Thank You & My New Running Icon

I cannot adequately express my deepest Gratitude to everyone for all your wonderful, helpful, encouraging comments yesterday. Seriously, I feel so much better with my decision and I am shown once again, just what a tight-knit community the running/exercising/blogging world is. While we have never “met”, you all have become great supportive friends. THANK YOU.

Our family finally got Netflix! Seriously pumped! (it really is the little things in life…)

Guys… Costco let me down for the first time yesterday. We were planning on stopping in for a little visit and getting some more greek yogurt while out destroying lightly browsing the REI Memorial Day Sales.

But it was closed.

I mean I guess it makes sense since lots of things were closed on Memorial Day, but Costco has always been there for me when I want it. I feel slightly let down. I have a relatively busy work week these next 4 days, but I guess I will just have to squeeze a trip in some other time!

I woke up knowing today was the day to call my Nutritionist and guess what? I am still feeling OK about this! I am scared, but the truly amazing comments everyone shared yesterday helped me realize that talking to her will ONLY help me!! Yes, Duh Andrea… but it really just hit me.  I will have a BETTER Richmond Marathon.  I will have a better chance of competing in a Half Ironman.  I will have heavier lifts during my weight training sessions. I mean, with all these positive benefits, why would I NOT want to see her? —I will tell you why... because I am still afraid of my “appearance”. It is the most vain thing in the world and I wish I could say I didn’t care about how my body looked or about what others thought, but that would be a straight up lie. And God is seeing straight through that lie. So I might as well be honest with Him and with You.

I have a new running icon! Exciting, right! Her name is Kim Smith and she is from New Zealand.

I am very very bias toward anything Kiwi since I study there for 5 months and lived through their worst national disaster and first official national emergency (February 22, 2011 Christchurch Earthquake). I lived in Christchurch, and I have to say that those 30 seconds were the most terrifying of my life. I have never felt so helpless and scared. All I could do was pray. And that is exactly what I did do. Anyways, back to Kim! She ran the Brooklyn Half Marathon (the race my dad and sister ran while I was doing the Geist Half). My parents got a poster of her and shew as signing autographs! They said she was very smiley and bubble-y and down to earth! Anyways… check her out! I wish her all the best!!

Yesterday I did a “recovery run”. I ran further and slightly faster than I wanted to, and my legs were definitely not too happy with me. I ran a hard treadmill run on Thursday, tempo outside on Saturday, hard inclined treadmill on Sunday, and then last nights run. They were feeling it on the final 10 mins of the run. I should have taken a shorter route back, but I hate when I have a course in mind and I cut it short. Stupid of me, because in this case it would have been very kind to my body if I would have just taken off that last 1-1.5 miles. Bahhh oh well. No running today!

And this is just a little something gross to leave you with. This is on permanent display at my gym. And for the record, it feels gummy and sticky and just really really icky:



Who are your running icons?

Rest day? Recovery run? Race? Tempo? Speed? What is your workout looking like today?

Do you have Netflix?


  1. pickyrunner · · Reply

    Rest day for me! For the next 2 weeks 🙂 If I can do it, YOU can do it!! I hope you call your nutritionist this morning!

    1. I will I will!! thanks for the accountability!!! that is what i need hahah!!!! ha you got a long rest day 🙂 love it!

  2. Runner Girl Eats · · Reply

    Today is a rest day for me. I’m loving it right now 🙂 I need to get Netflix just to watch arrested development!

    1. Ok… so my facebook news feed has been blowing up with Arrested Development excitement this past week.. I have never ever seen it and don’t know a THING about it!!! What is all the rage?!?! haha I am so curious now!

      1. Runner Girl Eats · ·

        I’ve only seen a few episodes actually but its absolutely hilarious.

  3. I’m thinking I’m going to do either an easy run tonight or speed work. I couldn’t get out of bed this morning for a run and I haven’t worked out since Friday, so I’m in need of SOME activity. I do have netflix and I love it 😉 I lose hours (sometimes days) with it though…

    1. haha hopefully i do not get too sucked into Netflix!! That tends to happen when I find a new tv show I LOVE…. uh oh! haha have a good sweaty workout, whatever you do!!

  4. Today is a cross-training day for me, but since I wussed out on my speed work run last night, I really want to run today…….maybe I’ll do both……we shall see!!
    Hope you have a lovely chat with Heather today. 🙂

    1. I do that too!! I put it off, put it off… then finally say YES to speed work– and I am always sooo glad I did! So so hard but so rewarding!! Have fun doing whatever you do 🙂

  5. megbek · · Reply

    I just read your post from yesterday and I just love your honesty. And you’re right, this is what’s so great about this blog/healthy living/running community. Everyone is just the best and awesome and supportive. Amazing stuff.
    I would be so mad at Costco toooooo! You Sephora instagram pic made me want to go shopping so badly. Love it! Good job on all your running, you’re such a good runner. I can’t wait til I’m able to run run run run run like you! 🙂 Happy Tuesday pretty lady! Also, gross to that display of fat. I can imagine just what it feels like and ***cringe***.

    1. You are so sweet!!! Thank you!! You are an AMAZING runner and athlete too! Yesterday at the gym I did one of your morning circuit routines ((tomorrow I will talk about it and rave about you on it!!)) and i loved it!!!!

      And yes that fat is just nauseating!

  6. Today’s a rest day for me!! It’s Andy’s day off so we’re catching up on our recorded tv 🙂

    1. YAYY!! if i had a boyfriend, i would be extremely thrilled by “joint-days-off” and we would be as cute as possible eating breakfast, going for a walk, and lazying around on the couch. Wow do i sound desperate or what?!?! hahah
      Hope you and Andy have an Awesome day!!! 🙂

  7. Today is a rest day for me. And, Kara Goucher…always impressive 🙂

    1. OH girl I LOVE Kara! I was hooked after reading a couple chapters of her book… she just seems to REAL and GENUINE!! She also always looks so composed and grateful after her races– whether she does well or not. Such a great lesson there….
      And have a great Rest day!!– those are the best! Thank your body 🙂

  8. I am in awe of Shalane Flanagan and Kara Goucher. I also really like Deena Kastor.

    Today is a 2.5 miler. 🙂 In the rain, though, so a Ziploc baggie will be going over my iPod

    I don’t have Netflix, but I wish I did! My family doesn’t even have cable, but I get enough screen time with blogs! 😉

    1. I love Shalane and Kara!! I watched a couple of interviews of them before Boston this year and they are so nice/relaxed/silly… They seem very real!! I don’t know much about Deena.. I need to do some more “you tubing” on her haha
      Smart girl with the ziploc baggie 🙂
      And I agree.. this whole computer thing usually occupies most of my attention! I am actually trying to cut down on my time on it! But i just LOVE reading everyones blogs!!! Have a great one!!

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