Lessons in the art of….

**I have had a great weekend so far and it has barely begun!! I am working on a post that will accurately give credit to the great weekend so far!**

In the mean time… some very important information for you all—>

I deep cleaned my car the other day, and I feel like a new person.

I wanted to share with you some little interesting tidbits of some helpful, some worthless, knowledge that I picked up on-

Your car is always dirtier than you think it is. FACT. You know it is dirty (that is why you choose to clean it) but I promise it is dirtier than you can imagine. Once you pull back those floor mats and roll the seat all the way forward… well, be ready.

Leave yourself more than 1 hour… more than 2 hours even… in fact, just set aside the whole afternoon. Once you are in the zone, you just wanna keep going.

Start with the front passenger seat, then backseat, then drivers seat. THEN, go back and do the front passenger seat.  After doing all the seats, you definitely learned a thing of two since you first attacked the passenger seat 3 hours earlier. You have more practice and are more efficient at cleaning now. You will be shocked at the things you had “missed” on your first attempt.

STRETCH before beginning the vacuuming process. I seriously found myself bent into positions that I did not know the human body could safely be in.

To accompany the above comment, make sure you are either a.) where no passer-byes can see you, or b.) don’t care, while cleaning the inside of your car because your butt will be in the air 99% of the time. You will also be sweaty, dirty, and frizzy (if you have my hair).

Make sure you are barefoot while cleaning in your car so you don’t track dirty from your shoes on to your freshly vacuumed mats (learned this the hard way…)

Start big then work your way down. I am talking about vacuum extension sizes.  End up with the most powerful little suction one as the final run through to get the tiny itty-bit pieces.

If there is a spider in your car, just vacuum him up. Don’t think about how sad his life is now that he is living in the dust/dirt of the vacuum…just do it and do it fast.

You will most likely be rich after all the change you find is counted. So be prepared to have people treat you differently due to your newly acquired wealth…

You will end up re-organizing your car and throwing away lots of things, even if that was not your intent. Just be prepared to part with items that you don’t want in your car, probably shouldn’t be thrown away, but you just can’t imagine cluttering your now clean car. So you end up tossing them. Just be ready for this…

Cleaning your car is your workout for the day. I kid you not. You are exhausted and will be sore (mainly due to the obscene positions you put yourself in while trying to get that last Kashi Grain cereal puff from under the drivers seat.)

Once it is clean… you won’t want to get in it. At all. Seriously, you will be afraid to put your but in the seat, let alone a workout bag and running shoes. Just get over it… you gotta do it some time!

My clean car is like a New car now…. why did no one tell me how great I’d feel? I would have done it ages ago!

How often (if ever) do you clean your car?

What is your favorite t.v series?



  1. Cleaning your car is the best feeling ever when you’re done 🙂 And I need to. hahah

    1. haha get ‘er done!!!

  2. A bonus of marriage: I am a mess, and it bothers my husband so much, he cleans my car for me. How embarrassing is that!

    1. haha thats what I need!! Not embarrassing but brilliant!!

  3. i used to dread cleaning my car but then i’d feel so great once it was done!

    1. I had no idea it would feel as good as it did!! And i have been keeping it clean which makes me feel even better!! haha have a great weekend!

  4. […] have since cleaned my car ((and learned some valuable lessons in the process… read about them HERE)) and disposed of the dirt, grit, grass, twigs, rocks, dead bugs (I wish I were kidding), food, and […]

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