NEON Pro Compression’s, Anxiety, & Run’s

My neon yellow Pro Compression socks that I ordered a few days before I left for camp finally arrived at the camp address!! I wear them all around the cabin without fear of judgement!! They are the best since I am on my feet all day long. I literally feel the blood pooling in my feet and giving me cankles. I will try to snap a pic of them next time so we can adequately see the calf merging with the ankle…

So while I am pleased with the amount of running I have gotten in here at camp despite the early hours, looooong days and nights, and almost zero solid sleep… the food has been another issue.

I thought I was doing ok, but I had one of Andrea’s “Old Ways” anxiety and freak out’s yesterday morning after breakfast. I did not run yesterday which was a good call. My legs could barely hold me up while working the rope swing, let alone running. My right hip is also really starting to hurt which is a problem since it is the exact pain I felt for months after the Marine Corps Marathon in 2011. Ahhh say it ain’t so!! Also with the lack of sleep, a day off was a good call.

After a HUGE BREAKFAST (just like every meal we eat here) I did a quick inventory on how much I had been eating not just at breakfast, but at every meal. And for snacks I would eat at least 10 apples a day. I LOVE APPLES. But that much fiber and sugar is causing some MAJOR bloating. (remember my post form a few weeks ago when I had this problem?? Ya same pregnant awful feeling…) I look pregnant from the belly button down on my stomach and was so full that I was waddling. Seriously.

Well, I had an anxiety attach about it basically. I wanted nothing more than to resort back to my old ways….I wanted to just eat veggies and only veggies with NO grains and basically starve all the time. Yep, that is what I wanted. Sounds awful when I say type it out loud.  But that is what I wanted.

I immediately called my Dad and prayed and shared with some girls here about my “struggles” with food. All of this helped a little, but for some reason it was the convo with my dad and his calm demeanor and total faith and confidence in me that helped me yesterday. My daddy really is the greatest 🙂

I am trying right now to eat just one plate of food and let that be it. Unfortunately, that is very hard with “family style” eating and buffet style, which is the only way we do it. I am telling myself that the food will get old. ((Ya, probably not… but I will keep convincing myself that)).

Ran 6 miles again this morning and my legs are so so dead from being on my feet all day long!!! I am feeling very slow and sluggish. But I know that just keeping up miles will help me stay in shape. I should probably take off some days (especially with my hip twinge now) but to be honest I can’t imagine eating like I am with no cross-training equipment available, and not running.

I plan on running in the morning (Thursday) again. We will see how the energy levels and legs feel. But I really REALLY want to get it in…. because tomorrow breakfast is the camps homemade granola which is INCREDIBLE!!! And not that I need a reason to eat it, but running before hand definitely helps me enjoy it more!!

Ok it is after 12:30am and I am STILL the first one to bed. Everyone is still up talking with the lights on…. seriously how do they do it?!?! Grrr I just want to sleep!

Night Y’all 🙂

Do you guys like buffet and family style eating?!?! How do you control yourselves??

Thoughts on running on tired legs? Should I just not do it? (Prob’s…)


  1. Chelsie S · · Reply

    Hi Andrea. I’ve been reading for a little while now and just wanted to let you know that I’m sorry for your brain funk, but they happen!! You definitely did the right thing — calling your Dad, praying, and staying the course. The physical symptoms of the excess apples will come to pass. Don’t forget that by restricting on foods with grains, proteins, and fats, you’re more likely to want to consume apples to fill you, and will be in the exact same place. Go back to the basics — eat what you need. Also, please try to remember that if your muscles are fatigued and need repair, it’s the complex macros and the combos of carbs, proteins, and fats that will help you to get back to a strong state. Taking two days off running will help. If that’s mentally difficult, body weight exercises in the morning might help, but full rest would be best to get you where you need to be to continue until July without increasing pain. I truly do believe that you are capable of this. Keep your head and heart in the right place. You’re an incredibly smart girl, strong and resilient, all you need is the couraged to get centred.
    And I definitely wear my compression sleeves all day at work (always on my feet), and honestly believe that it’s THE best thing ever. So double thumbs up to that!!
    Good luck, girl!! Wishing you all the best.

  2. pickyrunner · · Reply

    Okay so I know it’s super stressful but I honestly think you’re probably doing okay. It’s hard not to want to revert back to old times (I’ve been there) but taking time off and eating normally may be what your body is telling you it needs. If you’re on your feet all day anyways, that’s basically an active rest day! Also, it may help to email your nutritionist. I know that’s how I keep on touch with mine and I find it really helpful! Hang in there, take some time, and just do your best to eat only when hungry. It’s a challenge but I know you can do it!

    1. Thank you sarah! that is super helpful… i will email Heather and see if she has any advice to help with the buffet status.
      And Yes on that active rest day… you are right. Because I am so so sore after those days of standing. so i must be doing something, right??

