Shin Splints to the MAX and Finding the Good

I can barely WALK!!

I have never had shin splints as bad as I have them right now. My right shin is going to split in half… I am convinced. I am limping around camp.

I am FOR SURE NOT running. Right now the goal is to walk.  My foot/ankle/shin is super swollen and I have lost most all range of motion. I can’t point my toe or lift my toes. Every movement hurts!!!

I think it was the hills. Remember how excited I got over the great hills here?? Ya…. I am eating my words.

I am icing every chance I get and poppin’ Ibuprofen like it’s my job.


Oh my gosh ouch..,, shoot me now.


So this of course brings up all new issues. I am now eating TONS and not working out AT ALL. Awesome.

But I can also say that I am working on finding the blessings and God throughout this experience.  I am being shown that running/fitness can be taken away. It is a fleeting, temporary “high and happiness” in life. I need to remember to place my worth in something LASTING. That is God. He is not momentary, but FOREVER.

This is also helping me gain even more control of my weird eating habits/patterns. Without being able to “burn” any calories in my normal running way, I need to still remember that I DESERVE to eat. Food is NOT a reward for working-out… and without running I still need meals. This is great “mental training and preparation”.

Camp has been going great. So tired all the time, but getting used to it. I am really learning to be flexible and go with the flow. The EARLIEST I have been to bed here is midnight. That is crazy for me. Last night I went to bed at 1am.  Who is this crazy girl?!?! Me 🙂

Awesome news!— My parents are coming to see the camp and stay for two nights! This camp gets loads of guests who stay in the guest lodge and gets to eat the meals and see all the amazing activities that we put on. I am so pumped for them to see it… words just to do not do justice the amazing work that the staff puts on and the message of Jesus that we share. I will actually not see them much since I work around the clock pretty much, but still, makes me extremely happy!

Here is the link for the camp, just in case you were at all curious!

Have a great night friends!

Have you ever had shin splints? WHAT SHOULD I DO???

How do you find the good in bad situations?



  1. Oh those sound painful! I’ve never had them that bad, but I think I had them a while ago.
    As far as finding the good goes, I pray and cry and journal (maybe throw a hissy fit in my room; I’m sorry, but it happens)

    1. hahah LOVE the good ol’ cry-fest and hissy-fit. Every girl needs that every now and then… I am convinced it is healthy 🙂

      I am defnitely learning/working on turning to God when I have bad days. I think that is the only way to really find the peace we need!!

  2. I sorry you have shin splints! 😦 That’s neat that you are still able to be positive though. Get better soon!!

    1. Thank you!!! I am really really trying to see the good!! ha I just really miss running!! But they hurt bad enough that I really honestly cannot run… so I guess that is good in terms of working on resting them?? haha thanks for your well-wishes!!

  3. Ah man! I’m so sorry that you’re temporarily sidelined! Maybe this is all part of your recovery process. I hope that this injury (while I am truly so sorry that it happened) helps in your journey to find balance! Whenever I have shin splints I try and stretch them out by doing calf raises, but since you can’t point your toes…that might not help. Did you bring a foam roller? If not, maybe you can borrow a tennis ball or something and roll out your shins!

    Whenever I am in a bad situation or in a bad day, I constantly remind myself that it is a bad DAY and not a bad LIFE. I think you have a healthy mindset in thinking that there are lessons to be learned in this situation. I wish you a speedy recovery!!

    1. What a great great look on life!! you are right– DAY not LIFE.

      And I will ask for a tennis ball ASAP. I definitely need to some how message it… but every time I touch it or push on it I pretty much tear up and cry haha!! ahhhh they suck!!

  4. pickyrunner · · Reply

    I’ve been there with the shin splints and I hate to tell you this, but it actually started for me from all the walking. If you want it to go away fast, try to only walk when you have to! I promise you’ll heal within a day or two if you do that so you can start to run again!’n sounds like everything else is going well- yay for parent visits 🙂

    1. I unfortunately have to walk EVERYWHERE!! bahh and we had a mandatory dance party tonight and jumping around ((i was looking ridic due to my shin)) and it hurt so badly!! I need to get off it completely….

      I will tell my “boss” that I require as little walking as possible. and in the meantime just live off of situps and pushups…

  5. Runner Girl Eats · · Reply

    I’ve been resting my shins the past few days too. I I’ve a few times a day, prop it up when I’m hone and wear compression socks whenever I can. Rest is the key though! Hope they are better soon!

    1. Thanks they still hurt so badly!! And at camp tonight we had a dance party… which i of course loved… but my shin/ankle is so swollen I couldn’t even bust my moves to my full potential!! haha
      I hope yours don’t get too too bad… and I am taking your advice and leaving my compression socks on around the clock– including sleep!

  6. Living Profitably · · Reply

    OWW! Shin splints are awful! Keep the ice pack on it, take ibuprofen if the pain is too much, and REST REST REST!!! 🙂 Don’t be too discouraged though — try to take the time off running to really concentrate on the quality of your nutrition intake.

    1. Thanks for the advice!! That is exactly what my dad and others here have said… I think it is definitely God’s way of telling me to take myself/running less seriously and enjoy life. Give running a rest, STILL EAT, and relax!

      Ice pack is currently on 🙂

      1. Living Profitably · ·


  7. I go through periods of getting really bad shin splints too- they are seriously the worst! It was probably the hills. Keep icing, wear your compression socks as much as possible and stretch your calves like it’s your job. haha.

    1. haha I have gotten over the weird look campers give me in my compression socks…I wear them as much as possible now!! I am still limping around and can’t even do air squats due to loss of range of motion!! bahhh

      I definitely could stand to stretch my calves more….

  8. ouch! shin splints are the pits! Hope they start feeling better soon!

    1. Thank you!! Ahh so painful!!!

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