Full Nutritionist Meeting Rundown (Long version)

I gave you all a sneak peak as to what my nutritionist Heather and I discussed on Monday, but I wanted to really give you a full view– for my own sake as much as yours!

I can already tell you that eating yesterday, keeping in mind the goals we came up with and the proposed plans that would be good to follow, went really well! I was very pleased with what I achieved in terms of BALANCE.

I can also tell you that already this morning, at 5:15am, I am not doing so hot in terms of eating balanced. I guess it just goes to show me that this is not going to be some overnight turn around, no matter HOW awesome Heather is!!

Anyways, to the fun stuff–

-I met her ‘after-hours’ at 6:15pm when she had to open the office especially for me. I couldn’t make it to her normal business hours due to work, and I had just decided to schedule an appt for July when I got back from camp, but she really wanted to meet with me. If that isn’t a great start to a meeting (where the ‘teacher’ is extremely dedicated,loyal, and just super accommodating) then I don’t know what is!

-The meeting lasted over 1.5 hrs. it was so kind of her to stay to almost 8pm with me! Again, it is the little things, like seeing how much she cared for me, that can make the difference between a good fit and a great one.

I first started with my entire ‘food’ background. (I will be adding a new Food Story Page soon for everyone to be able to read about it!) Start to finish, held nothing back. I was not ashamed to tell her anything. Even my lowest of lows… even admitting that I had been super depressed… telling her what my lowest weight was… telling her the physical difference I saw (such as hair loss, freezing hands/feet, loss of sleep, dull skin tone, etc)… everything was laid out on the table. I wanted her to get the total picture.

And just like the professional champ she was, she took it all in stride, with no judging, but just thoughtful nods and intelligent clarifying questions.

-Then she asked me the most important Question and point of me picking up the phone and calling her–“What do you want out of this? Why did you call me? What do you hope to gain?”

She needed this answered in order to see if I was really ready to take this on. I totally was! I said something along the lines of, “I want to be unafraid of food. I want to be someone who can eat balanced meals. I want to have normal dishes and servings of food. I want to be Healthy in my body. I want to enjoy life again! I want to no be thinking of food 24/7!!!

-Knowing that I was getting ready to leave for Michigan to work at at a camp for 4 weeks, I told her I was nervous since I would have 0 control over meals. It is all family style dining and you eat what you are given. Or else you don’t need. No way around that! So we immediately sat down and came up with meals that are common to camps and how I can eat in order to hit her Main 3; Dairy, Protein, Starch (we decided that me getting enough veggies/fruits is most definitely NOT a problem… so my job is to focused instead on these 3 food groups where I struggle to incorporate them into meals.)

She let me design my menu, with suggestions and ‘nudges’ along the way.

-We decided that since I get up so so early, breakfast is usually where I struggle the most to get a Balance/Normal meal in. I drag it out over 5 hours and am just constantly CONSTANTLY eating…whether it is 8 apples, half a bag of pretzles followed by half a bag of animal crackers… whatever it is, we decided that we need to learn to make breakfast look like a true meal. So we decided on making 2 breakfasts– Brilliant, right?! Here is an example of my ‘plan’ Andrea’s meal plan 6-3-13

Screen shot 2013-06-05 at 6.02.42 AM

bahhh sorry this is so tiny… working on making it more readable!!

Then we came up with some Goals. Some are for right now, others are for down the road… these will change and evolve as I move along the recovery process. But for now, we just had 5 (And that is plenty!! Heather reminded me that these do not all have to be reached tomorrow!)

  1. See doctor for blood test and bone density test (schedule for early July) (this is to see if any extreme damage had been done in the last 2 years and help her decided which nutrients I am lacking, etc)
  2. Pause after eating – enjoy a balanced meal and then wait 20 minutes before evaluating physical hunger
  3. Fruit – one serving per meal or snack (no more 8 apples for breakfast…)
  4. Enjoy three meals per day plus at least one substantial snack per day
  5. Call Laura and Jackie and see who I like/who I am comfortable with (Laura and Jackie are her 2 recommended therapist).

-Yesterday I got a blood test done! And I also was able to eat normal/regular/balanced meals for most of the day, and only 3 apples throughout the WHOLE day!

I need to stay on the Hunger Scale between a 3 and 7. — 3 meaning “I am hungry and ready to eat” and 7 meaning “I am satisfied and no longer hungry”. Above and below those numbers are where I need to avoid. So no letting myself get starving and no letting myself eat until I am so uncomfortable and sick.

Ok THAT will take a lot more practice….

This is already a SUPER long post, and if you stayed with me the whole time, Thanks! And even if not, Thanks Anyways!! Writing stuff down always helps! But there was much more that we discussed… more emotionally how I was doing… and that is going to have to be in another post! –But she did let me know, as you all do everyday, that I am not alone and this is far far too common. I should not be ashamed or feel like a failure.

Ok, thats all for now!!!

How are you guys with eating “normal/balanced” meals?

