Anti-climatic and the Art of Balance

THANK YOU ALL for keeping me in check!! As promised….

The phone call to my nutritionist yesterday was very anti-climatic. I had 2 phone numbers for her. I had not talked to her since she moved to a new office. So after sitting with the number plugged in for literally 25 mins as I did my lonely drive to No Where yesterday for work, I finally worked up the courage and just pushed ‘Send’. Well, that was her old number. I breathed… said that was a good practice round, and plugged in the 2nd number I have for her. After another 20 mins of staring at it, I pushed ‘Send’ and held my breath.  Answering machine. All of that anxiety, and all I accomplished yesterday was leaving a message for her. Hey, it is a start, and I am so proud of myself for actually pushing send. Baby steps! Hopefully she will call me back today or tomorrow!

On Monday I ordered my FIRST pair of compression socks!! To say I am a little excited for them to get here is an understatement!! Come on UPS!!! Also any tips/advice on how or when to wear them is much appreciated. I really have no idea what I am doing with them. Are they only for races? Only for long runs? Only for cold days? Seriously… help needed!

I did not do 5 @ 5 this morning. I wanted to do a bit of a harder run today and I wasn’t sure the pace they were going this morning. Last week is was very slow. And being 5am and all I really didn’t want to take off on my own, in the dark. So I will run after work this evening…

Although with all that being said, I am pretty sore this morning from my little circuit training on Monday. Thanks to FitnesscrEATures and this little shin-dig–

Sweaty Cardio w: Burpees- fitnesscreatures

GREAT workout. If you have never read their blog… please do!! They are so sweet and hilarious and they kick you-know-what with workouts like these!!

My girl Sarah at PickyRunner wrote a wonderful post this morning regarding balanced meals.  That is the #1 thing I want in my life right now. Balance. We are raised to think that “no one is Normal” or “don’t shoot for Normalcy”… but right now with my eating habits, all I want is to be Normal. Sarah’s meals are what to me are the definition of balance, healthy, and normal. I want to get there. I am past the starvation stage that I basically suffered through for 2 years, but now I find myself in the “I have no self-control with this bag of               (insert: granola/pretzles/tortillas/carrots/animal crackers).

People (ahem my dad) says “But this is good, you NEED to eat lots! You NEED to gain weight! You can afford all these calories!!” First of all, I don’t really think that is true. Empty calories are just that-empty calories. I want to make them count. And second of all, the whole point is to mentally be where I don’t even think about what I am/am not eating. I want to eat when I am hungry, stop when full. Eating bags of food when I sit down is not normal. It is not a healthy habit. I do not want to trade one bad habit for another!! That is just silly and counterproductive. I want to fix the source of my problems. Which is my head. And with that, I need to master the Art of Balance.

**Stay tuned for a post on my proposed Marathon Training Plan!! I am very excited and would love your feedback on what worked/didn’t work on YOUR marathon!!

How do you guys define Balance?

Please help on my Compression Socks newbie status!!!


  1. I LoVE compression socks! I wear them in races because I feel less muscle soreness and fatigue. I also wear them for some long runs or after a long run. Living in WI, sometimes it is a combination of speedy recovery, increased blood flow, and warmth! You will love them! What color and brand did you get?

  2. pickyrunner · · Reply

    Aww thank you girl! I’m so glad you get a lot out of those posts. I still have days like you where I just have to finish a whole bag (yesterday’s jellybeans… oops) and then feel miserable afterwards, but I’m learning that those days happen less often if I follow my meals that I showed in that post. To some degree, your dad is right in that you probably need the calories, and what I was taught is that a calorie IS a calorie, so it didn’t matter that I was refeeding with chocolate chip muffins and milkshakes every day because I was getting to a healthy weight first. That’s just what worked for me though, it doesn’t work for everyone.
    As for the compression socks, WEAR THEM ALL THE TIME. Loud and proud! I race in them, sleep in them, go to school in them, the grocery store, etc. I wore them to zumba last night. They’re good for recovery mainly, but they also help me during long runs. I just ordered a new pair too. Hopefully they’ll be here by Friday so I can rock them in Rhode Island during my NOT runs 🙂

    1. Yayy thanks for the compression sock advice!!! haha sounds like you will be the fashion Icon in RI this summer!!

  3. I wrote this on Sarah’s post, but I define balance very similarly to how she did. I’ll have something “healthy” for breakfast (oatmeal, yogurt, etc)., a snack before lunch, lunch, something sweet, a snack before dinner, dinner, and ALWAYS dessert. I don’t have dessert just once a day…. Sorry not sorry 😉

    I wear my compression socks after a long run or when I’m feeling sore. I wore them during a long run and my legs just got really, really hot. Maybe that’s because I’m weird and my shins get really sweaty…so.. yeah. 😉

    1. Great example of being balanced!! Thanks I am really trying to get some ideas here and see what it looks/feels like!

      And I was thinking they would be soo hot during the summer! But we will see I guess!!

  4. Runner Girl Eats · · Reply

    I run in my compression socks on long runs but mostly I wear them after a hard run while lounging around. The other night I even slept in them. I love them!

    1. haha Oh boy you ARE a compression sock fan!! haha I usually can’t stand wearing socks in bed. My feet need to “breath” or else they feel suffocated!! but who knows, maybe I will love these so much bed time wont be a problem!!

  5. megbek · · Reply

    Good job making that call. You’ll get there, and you’re doing it just right – at your pace! 🙂 Yay for compression! I’m not an expert and I want some too! I have a really crappy pair that I refuse to use so you’ll have to let me know what you do with yours! Thanks for doing the circuit! Ha! These things kill me – and I can imagine you’re sore! Get after it!!! 🙂 As for balance, I sort of go with what I want. Overall, I keep it healthy with lots of fruits and veggies, but if I want ice cream, darn it, I’ll have it! And I just try and portion control foods that are loaded in fat and sugar as opposed to limiting. That works for me! 🙂

    1. I am still very sore from the cicuit!!

      Thanks for the great advice on the balance… i think you have a very healthy mindset and approach. I want to try and follow an eating “plan” like that for a few day to see how I feel mentally/physically.

      and YAY for dessert 🙂

  6. Finding balance with food is tough. I struggled with that a few years ago. Mindless eating is a hard habit to break. I know that I could easily fall back into it. I try to eat three meals and two snacks a day, each of them spaced out so that I am never starving. I also tend to eat at the same time each day. I find I also am less likely to over eat if I had plenty of protein during the day. Good luck!

    1. Thanks for the great advice! That sounds like a really balanced, solid plan you have going! I hope to get a routine like that going!! I hope your “hard times” with food are less and less occurring. I really appreciate and value your advice!! I learn so much from the kind people in the blogging world!!

      Have a great night!!

  7. Keep up the tough work… finding balance is hard and I believe it looks different for everyone! XO
    I wear my compression socks mostly for long-ish runs. I have noticed that my calves are MUCH less sore if I wear them!

    1. Great thanks for the sock advice!! haha I bought them… then realized I really didnt know what to do with them! ha

      Thanks for the encouragement! And you are right— it will look different for me than it does for others. But reading about everyone’s “balance tips” have really helped 🙂

      Have a great night!!

      1. I did the same thing with the socks! I have worked for years with many of the issues you are dealing with.. Am always open to chat if and when you need! Have a good night too!

      2. Wow thank you so so much!!! I will definitely shoot you an email in the future if I have any questions or inquire more about your “story” with food/exercise/weight.

        Thanks for offering and being so open 🙂 Means the world to me!

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