Weekend Recap–Run’s, Sleep, Food!

So from yesterday’s post, I apparently had this great, amazing run at 6am with my running group that leaves on the wonderful, paved Monon Trail to run 10+ miles (depending on your training schedule). That is apparently what I did.

It did not happen. I was awake in plenty of time. I was dressed to go. But while sitting at the kitchen table, writing that post, I just decided “You know, I don’t want to run right now.” So I didn’t.

My thoughts on this decision:

  1. We can’t and wont always feel like running.
  2. Many times our bodies and mind are telling us opposite things. Knowing which one to listen to and when to listen to it is and will always be the key to successful runs/workouts.
  3. Sleep is extremely important (especially for athletes) and when we don’t get enough, runs and workouts can actually prove to be detrimental to our health. So if your body is screaming for some shut-eye… listen to it!
  4. It is 45 degrees out… I can at least wait till this afternoon for some warmer temps.
  5. I wanted to tempo run my long run and the running group would be going at a recovery pace, so best I do it on m own anyways.

***I have written a post before on the importance of sleep… and with all my super early mornings and the fact that I suffer from actual sleep problems anyways, I knew that if my body was calling for some extra Z’s I need to take them. So I took the deepest 2 hour nap ever. I was out. I woke up feeling so much better!! I am very glad I listened to my body on this one!!

I had some pretty good reasons for not running in the wee hours yesterday. But of course, the moment the 6am hour came and went, I was mad at myself for not sucking it up and going. But I promised myself a good run later in the morning.

“Later-in-the-Morning” turned into Early Afternoon. And “Early-Afternoon” turned into Late Afternoon. “Late-Afternoon” turned into This Evening. And FINALLY, at 6pm, I got my run in. Whew!

I ran it COMPLETE WATCH FREE for #Runfree4me month! Now, I have run without turning on the GPS and only timing my route… but yesterday I went 100% watch free. I even forgot to look at the clock to see what time I left. It felt AWESOME. I mapped it last night and found I ran 7.3 miles! I set out with the mindset of just doing 3 miles to “Work-up-a-sweat”… but I am always pleased when this plan fails because you are feeling so great 🙂

And because I am super-duper proud of myself… I am going to brag for a second. I was social TWO NIGHTS IN A ROW!!! Big deal for the worlds greatest home-body who loves nothing more than sweat pants on, contacts out, and remote in hand. But Friday I spent the day with one of my closest friends who is living in Indianapolis and going to PA (Physician Assistant) school at Butler University. We saw Star Trek (oh my gosh LOVED IT!) and ate at my favorite favorite place– Jason’s Deli. I meant to take a picture of the salad bar but I was in too much of a hurry trying to load my plate.  It is buffet style and you can go up as many times as you want. And they have free soft-serve ice cream. Are you sold yet on this place?!?! Ahhhh

Then last night, I hung out with some old high school friends and went over to one of their families cookouts for some seriously awesome bbq ribs! I had the whole cookout atmosphere that I wanted (minus s’mores… for some reason there were no s’mores. hmm….) I ate it all without a single thought/guilt/etc and it was great!! Yay for progress and improvements!

HAPPY MEMORIAL WEEKEND!! Lets all remember the men and women who laid their life on the line as the ultimate sacrifice for all American’s. Thank You

How is everyone’s weekend?

Ever been to Jason’s Deli?? (if not, need to find one… stat!)


  1. 45 degrees? No thank you! 😉 Props to you for getting your run in- night running is always fun!

    1. haha thanks! It was hard to get myself out the door, but once I did I was sooo thankful! And I know– what is with the 45 degrees in LATE MAY?!?! not ok!!

  2. I’m a Jason’s Deli fan- but I’ve never ever had their ice cream. Weird. Need to remedy that problem, for sure.

    1. yes– get on that girl! Simple goodness!

  3. Way to go, running so far and without your watch! I think your logic for not running in the morning made sense and then you way made it up in the evening! And ha, way to go on being social so much lately… I haven’t been social at all this weekend. Oops.

    1. Had me being “social” like this was not norm! I usually am just so tired at the end of the day I just want to be alone and vegetate you know?! Hope you have a great Memorial Day!!

  4. pickyrunner · · Reply

    You know what? It’s worth it not to push it when you’re not feeling it. I’m learning not to force myself to go run or else I’m going to be miserable. Also, you KNOW I’m the least social person ever so going out 2 nights in a row would be a major accomplishment for me too. I don’t think I could go to a cookout sans s’mores. I just couldn’t.

    1. haha sounds like we would get along GREAT Sarah!! ha I am “celebrating” being social 2 nights in a row by sitting at home in my sweats with my mom watching the Pacer/Heat game!
      And yes— a cookout without S’mores really took a “great evening” down to just an “ok evening”. I don’t know what this family was thinking….

  5. So great when you can listen to your body and NOT run, eat what you’re craving, get that nap in, etc. GOOD JOB!. I ran 7.4 miles yesterday afternoon too (with a plan of at least working a sweat up!) ha! And, we would be best home-body friends, as I truly am totally happy being home with my adidas track pants and beanie on. Have a GREAT Sunday!

    1. haha oh my gosh yes it sounds like we would just have a blast together!! great runs followed by lazy nights! perfect 🙂 awesome on the 7+ miles! Don’t you love when a run exceeds your expectations?? have a good one 🙂

  6. Andrea, I am so glad you commented on my post today!! I have been reading a little bit of your posts, and you are adorable. Love the blog! I cannot believe there were no smores at this so called BBQ. How sad 😦 Ha Ha!

    I do want to mention real quick, good for you on listening to your body and just giving it the rest it needed at the time!

  7. […] to, and my legs were definitely not too happy with me. I ran a hard treadmill run on Thursday, tempo outside on Saturday, hard inclined treadmill on Sunday, and then last nights run. They were feeling it on the final 10 […]

  8. I’m the queen of excuses of why I can’t run right now, but if I just do it…I’m fine.

    1. Same. I am always so so happy afterward. I have never regretted a run. When I put it off a million times.. I just get mad at myself! Racing is mental strength as well!
      I am best if i just 100% turn off my head and don’t think about the fact that i am getting ready to run. Then once I am running it is too late!! haha

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