Wonderfully Active! (Saturday)

Here is part II of my busy little weekend!! Check out my Friday Here!


-7am, the most gorgeous, awesome trail run! I always forget I have access to Indiana’s largest park less than 20 mins away from me. AND, when you get there before the park opens at 7am, you can just drive around the gate and not have to pay!! Wait, is this bad of me?? Anyways, I ran about 6.5 miles mostly on packed trails, rugged trails,and some of the roads in the park. It was so so so fun. I literally can’t stress that enough!! SO FUN!!! I was by myself, which is nice, but I also was very jealous of all the groups out there running together! I have got to get into a group with people my own age who I can hang out with!

-I then saw patients with my dad for a while (click Here for insight into this “weird” job) then we went to First Watch cafe for brunch! I am doing so well eating out at this place because they are so healthy and fresh! I got a turkey egg white omelet and dry english muffin and coffee. SUPERB.

-I came home to mow the lawn (ahhh I hate it but it is a great way to help my dad out!) and move all the things off the deck back into the porch… so we could prepare to power wash the deck and paint it in the next few days! We followed that with putting our basement back together after the “flood” that occurred a few weeks ago! Tiring day working around the house but so nice to do it! Also, having The Tour on in the background realllly helped 🙂

-I finished off the evening with an awesome weight lifting session in which I took my FAVORITE CrossFit workout, The Bear Complex, and incorporated that into my normal free weight sets! Go check out how to do The Bear Complex… seriously so great! It hits every muscle group leaving your muscles screaming and your breathing ragged!!

-Dinner was super simple– Homemade turkey sandwiches!! But they were oh so yummy!!


Why do my food pictures always look so gross when they are so so good?!?!

We ended the evening with a Yasso Frozen Yogurt Bar (duh) from Costco (double duh).

I hope Everyone had a spectacular weekend!!

What did you do?

Ever done or heard of The Bear Complex workout?? Try it!!

Ever have something super simple for dinner? What is it?

**Many times I just want a Pb and J or something



  1. I’ve never heard of the bear workout…
    Looks like a super full day!

    1. Try it!! So great and body will burn as well as cardio!

  2. I love trail runs! They’re just so gorgeous, it’s easy to forget you’re even working out!

    1. Agree!! I went again today! I just cant get enough!

  3. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE mowing the yard! I always bribe my sister into letting me mow hers. 🙂

    1. haha wow I love that you love it!! It is growing on me… it is nice alone time with your thoughts!! I am sure your sister appreciates it!

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