What is the meal you struggle with the most? (breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack, dessert, etc)?

Do you get nervous when you have ZERO control over your food?


  1. pickyrunner · · Reply

    Your nutritionist sounds EXACTLY like mine and that’s how I know this is going to work. I can’t wait to see how it goes for you!!! Your goals are totally realistic and attainable and you know I’m happy to talk to you any time when it’s getting hard. Although I’m still working on hunger cues myself. We WILL get there.

    1. yayy thanks Sarah!! Yes hunger cues are HUGE thing for me… going to be hard, but I love tackling a challenge!!
      Thanks for being so available to talk πŸ™‚ Go us!

  2. As I said yesterday, I am so happy for you! Reading this totally took me back to my appointments with nutritionists and therapists. I actually liked having a detailed plan laid out for me. It made it less of a choice and caused less guilt over eating when I didn’t feel like I “should”. The tricky part is when the plans go away and the choice becomes yours again. But, by that time you are going to be rocking it out and be feeling amazing!
    I still struggle with breakfast the most…I get to it eventually, but I’m usually just not that hungry in the morning. Working out in the morning seems to help spark my appetite though, so I try to get in a morning workout when I can.
    Will you be blogging from MI?

    1. Yes I am really liking the detailed plan… you are right in that it takes the stress ((which i put sooo much stress into my meals for a variety of reasons)) out of it.

      Yes I REALLY hope to be blogging from Michigan. I will be extremely busy during the day… but in the morning and at night I am hoping to be able to post!! Even though I am on staff at the camp, I am not sure how “strict” they are with technology- especially computers. But I also need it for work stuff back home here while I am away…

      Thank you, as always, for sharing your personal experiences!! It really does help me so so much!!

  3. Yay! So happy things went well! It sounds like you’re off to a great start! I’m pretty good with eating balanced meals, but there are certain foods that I just go all out on and i need to stop (aka ice cream and dark chocolate pomegranates). I have never battled an eating disorder, but I do find myself sometimes getting freaked out over not having control over my food. I don’t really like when others cook for me, or eating at restaurants, because I’m always concerned they’re going to taint my vegetarian meal because they don’t know any better…

    1. dark chocolate pomegranates!!!! wow those sound amazing!!!!
      Yea it is a struggle when you arn’t really sure how the meal is prepared… I am working on going with the flow for sure. I need to let go of control a bit!! I am sure it is harder when you are a vegetarian!!

  4. I REALLY like what your nutritionist had to tell you. Keep up the good work–I look forward to reading about your progress! -H (iamlyons.com)

    1. Thank you!! I really like it to… it was so much more of a discussion that I was 100% included/involved in too, meaning not just her telling me what to do.
      I hope to be able to keep the blog updated while I am away working at a camp for 4 weeks…. I am sure I will have lots to update on how my balanced eating is going in a camp setting!!

  5. I try to eat balanced meals, but I am lacking with veggies 😦
    I struggle with snacks/dessert … I tend to take more than I actually want, but I’m learning to scale back
    I don’t like not knowing how much fat or oil is in something, but sometimes it is nice not to see the nutrition facts πŸ™‚

    1. I used to be very very picky about only eating food/meals in which I knew HOW it was prepared with what ingrediants. I am working on letting that go a little bit…
      Oh my gosh there are SO many great ways to eat veggies!! i am sure if you keep experimenting you will find a way that will be your favorite.. then you will overdose on veggies like me!!! haha

      Snacks are definitely my downfall too!!!

  6. So glad you shared with her, and then shared with us! Looks like you’ve got a solid foundation to build up from! I’ll be here cheering (and learning!!) right alongside you!

    1. Thank you!!! It makes a world of difference with everyone pulling for everyone else in life πŸ™‚

      You are so sweet and I wish you a great evening and rest of the week!

  7. Keep up the hard work! Even though it may seem daunting and scary as hell…changing your relationship with food is life changing in SO many ways. BEST of luck to you!!! Keep it real with your therapist, nutritionist and most importantly… yourself. πŸ™‚ Also, remember that progress comes in waves so don’t beat yourself up if you have some ups and downs.

    1. I love the way you put that…. progress and success comes in waves. You are so right!! No one is perfect at anything! I will have to keep reminding myself not to let the little setbacks I am SURE to encounter over the next few weeks (especially at this camp for the next month) to deter me from continually striving for balanced meals and mental stability!
      Thank you that little phrase/grinder really hit home for me!!

  8. megbek · · Reply

    I was so happy to read through all of this and hear what you and your nutritionist discussed. It seems like you have a magnificent outlook on things going forward, and that is the best way to start. She sounds awesome (staying late and everything!!) and I’m glad she gave you two therapists to check out. I am excited about you making some changes and I look forward to your experiences as you transition toward achieving your goals. You. Can. Do. This. Andrea!!

  9. […] as I try to get a handle on my health, weight, period, fitness, etc, I have become even more interested and curious as to the best ways […]

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