Cheerleaders and Bonfire/S’more cravings

****Stay tuned for Post regarding my AMAZING visit with the Nutritionist yesterday!!!!

I have told you guys that I have a bad habit of scoping out others in gyms and compare myself to them in terms of strength, cardio, weight, flexibility, exercises, even amount of sweat (sweat more=working harder??? I don’t know…) Anyways, I hate that I do it, but sometimes it turns into a fun game of, “Guess What Sport She Plays”.

Are they tall?— volleyball player, basketball player…?

Are they extremely flexible, little, and strong?— guess gymnast.

Are they long and lean?— track runner perhaps?

Do they have big shoulders and all-together strong upper bodies?— go with swimmer.

Twice now I have been 100% wrong and very surprised when I discover a girls “true” sport identity.

The first time was at Crossfit this past spring. We got a new group of On Ramper’s (which are crossfit newbies who must go through a required training program to correctly learn the basics of olympic lifting and other “key” crossfit movements).  There was a tall (5’11), blonde girl with literally a killer body. She was super lean and strong already… the body that people at Crossfit are there to try and get. Well, she already had it. I immediately played my little “game”.  I guessed track runner right away. Hurdler/800 meter runner, to be exact.  Definitely a collegiate athlete.  I finally got to talking to her and asked her if she ran for Indiana University.  She smiled and and so sweetly said, “Oh gosh I wish i were a runner!! I am a cheerleader!” Mind-blown. Just was NOT was I was expecting to hear.

The second time Andrea was wrong in her awful little game of ‘judging’, occurred only recently.  At the gym was another relatively tall (5’7), very pretty blonde with, again, a body to die for– STRONG and LEAN and very athletic looking. I immediately thought Soccer Player. Well, we worked out next to each-other for a while and she was doing a great combination of cardio and strength, and she definitely knew her way around a weight room.  So I knew she was probably a collegiate athlete (and was still sticking to my guess of soccer player).  We both had the head phone thing going so I didn’t interrupt her to quiz her on her life (I am not that obsessed).  But in our open part of the gym where we were stretching, she took off her headphones, stood up, looked around her area, then busted out like 8 back flips in a row. NO. JOKE. I was floored… I got fooled again by a Cheerleader (this was confirmed by seeing her workout folder on the floor next to her). Sneaky, sneaky…

Lesson’s I have learned??— First of all, judging people like this is awful and mean and I need to stop. I know this. Working on it. Second, I learned Cheerleaders are complete Bad A$s’ and are so super in shape and I want their training regime. NOW.

I have to say that I have never ever… not in a single moment of my life… wished I were a cheerleader. I have nothing against them.  It is just not my thing. I would be the worlds worst cheerleader.  Well, I am really reconsidering this and have developed a HUGE amount of respect for these girls. They are incredible.

New Topic– I want to eat great food, be outside in the sun, with lots of people. And I want the night to conclude with a BONFIRE AND S’MORES.

Have I told you guys how much I am obsessed with bonfires and s’mores? Lets just say very obsessed. I love the smell of fire and could watch the flames flicker all night long and never get bored. And who could not love the graham-cracker/chocolate/marshmallow combo?

How do you roast your marshmallows?

**Burn baby Burn!! I like to set it on fire and get really crispy outside. YUMM.

What other topping do you add to S’mores?

**I just got the idea of banana slices. OMG.



  1. pickyrunner · · Reply

    It’s interesting to learn about people’s lives. That’s why I blog! I definitely do the same thing with the judging. I’ll look at someone and assume they’re super popular and therefore mean without knowing them. It’s bad. But anyways, I like my s’mores toasted just right! Golden brown. Yum. Yum. Yum.

    1. I turned to burning them because I was way to impatient to get the golden brown color haha props to you for your dedication!!

      Yes that is the wonderful wonderful thing about blogging 🙂

  2. I don’t really eat marshmallows anymore, but I love to BURN them too! Peanut butter is good to add 😉

    Have you ever made a s’more boat IN a banana? Don’t peel the banana, cut a slit in the peel lengthwise, stuff with mini marshmallows and chocolate chips, wrap in tin foil, and put them over a bonfire or grill 😀

    1. I need to make a s’more in a banana now. Thanks for sharing this idea!!!

    2. Oh my gosh you just BLEW my mind with this s’more banana boat thing…… must try this!!!

      oh and of course PB on a s’more would be amazing!!

  3. megbek · · Reply

    Hahahahahaha I love that you guess stuff when you look at people! I wonder what you’d think if you ever saw me! 🙂 🙂 Girl, I love bonfires too! I would love to have one!!

    1. if you guys have one i would fly down there in a HEARTBEAT! you guys sounds hilarious and great to hangout with!! And everyone/everything is more fun with a bonfire is involved 🙂

  4. too bad there in no such thing as a cyber bonfire……..I could totally go for one right now! I have been totally craving s’mores this week!! Need one stat!

    1. hahah i love that idea!!! sounds like everyone is up for a running blogger bonfire! Seriously how great does that sound ?!?!
      We would S’more it up for sure!

  5. I normally burn mine, and I am thinking that I will add some banana too 🙂

    1. Yay to burning marshmellows!
      yes my next S’more will have banana AND pb on it 🙂

  6. People always guessed I was a cheerleader (which was right), however I was also a girl wrestler in high school. No one ever saw that one coming!

    Try reese’s pb cups instead of chocolate one time w/ your smores. So good!

    1. That is so cool you were a wrestler AND a cheerleader! What a well-rounded individual! haha you could probably relate to all sorts of people! That is awesome!

      Ahh you just got me SO EXCITED with that reese idea! Never would have crossed my mind to try that!! But it makes perfect sense why that would be incredible !!

    2. That is so cool you were a wrestler AND a cheerleader! What a well-rounded individual! haha you could probably relate to all sorts of people! That is awesome!

      Ahh you just got me SO EXCITED with that reese idea! Never would have crossed my mind to try that!! But it makes perfect sense why that would be incredible !!

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