A Sweaty Sunday and Food Progress!

Yesterday was the first sunny day we have had in ages! It was wonderful!

The Sweaty Activities

I started off my morning watching Le Tour and having a great breakfast of Kashi cereal, greek yogurt, and multiple apples!

At 9am I headed to the gym and completed a 40 minute Stair Master workout! Oh my gosh this is my new torture cardio machine that I love/hate!! I did the Fat Burner Plus program, set it to level 15, and died for the next 40 minutes. I sweated all over that thang… legit dripping. Whatev’s. I stopped caring about how gross I looked at the gym ages ago.

I then rushed home to jump on my road bike and go on a 30 mile ride with my mom and a few of her riding friends. My mom is a serious rider and a GREAT rider. It was windy, and we road hard and fast. And my legs were burning from the stair master! Quads were screaming at me! But that’s how I like it… reminds me I got a good workout in!

Unfortunately I got a flat tire!! My original intent was a 38 mile ride, but with the flat I had to cut it short and actually threw my bike in the back of a friends car and drove home.

The Mental Freakout

I HATE when a workout doesn’t go as planned. I actually had big anxiety over this… you see, we stopped for lunch and I ate with the mindset that I still had a good 8-10 mile ride home to digest. This didn’t happen and I had a minor freak out about not “burning more calories”. Mentally, I was like “Ahhh I was depending on that extra little bit of exercise and burn!!! This is so bad! What do I do now? Should I try and run instead?”

I knew that this freakout over loss of calorie burn is not good, so I immediately wrote it down in my journal and am going to talk to my therapist about it Tuesday. THIS is the type of thing I want to change… the mental aspect of my disordered eating. I want to feel OK about eating and OK about workouts and not relate the two and have them tied together. They are separate.

The Dinner

I ended up doing abs to blow-off some steam.

I am proud of myself for dinner last night. I had cod, sweet potatoes, okra, carrots, and some tortilla chips.

And the Dessert— I was very conflicted because my dad wanted to eat real ice cream and up to this point I have only stuck with my Yasso Frozen Yogurt bars. I eat them and feel no guilt. Ice cream, however… that is another story. I had my Yasso bar… and then guess what?! I ALSO had a tiny bowl of Vanilla Ice Cream with some added frozen berries. It was very good!! So ya… I had 2 desserts! And I was not on the ground crying and regretting it. PROGRESS!!!!

Today’s Plan

I am seeing patients with my dad in the morning then we are going to breakfast. I am nervous/excited about this. I take breakfast VERY seriously and am most picky about this meal. But I pray for it all to go alright and for God to calm my concerns.

I hope to do a workout before work….then I am hoping to run this evening! Don’t worry, I won’t push it!! Just miss running so much! But I will pay attention to the shin-splints!

What are your workout plans for the day?

Favorite breakfast place?



  1. yogachic1212 · · Reply

    That’s awesome that you were able to calm down the ED voice! Seriously, amazing job because I know that it’s extremely hard and can sometimes feel like there’s no way to escape the thoughts. But you found a way, and that makes all of the difference! You got this! Hope you’re having a marvelous Monday 🙂

    1. Thank you!! Yes I was surprised how I am learning to “tame” it rather than give into it!! Thanks for the encouragement!! My day has been great so far and I hope your Monday is definitely Marvelous as well 🙂

  2. pickyrunner · · Reply

    Im proud of you girl! After two workouts you probably needed a larger than average lunch anyways. Oh, and two desserts. You KNOW how I feel about that one 😉

    1. hahah Yes one of the most encouraging things is when I see you enjoying desserts!! Thanks for doing that because it helps me so much!! I think my body was definitely craving more calories!

  3. So awesome to hear that you are making progress! I hope everything goes well with your breakfast today and your therapist visit this week! It seems like you’ve already started to make big progress and that’s awesome!!

    1. Thanks girl! Yes things are moving along (with challenges along the way of course) but I am really trying and the support has been fabulous! Hope you are having an awesome Monday!

  4. 40 minutes on a stairmaster?! Girl, you are my hero!!

    1. ha thanks girl!!– and i STILL do your killer push-up workout that gets me every time!!! ahhh!

  5. I have anxiety like that all the time…unfortunately it may never fully go away, but you learn to deal with it and not let it completely control your day. Look at the big picture….you did an insane amount of physical activity, so you were already probably burning more that you were consuming. deep breath….it’ll get easier 🙂

    1. Thanks for the perspective and honesty– you are right. My body was hungry!! And I am proud with how I was able to calm myself down from the panic instead of letting it fester inside me for the rest of the day!! Thanks for the advice and encouragement! you are fantastic!

  6. I totally get you with the freaking out over food sometimes still! After all those workouts, you probably NEEDED something more to eat! I’m so glad you wrote it down and moved on! As for the two desserts, you go girl! Sometimes you need some food for the soul! 🙂

    1. yes the 2 desserts were YUMMY! And my body was clearly craving more calories… It is getting easier, slowly but surely!

  7. I have been getting into the stairmaster lately, but I can’t figure out if a higher level is harder or easier! I need to do some more experiementing.

    1. I have found the higher the level the faster and thus harder it is to keep up! When it is on a lower level is goes slower and you can keep up with it… I don’t know that is what I have found! Glad you like it too!!

  8. I am so happy to read about the progress you are making with food!! That’s so exciting, Andrea!! I’ll continue praying for you- you are making an amazing change!! Keep up the awesome work!!

    1. thanks so much!!! I appreciate prayers more than anything! I have good and bad days, but I really feel like I am getting there!!! have a great night!!

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