Why We Should Fake It & 4 Days of Bloated-ness (ugh)

Sometimes it is acceptable to lie… perfectly OK to “Fake It Till Ya Make It”.

I am obviously directing this toward ‘running’… not necessarily in “life” (please make your own calls on that).

But in running, I have mentioned before that we sometimes have to Trick ourselves. And sometimes this goes past “tricking” and straight into a full on Lie.

Hey… gotta do whatcha gotta do to get through that run!

When I run and feel great.. my face is relaxed, my shoulders are loose, my stride is long and easy, and my head is up. I don’t know about you, but this is absolutely not what I look like when I am having a tough day of it. I look like a car wreck.

Years ago I really started focusing on relaxing my face and keeping a 100% neutral expression. I tried this whether I felt great or whether I felt like crap. I did this mainly for the “competitive girl” in me. I hated when people around me would see the pain on my face or see me gasping for air with a panicked look. To me that was the ultimate sign of ‘weakness’.

So I practiced looking calm and collective, even when at my absolute worst. And you know what? I instantly began to feel better and run faster. My body completely responded to the Lie I was wearing on my face. When I focused on keeping a neutral expression… and FAKED that the run was going exactly as planned… I found my arms, legs, stride, followed suite.

I no longer plaster my Fake “all-is-good-I-could-hold-this-pace-forever” look for the sake of appearance and self pride. I do it now because it actually helps!!!

I highly recommend everyone trying this next time on their run when you feel like you are being kicked in the as$ by the road…

Second topic to discuss— I have been EXTREMELY bloated for 4 days. I am talking painful, unhappy, ohmygosh I want to lay in the fetal position, bloated.

Nothing I did helped. I felt disgusting… my lower abdomen stuck out like I was hiding a watermelon up my shirt. I was never hungry for any meal, yet ate ate ate. Making me even fuller and unhappy.

I am proud to say that today was a turning point. I felt SOOO much better. Still bloated, yes, but no longer looking like I am expecting a child.

I think it had to do with my extreme apple intake. I really upped it in the last week to about 8 Pink Ladies a day. That is a lot of acid and sugar…. I know better than to do that. That is why I went on the 30 day Sugar Detox back in February. No apples or fruit of any kind for 30 days… rough!!!

Have a great night 🙂

Do you guys ever ‘fake it’ on a run?

What do you change while on a run to make it better/more bearable?

What foods make you bloated??

–all fruit really because i eat way to much. also if I eat too many pistachios and granola. and pretzels. hmm maybe if I just ate normal amounts of these I would not be so bloated??



  1. pickyrunner · · Reply

    8 apples a day… That’s impressive haha I usually eat about 2 pounds of grapes a day and I get super bloated. But anyways, love the fake it till ya make it. I wonder if it will help me break through that mental barrier I’m having since nothing else is working…

    1. yum grapes!! fruit is awesome… why does it cause tummy aches?!?

      Ya seriously give it a shot!! i started to do it during races and it always gives me another couple miles when I feel like I am just not going to make it!!! Focus on “looking the part”… and you will be surprised how you fool yourself into feeling much better than you actually are!!

  2. Today I had a not-so-awesome run, so I just imagined that I was being chased by paparazzi…….vain, I know, but it made me smile and try and look like I wasn’t dying……..and it worked, finished the run with decent time- winning!! 🙂
    Bloating is NO good! If I don’t monitor my carb intake, I get bloated like nobody’s business……

    1. hahahahha Oh my gosh I am going to think about the paparazzi next time i run! Brilliant! So glad it worked for you though!!!
      Yes carbs do it to me to ((perhaps we have some gluten intolerence??)) but that may be because I just over eat whatever food group I am munching on 🙂

      Have a great Week!!!

  3. 8 apples a day!? HOLY COW! haha I think it’s safe to say that you love apples 😉 I do “fake it” on my runs, especially when I start feeling like I can’t do it and I might fall over and die. I usually give myself a pep talk and then take a few deep breaths and start to feel better. It totally works! Having a poor mental state definitely affects my physical state.

    Broccoli makes me bloated and so does some dairy.

    1. yes broccoli totally does it to me too!!

      haha yay for self-pep talks!! 🙂 glad you were able to get it done!!

  4. it all depends on what else is in your digestive system when you eat fruit. it’s better off eaten first thing in the morning and before you eat anything else that might slow it down, like meat or dairy. Fruit is quickly digested, but if it gets stuck or you have too much, then it starts to ferment in your gut, making your tummy feel bloaty and icky.

    if you are eating too many then it can also affect your gut, 8 apples a day is about 6 too many!! you have a LOT of soluable and insoluable fiber floating around in there, doing things to your insides that may be uncomfortable. Balance it out with greens and earlier in the day. maybe a bit of nut butter, but don’t eat it after a big meal or after a meal containing a lot of meat and dairy.

    lisa miller, chhc, aadp

    1. wow thank you so so much for the useful insight! I have never researched the affects of so much fruit, so this is extremely helpful. I told my nutritionist about my fruit problem and we are working on cutting me back and what to replace my empty need for the apple crunch and decipher if I am actually hungry or just bored or what…

      That is good to know that WHEN i eat fruit and what else i eat with it is a determining factor to my bloatedness!

      Thanks so much Lisa, have a great night!

  5. […] a day. I LOVE APPLES. But that much fiber and sugar is causing some MAJOR bloating. (remember my post form a few weeks ago when I had this problem?? Ya same pregnant awful feeling…) I look pregnant from the belly […]

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