  3. Try to hang in there. I know you are feeling bloated and it totally took me back to when I had to start eating and gaining weight the first couple weeks of treatment. A lot of food was going in, but not much was coming out (if you know what I mean…) so my body was just hanging on to everything. I totally thought I looked 8 months pregnant!! I know my mind was distorting it a little more, but eventually things calm down and even out. It’ll happen, I promise.
    Try being VERY mindful and in tune with your body when you sit down for a meal. Check in with your hunger levels and after you finish a plate, take a few minutes to just sit with it, drink some water and really decide if you NEED more or not (you probably do)…but just get used to really being conscious and aware of how your body is feeling in the moment.

    1. Yes exactly! 8 months pregnant is just what I feel like and think I look like!! But that is comforting to know that you had a similar experience.
      I know we only have about 20 mins to eat because we have to get things going before campers are done with their meals, but I am going to start working on slowing down. filling ONE plate. then sit and talk and wait as long as i can. if i want more, get more.
      that is a great idea and it is a good habit to get into…

  4. I find that it is a lot easier to control what I eat when eating buffet style is deciding beforehand what I’m going to eat and how much. After I eat that if I think I’m still hungry, I wait a few minutes and then re-evaluate.

    1. Thats a good idea… smart approach. Buffets are tough! So ya, maybe I can do a better job of seeing what the options are, then picking a few things first. I like the attack!

  5. Runner Girl Eats · · Reply

    With buffet style I load up on the good for me stuff first, then the not so good stuff. I also get rid of my plate as soon as I’m done to avoid seconds. And I drink tons of water before, during and after dinner.

    1. Filling up on the healthy is a great idea. leaves less room for the cinnamon rolls, pancakes, and mexican breakfast casserole that we had for todays buffets… AHHH!!
      But the water is a GREAT idea. And coffee 🙂

  6. I know it is hard being out of the element and control. But listen to your body – that hip twinge could be a stress fracture which if you don’t relax (just a tad) you could be doing more damage by continuing to run on it instead of taking a rest day. It’s hard to understand but by not running even just a few days (or like the last few days of this week) you WILL NOT lose any of your current shape, it just isn’t possible!

    1. you promise??? haha that is very very comforting to hear and quite a relief. I can feel my body crying for a rest day after looooong hours of working, little/no sleep, AND running.
      And the last thing I want is a long term injury. I know I should back down… hard to do but the best thing for me in the long run. I just need to tell myself that. I hope I can do it!!

  7. hang in there girl, you’ve got this!! xoxo

    1. Thank you thank you THANK YOU! the encouragement is so welcomed! Thanks for being in my corner!

  8. I don’t really like buffet style because there usually aren’t too many TRUE vegetarian options (i.e. foods that lack lard/chicken stock), so I tend to avoid them. You’ve got this girl! Are you waiting to implement your food plan until you get back? I remember you said that your nutritionist recommended that you control your apple intake, so I wasn’t sure if you were waiting to apply your plan or not! Good luck, girl! You are doing great so far! I’m sure it’ll get easier!

    1. No i am trying to implement the food plan this month!!! i am just REALLY REALLY having trouble with the apple intake thing when they are available 24/7. so. hard. they are my favorite…
      Thanks for the encouragment i REALLY need it! Thanks girl 🙂

  9. Hang in there girl!! On the plus side, you’re recognizing these feelings and the fact that you want to change them, and that’s a great step!

    1. Yes thank you so so much…. no matter what being aware of these things is something that 3 months ago I would not even have considered. Thanks Brooke!!!

  10. Keep your chin up, slow down, and remember to give yourself a break every now and then!

    1. I am planning on taking some days off of running in order to keep my sanity and try and get some sleep here… running in the morning when the only time I have is just too much for me right now…. Thanks AS ALWAYS for the encouragement!! It helps more than any one knows.

      1. Glad to help!!! I understand how out of control you can feel when you are out of your comfort zone! Sucks doesn’t it!!
        Glad to hear you say you plan to give yourself more rest.

  11. Stay strong, girl! I know it’s difficult, but try to remember WHY you want to recover, both physically and mentally. One thing that may help is substituting some leisurely walks for runs. That way, you get some time alone to yourself in the beautiful early morning hours and can get a little bit of that exercise anxiety out, but you don’t exhaust yourself quite as much. If I’m feeling like I’ve become obsessive with running, I scale it back and take a walk instead. It clears my mind, gives me some endorphins, and makes me feel a little more balanced 🙂

    1. That is a really great idea! I ran yesterday morning and I wanted to do something this morning but am really trying not to run.Maybe a walk, some abs and push-ups, and a few stride outs would be the best thing for me. Hopefully I can mentally stay strong at the meals today and be OK with the fact that I didn’t run and still not beat myself up over eating! Thank you for the great advice!

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  13. […] YAY!!! Good news is I should continue compression socks, Advil, and no running (ok that is Boo) and they will go away. No long term harm […]

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