I am so Awkward. (A post from weeks ago, oops)

****I found this post that I wrote weeks ago… and never published!!! So I figure might as well do it now! It is a little dated, but whatev’s!! Here ya go!

I was looking through pictures this morning and it hit me just how awkward I am. I love it. No shame. Basically these few pictures sum it up:

My most awkward Plank Face I could make in honor of Cori at Olivetorun


Thoughts–I look like a turtle, and I am so glad I got a great shot of my new Costco reversible sports bra. Baller.

This second picture depicts just how awkward I am when I am going out… downtown…to a bar: To a noisy downtown Indy bar to watch Game 6 of Pacers v. Heat I bring– a to-go mug of hot tea, a huge smart water, a conservative sweat, and a North Face. Not exactly your typical “Tonights-gonna-get-CRAZZZY” outfit…


WTF? Definitely not “going-out to get pushed/shoved around at a Packed bar” essentials…

And the third picture isn’t really awkward for us Runners…but well I guess it is for all the people around town dressed up in their Sunday best while I tramp around in my new Pro Compression socks…


After only a few days of wearing these around the house and going on a run in ’em… I AM A BELIEVER!!

I also wanted to share my Bedroom with you all.

Wait, huh?! Yes you heard me… I want to share my bedroom with y’all.


I LOVE these wall reminders I made… and they are the last thing I see when I go to bed! Oh, and please take note of the 4 animals I sleep with. And of the Costco comforter and Costco body pillow.

What do you do that is awkward?

Any running reminders up in your bedrooms?

Do you sleep with any animals??



  1. LOVE those run quotes in your bedroom!

    1. haha thanks they have always been my little mantra!!

  2. Cute wall art!

    1. Thanks girl!! I am not creative at all so don’t look up close at these!! paint everywhere!

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