A little bit of Everything…

This may be all over the place today! For some reason, have lots of little things I wanted to hit on!! ((no particular order!!)) I will bold the headings so you can pick and choose!


First of all, after a few “blow ups” between my dad and I this weekend regarding my eating patterns, he basically said that he WILL NOT LET ME RUN the Richmond Marathon in November unless I prove healthy enough to do so. And by healthy he means, gain weight and get my period **(Yes, I have addressed my lack of period openly with my dad for health/accountability reasons. No it is not weird, he has been outnumbered by girls in our family for 25 years. He is used to it!)

I hate that my eating patterns cause family tension and drama. That is actually the thing that I feel most saddened and disappointed over. I know that he just loves me and cares about me so much, that when he gets “angry” with me for what he thinks is not enough food, it is only that he is concerned and scared and wants more than anything to help. Guys just have a funny way of thinking they are “helping” sometimes ha.

So even though I have been saying for months now that I will go see a nutritionist that I saw 2 years ago for the Marine Corps Marathon, Heather Fink, I actually have yet to contact her. It was one of those, “I can do this on my own… I don’t need her anymore…” Well, I promised my dad I would call her 1st thing tomorrow. And I will. I have to. When he threatened with not letting me run the Richmond Marathon, I froze. I will do anything it takes to run that!.

So please, YELL at me if my post on Wednesday does not start out with, “So I called and set up an appointment with Heather…” Seriously, slap me via internet air waves.


Yesterday I was not planning on running, but just lifting and getting a good sweat and stretch in at the gym. WELL, I jumped on the treadmill purely as a warm-up (never lift on cold muscles!), and I think we can all guess what happens when a runner starts to run…

After hearing some treadmill feedback from my workout last Friday I decided that I should be doing TM runs at a great incline than the 1% I had been doing. So I set it on 4% and did my first 4 miles at 7.8 speed, and pushed it up to 5% for the 5th mile at a speed cut-down of 8.0-8.8. It was a great workout! Very sweaty, just how I like it!

Half- Ironman on the Horizon??

I really REALLY want to run a half-ironman. After this fiasco with my dad via my eating patterns, he most definitely will not let me train for a half-iron if I am not healthy. So there is another reason to keep my head in the game and do what I gotta do.

I want to do the St. George, UT Ironman next May! I loved it there for my adventure spa a few weeks ago (seriously want to get a job there) and I would love nothing more than to swim/bike/run around that area again! I am definitely going to keep it in mind… but also be realistic if triathlon training while suffering through my 2nd year of grad school is possible/smart. Hmm….

A Mother/Daughter Sunday

Consisted of Costco (duhh) and JC Penny. Have you guys been there lately?? GREAT finds. Seriously, got my favorite Timex sport watch (for non-gps runs #runfree4me) for 39$ !!! Look it up– usually these watches are 60$. Score.


And they now have a Sephora inside J.C Penny’s. Double score.


As if I actually take the time to put on full make-up like this… I mean it is a big deal for me to wear a real bra instead of a sports bra… so why do I think I am going to spend the time to do my make-up? I like to pretend. And these colors are so fun!

Then we saw The Great Gatsby! Personally, I loved it! And anyone who says that society has become more “risque, fast, and loose” needs to think back to this era… I mean, Wow. Talk about sex and booze…. I was amazed at how closely it followed the book! Glad they did not try and change a classic.

Have a Great Monday off everyone!!

How are you celebrating this “extra” day in our weekend?

Have you seen and/or read The Great Gatspy? Thoughts?


  1. pickyrunner · · Reply

    Aw girl, can I relate to the family troubles or what. My parents are constantly on me, making sure I’m eating. I distinctly remember a weekend I went home in October where my mom said to me “are those your skinny pants?” and they are always questioning my ability to stay healthy. I don’t have a problem with it anymore and they have loosened up, but I remember a time where there was a constant battle in my house over me and food. I resisted the nutritionist for so long claiming I could do it myself but I’m SO glad I decided to see one. I know you will too. He’s right, if you’re not healthy, the marathon could have a lot of long-term effects. You can do it!!

