Richmond Marathon Training Plan? (advice welcomed)

If you guys remember, I have never followed a race plan. I don’t even look at my watch when I run. I run purely based on how I feel. This usually works out great since I always end up with negative splits… I am better not knowing the pace of the first few miles of “warm-up” during a Half. If I tried to hit a certain pace, well, I feel that is just anxiety waiting to happen!

But for the first time I decided I am going to try and start following a training plan for the Richmond Marathon in November.  I had a friend whom I run 5 @ 5 with and my Saturday Morning long runs (when I am home for the summer) with who is very knowledgeable in Marathon Training.  He has had very successful and consistent marathons. Consistency is a key word here since it is so easy to have 1 great race and 10 bad ones… ugh #runningproblems , right?

I ran 5 @ 5 with him this week and he offered to send me his Marathon training plans that have helped him (at the age of 55–yes I have “older” running buddy friends…they are super fast and kick the crap out of me) to run a 3:20.00 marathon. Sounds good to me!!

He followed through and emailed me his plan that is basically a 2 week cycle of key marathon training days. I thought I would share it with you all!

Day    Workout
1.       interval (800’s, etc.)
2.       distance (6) or cross train
3.       hill intervals (400’s)
4.       semi long (8-10)
5.       distance (6) or cross train
6.       long (15-24)
7.       rest
8.       tempo (5)
9.       distance (6) or cross train
10.     hill intervals (400’s)
11.     hill distance (6-8)
12.     distance (6) or cross train
13.     limited long (13.1)
This cycle would take 2 weeks, then you repeat it. Your long runs would get “longer”, but a for the speed workout, he found that these varying workouts kept his mind occupied and prevented the monotony and the  “Ok lets run this thing already!!” that can come when preparing for a marathon…
What marathon training plans have you/do you use?
Are all your running buddies/friends your age, or is anyone like me that runs with “old-farts” that leave me in the dust with 3:20.0 marathons??


  1. Because I am only 14, I am not training for a marathon; I am training for a half, though. I’m hoping by April to be able to run 15 miles for my 15th birthday. I just googled “half marathon training plans”
    I don’t have a running buddy … I wish I did!

    1. Yay for a half!! Is it your first or no?

      haha I love treating myself to birthday gifts that involve running and races 🙂 Have so much fun! You can totally get that 15 miles!!

  2. that plan looks really good. lots of hills! diverse! good luck!
    for the past few marathons i’ve run i’ve done this one week cycle, loosely adjusting according to how i feel/my schedule: monday 5-8 tempo or hills; tuesday 10-13 longer run; wednesday 5-7 easy; thursday 8-10 track work; friday off/xtrain/easy; saturday long run; sunday off/xtrain/easy. not sure it’s the greatest but you get your speed work and long runs in with recovery in between! today i ran my first race without a garmin in a long time. it was sort of nice.

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