesday July 17… don’t know why (rather than on a Sunday or Monday…) so that is where I will be starting for this recap! Then hopefully I can get on more of a 7 day cycle!! Maybe they can be my “Wednesday Workouts??” or something lame cute like that? Whatev’s…

Wed. July 17

am: 5 mile tread mill run (bad… slow but felt so so hard…)

pm: 5 mile outside run (still bad… but better… so hot and tired though)

Thur. July 18

REST DAY. ((per Dr. B’s instruction… it was hard to do…))

Fri. July 19

-p.m: 8.75 mile run (1:01.00)

Sat. July 20

-a.m: Weight lifting session:

3 Cycles of:::

Bicep Curls (12/10/8 @ 20#)

Military Press (10/10/8 @ 20#)

Bent Rows (15/15/12 @ 20#)

Straight Arm Raises (10/10/10 @ 10#)

Bear Complex (4/4/4 @ 50#)

-p.m. 5 mile run (37.00 min)

Sun. July 21

-a.m: Weight lifting session:

Deadlifts (5 sets of 5 reps @ 135#)

Strict press (5 sets of 1 @ 60#)

Thrusters (5 sets of 8 @ 50#)

Push Jerk (3 sets of 3 @ 75#)

Unassisted strict-bar dips

Mon. July 22

-a.m: Weight lifting session:

Hang Power Cleans (1 rep max @ 75#)

Front Squat (1 rep max @ 100#)

Bench Press (1 rep max @ 80#)

-p.m: 6 mile run 44.00 mins ((Technology Free!!! No headphones, no GPS!))

Tue. July 23

-p.m: 6 mile trail run @ 7.25 pace

I am working on less workouts but making them more substantial. This is true for my runs (which are slower now but I am putting in a bit more miles/week) and for my weight lifting (lifting heavier, more olympic style lifts, etc) and drinking my protein shakafter every workout!!!!

Have a great Wednesday!!

Any weight lifters out there? How long do you lift for? Do you do light weights/high reps or heavy/low reps?

What is your post run meal?


  1. I consider myself a lifter! 😀 I am a firm believer in heavy weights, lower reps. I train for looks more than strength, so I choose weights that I can lift for 10-12 reps. I absolutely love lifting and I feel it really compliments my running nicely. Five sets of 5 deadlifts at 135 is really good! You are awesome!

    1. Yay for a fellow lifter!! I like the lower reps, heavy weight thing as well! Great job keep it up!! 🙂

  2. Hi Andrea,
    According to an online pace calculator you ran 8:75 miles in 1:01 at a 7:38 pace. Your 5 mile run in 27:00 minutes was run at a 5:24 pace, and your 6 mile run in 44:00 minutes was run at a 7:20 pace. That doesn’t seem slow to me, Andrea. Think LSD….long slow distance. Long slow runs at a 8:30 pace or even 9:00 for really long runs. Everyone trains differently but I think with more research you will find that you will get better / faster by running slower. I know it doesn’t make sense but it’s been proven. Have your fast days but the majority of your runs should be at a pace where you can carry on a conversation with a running partner without being out of breath. And don’t forget hill runs…running hills with the same effort …not the same speed… as running on the flats will help you to run faster. As far as lifting weights I try for 3 weight workouts a week and each workout lasts about an hour…..pretty much all weight machines at at gym with dumbbell curls and stomach crunches for core. Post meal run is most often hummus or tuna on pumpernickel or wholewheat bread with a banana plenty of water and a cup of green tea.

    1. Ooop!! correction on that 5 mile run! It was 37 mins I think, not 27!! ahh that would have been VERY fast!!
      Thank you for your input!! I know I need to slow down… I keep telling myself that and I just am so so competitive with myself!! I need to just do it though!!
      Yummy post run meal! 🙂 thanks for sharing!

  3. One more thing, Andrea…..I hope I haven’t come across as a know it all….anything I’ve suggested to you has only been my opinion and what has worked for me in the past.

    1. I was just about to post basically the same thing, Paul! Your paces are NOT slow by any means, girl! A 5:24 pace for 5 mi is insane! Trust me, long, slow runs are SO much easier on your body and will prevent you from getting injured. Like I suggested before, try running a new route without a GPS watch so that you don’t know your pace.
      I weight-train 3 days/wk, and I do a lot of exercises for runners, such as stability ball leg curls, squats, lunges, and clamshells. For us runners, it’s more beneficial to do higher reps/lower weights since we want to focus on keeping our muscles strong and toned (rather than bulky).
      Have a great day!

      1. i made a mistake!!! it was a 37 min run not 27!!! ahhh that is SOOO FAST!! And I have run recently w/o the gps and i love it!!
        Awesome workout schedule! I actually would like to bulk up (despite being a runner, I need to put on weight anyways for health reasons) so i do lower reps higher weights! But those are great workouts for runners!
        i am really trying to slow down my effort levels on a run! thanks for your input!
        Have a great evening! 🙂

    2. No you are fine! Thank you I very much appreciate it!

  4. olivetorun · · Reply

    I love doing BODYPUMP for my weight lifting and strength training. Do you belong to a gym? Do they offer Les Mills classes?
    Post run fuel consists of eggs with salsa, spinach, etc. and usually some sort of fruit. Then I snack about two- three hours later 🙂

    1. I have been trying to find a BODYPUMP near me and I can’t!! I belong to a gym, but they don’t offer it or any Les Mills classes!
      That sounds like a great post run meal–I always seem to crave the salty chips… 🙂

      1. olivetorun · ·

        haha I’m a pretzel girl myself but I feel ya!

  5. […] am not sure if I am lifting too often or too much weight… or if this is all a side effect from weight gain that I feel SURE I have put on in the last […]

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