    1. Yes that is exactly how I feel and how so many of my conversations go… Good to hear that you don’t regret your nutritionist decision. SO glad to hear that… it really helps me stick to making that phone call tomorrow…
      Yes, the other thing that helps me with this decision tomorrow is knowing that my marathon will go better!! That is DEFINITELY key 🙂
      As ALWAYS… thanks so much for the advice and encouragement Sarah! you have been a HUGE help these last few months!!

  2. If you ever need tips on gaining weight healthy, let me know! 🙂 I had to too! I have a few favorite protein powders, like the chocolate one at TJs. I would drink it post-workout. Also, lots of healthy fats helped me get my period back. (It’s still irregular) Add a little healthy fats to each meal (olive oil, avocado, almonds, nut butters, etc). But, I think eating protein post workout helped me a lot! I still gained lean muscle, but it was really healthy for me. I think if you gain some lean muscle, you’ll feel even better, faster, and more fit for the marathon!! 🙂 You’ll be so glad you did!

    1. Oh thank you so much!! Yes I would love your thoughts on ways to gain weight that is not just “pure fat” but lean muscle/fat… deep down I know that the weight gain will help my running. It is just hard to remember that when I look in the mirror and am so afraid to see “extra cushion” around my stomach/thighs… I really need to get over that and focus on the bigger picture.
      THANK YOU for your help/advice! it is because of fellow runners/bloggers like you that I was even able to decide to “get healthy” in the first place!!!

  3. I love your comment about how men have odd ways of trying to be helpful. Guys and girls really do think/operate differently and when a guy thinks he is helping a girl, more often than not he is just completely annoying her. 🙂
    So proud of your commitment and determination to getting healthy- it’s worth it!!

    1. Thank you so much! Yes guys and girls are very different in the respect usually! I feel very lucky to have a dad who is so involved and cares so much for me! I need to keep reminding myself that this is all worth it!!

  4. Karla · · Reply

    I just found your blog and am enjoying reading! In my past I had tons of fights with my dad. Now, years later and recovered, I see that he was just doing what good dads do. He was trying to save my life! I praise your dad for looking out for you! I remember being scared to gain weight, but trust me…. You are not fully living when up you are consumed with thoughts of weight, fitness, and food. We only get one life and we don’t know how long we have to live it. I hope you are able to find complete recovery and live life fully! I can tell you are a beautiful soul! Have you ever thought of talking with a therapist as well?

    1. Wow thankyou so much for sharing that!! You make such great points… food/exercise has consumed my mind for a couple years now and I am so ready to be done with that and live the life of a 23 year old! I can say it is so much better than I was this past fall– a very, very low point and miserable time…. but I know I still have a ways to go!
      I have never really considered a therapist. in hindsight I definitely should have talked to one last year when i was very depressed over just about eveything… I will keep that in mind though thank you! I will see how the conversation and meeting with my nutritionist goes and see what kind of food and mental help she is able to provide.
      Thank you so much for taking the time to write in! I appreciate it so so much and value your opinion and experiences! I hope you have a great Tuesday!! 🙂

  5. Good for you for acknowledging that a little help from a nutritionist wouldn’t hurt! I’m sorry to hear about the family tension, hopefully it will get better with time. 🙂 I have admittedly always been a 0-.5% incline treadmill runner and you have definitely inspired me to suck it up and increase it!

    1. Thank you!! Yes, the family tension is the most upsetting thing for me since I love them so SO much and we have a such a great/close relationship. But i know it is all out of love.

      Whoo-hooo get it on that treadmill girl!! Ya I really didn’t think I could do a higher incline until I just decided to go for it! It is amazing what we can do 🙂 good luck!

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