Le Tour de France and 12 min plank

First off–Can barely move I am so sore from weight lifting, lunges, squats, etc that I have not done in weeks. Sitting onto the toilet is a chore. Anyways…

My FAVORITE time of the summer is finally here!! I look forward to this event each July! Unlike the Olympics, which force you to impatiently wait for 4 years until the next round… (ugh so rude. I LOVE the Olympics)… my other favorite sport competition takes place every year (thank goodness!)

Le Tour de France!!!

I LOVE The Tour! Click HERE for all the info on this years Tour! My family loves to bike and sitting around watching each stage of the Tour is one of my favorite summer memories.

I even had the privileged of seeing a few stages of the tour when I studies abroad in Brussels, Belgium in Summer 2010. That was Lance’s last tour! I also saw him and the other teams a few weeks before the start of Le Tour in Lugano, Switzerland (((no joke, the most beautiful town I have ever been to)) for Le Tour de Suisse. SO AWESOME.

Anyways, I am super pumped that I can glue myself in front of the t.v with a cup of coffee every morning and watch Le Tour live at 8am EST on NBC (I tell you this so that you too can watch it…it is also on again in the evening for people who miss it live).

In other news, since I am still not running (too much)… the planks have continued. Last week I set a NEW PR– 12 mins!! Here is the proof:


12 min plank–ouch that hurt

How did I occupy my mind and stop thinking about how much this sucked??— I repeated over and over my memory verses for Young Life:: John 15:1-17

Seriously, it takes so much of my brain to concentrate on reciting these verses I forget about the planks (kinda).

And all this hard work in memorizing it paid off!! I recited it to my bosses and got a free Young Life shirt! I love ANYTHING free…

Anyone watch Le Tour de France???

How those planks going guys? What do you think about to stay occupied?



  1. pickyrunner · · Reply

    Jeezzzzz and I thought my 4 minute planks were hard… I can’t imagine doing 12!

    1. keep it up girl and i know you will get there! it is all about the distractions!

  2. 12 minutes? I almost hit 6 the other day and broke out into a full happy dance! Crazyyyy!

    1. 6 is AWESOME!!! seriously from there it is all about making sure you are distracted!!

  3. That’s insane! Props to you, my mind starts wandering about 40 seconds in and then I start thinking “I should paint my fingernails…” or “this mat is dirty, how do I wash it” lol then I suck it up to make it to the 4 minute mark

    1. hahaha love it!!! ya i usually start examining my fingernails and thinking how awful and dirty they are… that usually takes up at least a few minutes worth!

  4. 12 minutes? I’m sure that you are built out of titanium.

    1. haha it really is all about the distractions!!!! keep yourself occupied and it is amazing what your abs/arms can handle!! you got it girl!

  5. Wow! A 12 minute plank is insane!!! I just found your blog and look forward to reading more

    1. Aww thank you!!! I hope you enjoy it! 🙂 have a great weekend!

  6. Just recently found your blog and I enjoy reading all of your posts. Love that you recite Bible verses while planking! Great job on a 12 MINUTE PLANK!

    1. hahah thanks so much!! Yes it not only helps me memorize awesome verses but keeps you occupied! God gives us strength in funny ways 🙂

  7. […] occurred a few weeks ago! Tiring day working around the house but so nice to do it! Also, having The Tour on in the background realllly […]

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