I “Talk the Talk” but don’t “Run the Run”

The Container Store is my new LOVE. Check this out…



I mean, couldn’t you find a reason to buy everything in there? Ya… you could.

Yesterday I did something kinda bad…

Not bad in the, “Oh my gosh Andrea you are a horrible person I hate you” way…

…but bad in a “Andrea you are kind of a hypocrite and don’t follow through on what you know is good/healthy for you and what you preach about on your blog.”

The “Bad”.

I mentioned on my Workout Recap post that I wanted to do a speed workout on the treadmill early yesterday morning. Well, as we runners know, many times our runs, workouts, cardio, etc, do not always go as plan. Some days, you just can’t get it done…Β  our bodies are telling us to stop.

Yesterday morning was one of those tough, tough runs (physically and mentally) that I could not seem to push through. Rather than a speed workout, I was happy to complete 5 miles at a much slower than normal pace for me. (And that “slow” pace was feelin’ hard.) I was unhappy with the run… my body was tired, I could tell. I had demanded a lot of it lately!

Here is where I become a hypocrite– at about 1pm, I decided I just had to do another run. So I ran outside this time ((in the 95 degree heat)) and did another 5 miles.

So I pulled a “two-a-day” when there is absolutely no reason for me to do so. It was purely because I was unsatisfied with my morning workout because my body was trying to tell me it was TIRED, and instead of rest I pushed it to do another run only 6 hours later. Badddd Andrea…

I “Talk-the-Talk”…

I am constantly telling people advice such as, Take a few days off! Listen to your body! REST your body! Don’t get injured by over doing it! Cross-train!

I am even constantly reminding myself of things that my nutritionist, therapist, parents, other bloggers, say… Running isn’t all you are! You are so much more! Working out does not dictate your life! Relax with your rigid exercise schedule! Don’t overdo it! DO NOT exercise to eat… you ALWAYS deserve to eat!

I know all these things… I believe all of these things. I trust the many people who tell me these things. I talk and write as if I am this girl who is on a smooth and healthy food/fitness/body-image healing path… but I am a hypocrite.


…But don’t “Run-the-Run”

The moment I had a bad workout and thought about all the food I was going to eat that day on a BAD workout, I immediately knew I had to do something else. I had to get just one more solid workout in…

I was not going out on that run For-The-Love-Of-Running. That would have been a great reason… I wish that were the reason! No, I was going out on that run because I was unsatisfied by my first run of the morning and wanted to burn more calories, get another cardio session in the middle of my day to justify my large breakfast and maybe keep up the ‘burn’ throughout dinner.

It made me realize that I might be all “Talk” and no “Walk” ((or in this case Run)). I am not putting into action the advice I am given and the words I write.

I am now aware of this.

I am really going to make the effort to follow through with this idea of letting my actions prove my words. Heeding my own advice….

I hope you all have a great and thriving Thursday!!

Do you find yourself all Talk and no Walk (run)??

What are your plans for the weekend? Remember, weekends start on Thursday nights now… πŸ™‚


  1. I love that you are being honest not only with yourself but on your blog. It’s refreshing to read a blogger being authentic. Thank you. And with your honesty, you can be held accountable to healthy behaviors from your readers, if you’d like : )

    1. Thank you so much! I want to be honest for my fellow bloggers/readers, but I have to admit that this is all helping me become accountable when I write it down and “confess” it to you all!! It feels real when I post it… and I LOVE when you guys remind me of things and help keep me in the right direction!! Thanks so much for your continued support!

      1. YOU are going to kick ED out for good. Keep up all your hard work : )

  2. It’s great that you are recognizing these issues, and for the sake of your health, you do need to “walk the walk.”. As a personal trainer, I can tell you that it is imperative that you give your body at least 1 rest day per week! If you keep pushing it as hard as you do, you will definitely end up injured and sick. Be kind to yourself, and good luck! I’ve been in your shoes before and I can promise you that it is so not worth it!

    1. I just met with my new doctor today ((whom i LOVE)) and she is challenging me to 1 rest day per week…. I am going to do it and NOT freak out about what I am eating on those rest days either!! It will be hard but I can do it!!

      Thanks so much for your kind words and helpful comments! I LOVE having a personal trainer like yourself backing up certain things I say or that my doc’s say…. or giving your own advice. The more reinforcement I have the easier this is! Thank you!

  3. Amanda · · Reply

    I agree with everything the other two commenters said. It’s important to remember that your body becomes stronger and recovers on rest days and without them there is no forward progress. I’ve struggled over the years taking legitimate rest days. I’ve come to accept more recently that when I have a workout that feels harder than it has previously it is because I have been pushing myself too hard and not allowing my body to recover. Generally, I will force myself to take a rest day the following day and repeatedly tell myself that it is acceptable and that is how my performance will improve. I hope in the future that I won’t need to repeat the reassuring mantra in my head, but during my recovery I do. It’s been difficult to fight the ingrained distorted mindset; however, it has been worthwhile to this point because I don’t won’t to spend the rest of my life so focused on exercise, food and if my thighs touch in the middle. It’s a waste of time and energy when there are so many more important things in life. Keep working toward your goals, but realize you also need to appreciate your body.

    1. So wonderfully said. Thank you so so much for commenting. I am understanding exactly what you said about the workouts. I have defnitely noticed in the last week that my body is tired because the run’s that should be easy feel super super hard and draining.
      One day I KNOW i will not be thinking about food/exercise every second and can just enjoy life… and I know that you will be there too!
      Sharing your stories and helping me understand the process and what I am feeling mentally and physically is such a blessing… Thank you so much!!

  4. I have definitely had some hypocritical days. This week though, I’m taking it easy (and by easy I mean I’ve only run a total of 7 miles this week while still doing my two-a-days on MW), and my body is happy about that. My mind is actually happy about it, too. It’s nice to just wake up whenever and run when I want.

    This weekend I’m headed to Costa Rica!

    1. Good for you on taking it easy!
      And yay to relax and run when you feel like it! Sounds wonderful!

      And Costa Rica!! ahhh SO COOL!!! πŸ™‚ Have a blast!

  5. As a dietitian, I often feel like I have to assess my nutrition choices by what I would tell someone else — that treats are okay, or that food is fuel for the body. I tend to get away from that sometimes and this is a good reminder to “walk the walk!”

    1. This is a great perspective from a dietitian and i appreciate it so much!
      It is surprisingly hard to take our own advice and what is good for us… isn’t it!
      Have a great great night!

  6. Knowing is definitely half the battle. The more self-aware you are, the better. Great job! That’s actually a huge step :o)

    1. Thank you so much!! yes getting real to myself and beinghonest is a big challenge but a totally necessary one!
      Thanks so much have a great Weekend!!

  7. I do this, too! I personally hate rest days, but I tote that same party line runners use: “Take a rest day! Don’t overtrain!” But I’ve run for 12 straight days so far, and only had 1 rest day all of July. I run 30+ miles a week. I can’t say no- part of it is the love of running, part of it is feeling like a failure as a runner if I don’t. Which is stupid, nonsensical, and wrong. Knowing that doesn’t help the compulsion to do it though.

    I’ve gotten better about equating running to food, but even still- I felt that I was “bad” last night because my husband brought home pizza, so I ran 4 miles this morning before work- and I’m running another 3 or 4 after work. Which is dumb running wise, because I have a long 10 mile run tomorrow morning..

    Anyway, I love your blog, and I can relate πŸ™‚ I’m rooting for you!

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