Wonderfully Active! (Friday)

My weekend is beginning with Friday… because my Friday was awesome too and needs to be included in the “wonderfulness” of my weekend recap  🙂

**I will send these out in 2 parts because I don’t want to overload you with the worlds longest post!


-I skipped on Yoga and instead did some stretching, rolling, and body-weight activities like situps, pushups, bridges, squats, etc.


Trying to take a picture while mid roll was much harder than I had anticipated…

-After a perfect little “light” workout, I did a spontaneous thing and went SHOPPING!! I never do that… and I went to the greatest store I know– REI. Do you guys have an REI? I had a 100$ gift card from my aunt and I took full advantage! For literally 3 years I have been looking at a new fleece type jacket.  They good brands are so expensive and even when I would online shop and find them on sale (like 150$ instead of 250$….YIKES!) I just couldn’t bring myself to buy it. But Friday… Friday I was brave! I found a Mountain Hard Wear Jacket on sale for 111$… and I BOUGHT IT!! Felt great!


Waaaay to warm to be wearing my new jacket, but hey, had to show you all a picture 🙂 Beautiful day, no?!

-My mom and I then spent the next 5 hours at my grandma’s country club (the extremely classy/proper/posh grandmother one from the classy dinner party last week). It was fantastic and sunny and so super relaxing! On top of it, I was able to finally get a swim in for my semi-training for the Olympic Tri I have in a few weeks! I thought I would die… but the more I swam the better I felt! The Olympic Tri distance is 1500 meters, so just to be sure that I could “do it” I swam for 2000 meters. It took me 31 minutes. I don’t know if that is good/bad/normal/slow/fast whatever… it is what it is!


NIcole Kidman ad… love her!!

-On the way home my mom and I stopped at my other favorite place– Costco!! Got some goodies… didn’t really “need” any of it… but it would be wrong to leave Costco and not buy things. Apples, Frozen Mixed Berries, Organic Tortilla Chips, Kashi Go Lean Crunch, and new cereal Tupperware!


Costco you make me sooo happy!!!

-I finished up the evening painting the porch (yes, still more coats) and fixing an AWESOME dinner put together entirely by me!! Spaghetti squash, grilled chicken, brown rice, peppers, onions, mushrooms, Brussel sprouts, broccoli, and tomato sauce! Followed of course by some frozen yogurt/ice cream!


Ok, so it doesn’t look that good, but it totally was delicious!! Lots of color and taste!

Have a great rest of your Day!!!

What is your favorite meal to throw together?

Do you all ever swim?? Set workouts… or just swim??

Favorite form of cross training?



  1. pickyrunner · · Reply

    Asa former swimmer, 2000 is pretty good for a half hour! That’s about what I do right now and I could maybe do 2500-3000 if I was booking it. Maybe. Not right now. Your weekend is perfect! I hate how expensive fleece jackets are. Summer is the time to buy since they’re always on sale. Have a fantastic Sunday girl!

    1. I love that you used to swim!!! Gahhh why don’t we live close enough that you can coach me in a swim practice??? swimming alone is kinda lonely!!!
      My sunday has rocked so far 🙂 I hope yours has too!!!

  2. I’m going to add swimming to my cross training, but I need a bathing suit first! I’m definitely nervous about it; I’d be surprised if I could do two laps without having to pause.

    1. Don’t worry about how many times you have to stop at a wall and catch your breathe! the more you do it the easier it will get!! it is such great cross training and a great way to practice oxygen depletion haha
      Have a great Sunday!! 🙂

  3. kashi go lean and frozen berries………..I’ll just sit in my car in the parking lot and eat them. 🙂

    1. YES!! So so good!!! bahh i pretty much eat that for breakfast every morning!!! I can’t wait for tomorrow b-fast now!! haha and love that you sit in your car to eat it 🙂

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  5. Cute jacket! I can spend hours (and way too much $$) at REI. The Denver flagship store is right on my corner, so I think I am literally in there multiple times a week. haha

    1. Bahh I would love to go to the Denver REI ! I am sure it kicks the Indy REI ‘s butt…. and it would be dangerous if I lived on the corner with it!

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