Great Strength, Great Run, Productive Day

Yesterday morning before work with my dad I got in a GREAT 50 min weight lifting session. I did lots of legs and arms and was sweating my booty off as I quickly changed (yes that is correct… I did not have time to shower, so I didn’t. Sorry not sorry) and rushed off.

After work, I did something I NEVER do! I went out to breakfast with my dad!! We went to First Watch and it was DELICIOUS!! I got the Tri-athlete Plate — Egg white omelet with mushrooms, tomato, green chilies, and then a dry english muffin and a cup of fruit! I will definitely go back!


First Watch Cafe was awesome! Their food is very fresh and healthy!


YUM. Egg white omelet, dry english muffin, fruit. Ate it all!

The rest of the day (up to 6pm) was spent mowing the lawn and being a BAMF with the electric chain saw on some bushes that badly needed a trim!


Words cannot describe how happy I am to be running again! My shinsplints don’t hurt AT ALL!! Seriously, no pain! It am a firm believer in the benefits of compression socks. I have been wearing my Pro Compression’s absolutely anywhere and everywhere. I also have been super careful about running. I ran for the first time on Thursday evening (5.2 miles) and I didn’t run again until yesterday evening.

Last night I got in a great 6 miles! I forgot to charge my Nike GPS watch (hadn’t been used in about 4 weeks!!) so I went old school! My total time was 43.54. I started off the first mile super easy to take inventory on my body… from there I picked it up to a faster but still comfortable pace. I got down to around 6.55 pace for the last few miles, which I was pleased with. ((I ran on the Monon Trail which has every 2/10th’s of a mile marked. This also makes it great for speed work!))

I love when I can get strength AND cardio in… feels oh so good!

Anyways, I was happy and totally got a runner’s high from it!! Success! I then went to Stacked Pickle which is 5$ burgers on Monday night’s. I got a Turkey Burger and had the bottom half of the bun and a side salad. I felt good about it!

It was an active, tiring day and I loved every second of it!

What do you guys have going on today?

Are you guys prefer to go out for breakfast, lunch, or dinner? (All 3 is definitely an option!)



  1. pickyrunner · · Reply

    Love seeing you so happy girl! I’m going to sound like a broken record- but be careful! Just because we CAN run the longer distances right away doesn’t mean we should and it could result in reinjury which is the last thing we want. I’d recommend starting with less mileage just so your body has time to adjust or you could end up back where it started. Easier said than done, i know. Either way, proud of you and you’re a speed demon! It’s amazing what a little rest can do 🙂

    1. You are right Sarah… and I know it too haha i just got too excited and kept going/pushing. lesser milage for a few weeks will help me in the long term. Not worth getting hurt over…. thanks for your warnings and for looking out for me!!!

  2. Sounds like a perfectly balanced day and woohoo for no shin pain!!! keep doing what your doing!
    I think I like going out to dinner the best, but you can’t beat a good brunch on the weekend 🙂

    1. yes brunch is fantastic too! but I never can decide at brunch if i want breakfast or lunch…. i hate making the decision!!

  3. MegBek · · Reply

    OH YIPEE to no more pain!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That’s fantastic!!!!! I am dancing over here for you!!! I know you were miserable… So glad to hear that you’re not only healed but you’re having great runs! We have a First Watch here in ATL and I must confess – I wasn’t impressed but I might give it another try. It may have had something to do with the incessant amount of crying children everywhere. 🙂

    1. haha thanks for the dance!! whoo hoo!
      Hmm… ya maybe give First Watch another try? I seriously LOVE IT!!!! ha and yes, screaming children can ruin any restaurant experience, no matter how good it is!! Have a FANTASTIC tuesday!

  4. Your breakfast looks so good! Sometimes eating out with a parent is such a little thing that is SO fun! Anyways it’s sounds like you had some intense and fun workouts! I’m so glad you’re happy and running again! For someone who’s just coming back, you are running FAST! I hope you have a wonderful Tuesday!

    1. Yes my parents treat me to good meals 🙂
      Thanks for the encouragement and i hope your workouts have been going great so far too!!!
      Have a great Tuesday girl!!

  5. Today will be relatively lazy. I’m meeting my co-counselor for Costa Rica today for lunch, so I’m excited about that! I really prefer going out for lunch! It’s usually nice and light and it’s also my least favorite meal to make.

    1. Oh awesome lunch date!! haha i never cook myself a decent lunch, so yes I agree it is nice to go out for it!! Have fun talking about Costa Rica!

  6. Woo! It feels so good to run again after taking time off, especially when the run is pain-free! Glad you had a great one!

    1. Thanks so much!! Yes absence makes the heart grow fonder! Definitely great to be back! i just got to take it easy like Sarah @pickrunner keeps graciously reminding me 🙂 I love that you guys keep me in check!!!

  7. Runner Girl Eats · · Reply

    I love going out for breakfast or dinner but for some reason never want to go out for lunch. Take it easy with those shins!! Not too far/fast too soon!

    1. Honestly I usually forget about lunch… breakfast and dinner makes sense to me (start and end your day) but lunch is like an all day snacking thing haha so I forget about it too!

      Thank you for reminding me to take it easy!! I get way to excited and start to push it… looking back, probably did not need to do a 6 mile run yesterday (especially at the pace I was at). I will really work hard to keep it in check!! Thanks for the reminder— I need that!!!! 🙂

  8. […] could tell I was definitely on a runner’s high from my PAIN FREE 6 mile run on Monday, because I am pretty sure I made the decision to sign up for an Olympic Triathlon (Tri […]

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