Something No One Knows About Me

I have not told a single person that I am a “blogger”.

(I use ” ” because I don’t feel at all like a real blogger, like so many of the wonderful people I follow… I am amateur and naive in the blogospher! Maybe lets say I just like to write in a blogging manner?)

Not a one. Not my sister, family, best friends, co-workers, acquaintances… I have never uttered/mumbled through a sentence with the words “I” and “write-a-blog”. Never.

I talk about all of YOU GUYS, all the time. I am constantly updating people about what “this one runner I follow” did/ate/ran/etc. I find it very easy to admit that I am addicted to reading about you guys and feel sometimes creepy with how invested I become in your lives! Sorry I’m not sorry? But when it comes to me and Morning Runner Girl…. well, I have never shared this part of my life with anyone.

Am I afraid? Is it because I don’t want them reading what I write? No. I am never writing anything mean or bad about people… I am not afraid any more to share my eating problems (I actually would love for my friends and family to be able to better understand my thoughts and struggles with it)… I would actually LOVE to involve them in my running life and help the see how much running shapes who I am….

But something is holding me back. I have found that I love how separate and drama free Morning Runner Girl is. I look forward to writing every single day. Even though I am sharing my thoughts on the internet where anyone can read, it feels private and very much “my-own”.  I think I am afraid that if I start telling people about MRG, it will lose this pure bliss and “wrting-for-the-sake-of-writing” feeling.

Because of I have not shared MRG with anyone, I have never discussed my posts on Facebook, linked them to my Twitter, or shared on Instagram. I am just not ready to do that yet. I am sure one day I will be. But for now, I love that this is such a private thing for me… it truly makes me Happy!

Has anyone else had problems sharing their blogs with people that they interact with everyday in the “real-world”?


  1. pickyrunner · · Reply

    I’m the same way. I do the exact same thing. Except slowly but surely friends started discovering it and now a few of them follow me. I am a little uncomfortable at times but it does keep me in check so that when I’m talking about my life, I’m careful about what I say. Most people don’t know about it, though, so I understand where you’re coming from! They only find it if they have a twitter, and most people I know don’t.

    1. Ya, I am in no hurry to tell people and for now I am just enjoying myself and Morning Runner Girl. But that is interesting/funny that some of your friends eventually found out… wonder if that is what will happen to me?! Whatever… Im just gonna go with the flow…

  2. Oh gosh, I tell my boyfriend stories about the blogs I read on a regular basis. He’s really the only person who knows about my blog, but I don’t let him read it. It seems backwards, but I don’t know that I want the people I’ve known most of my life to read what I write on my blog. I post some of my links on Twitter, but I’m pretty sure no one’s caught onto that haha.

    1. Thats awesome that you tell your boyfriend! But Ya I agree…I just don’t know if I want people I see ALL THE TIME to be reading my “take on life/the day/a workout/etc” i don’t know… maybe one day I will tell people. Not in a hurry though!

  3. I know what you mean, I started my blog in January and I felt awkward telling family and friends because it makes you feel vulnerable or something. Not that I’m writing anything incredibly deep or anything, but I guess it makes you open for judgement from the people whose opinions you care about most. Does that sound right? I guess strangers could judge us too, but its not so significant to us because we don’t have relationships with them.

    1. Yes you NAILED it! I think that is definitely it! I care so much about my families opinions (and friends)… and I would be afraid I was letting them down or something when I am vulnerable on some of my posts? Or they will be like, “why didn’t you come talk to me instead of blog about it?” I don’t know… not in a hurry to tell people!!

  4. I think it’s perfectly fine for your blog to be “your own thing”! Most of my friends/family have no idea that my blog exists, and I’m perfectly fine with that for now!

    1. Thanks Brooke! I like having this blog that is totally, 100% ‘my-thing’…. maybe one day I will tell people. Maybe not! we will see! have a good one!

  5. I definitely talk about the blogs I follow. Sorry everyone is my best friend 😉 A number of my friends/family don’t know that it exists, either, but then there are the people who DO know it exists and want to talk about certain posts/ask me questions and I’m still floored by it! It’s crazy. I’m okay with my blog being little and getting a small amount of readers because I love writing for myself and if others find entertainment in it, that’s a bonus 😀

    1. Yes, I am not writing to try and get a million followers. I just write for me and to try and help anyone out there with running/food problems who wants it!!

  6. One of my biggest insecurities is when a family member or friend discovers my blog. This is so weird, because I have amazing family and friends! I think the hang up from me is that it makes me feel totally vulnerable and exposed………..and like I’m asking for their opinion/judgement on my life and my decisions. And sometimes it’s easier to be honest to a stranger than to a friend about health, or fitness or body image.
    Before I started blogging I made a commitment to myself that I would not use my blog to spread any negative or snarky opinions about anyone I knew- in real life or in the blog world. First of all, I don’t believe it would honor God, but second of all, it would be so much stress! “oh dear, I hope co-worker X doesn’t ever find my blog because she would see that I complain about her every single post.” SO glad I don’t ever have to worry about that!! 🙂

    1. what a great commitment to make! I too have made sure never to put a curse word and to write as if “everyone will read it”. I have looked back through my posts and not a one is negative to anyother person. So that is good…but you are right on how compltely vulnerable i would feel if the people I am closest too read my blog. I would feel like I was being watched 24/7 and tip-toed around. I don’t know…. for now I am just happy the way it has been going and the relationship I have with Morning Runner Girl, the blogging community, and of course my family and friends. I am not hurrying to change it!

  7. travels with mary · · Reply

    I just found your blog from pickyrunner and I love this post! I’ve done the same thing– my husband and a couple really close friends know about my blog but I can’t bring myself to put it on Facebook! I made up a new twitter for my blog (which has actually be fun!)

    crazy enough, I actually found one of my college friends has a blog and commented on a ton of the same blogs I do– it was hilarious and made me realize how small the blogging world can be!

    1. Yay thank you so much for saying hi! I love Pickyrunner and her posts 🙂 Oh starting a new twitter does sound kind of fun!! and small world about your college friend you found! I would not expect that! It is amazing how many people have responded on there that they too were/are weary of telling others or still don’t tell others. I thought I might be the only one, but sounds like that is a pretty common feeling! Have a great day! thanks for sharing!!

  8. Hi! Just found your blog and love this post 🙂 I just started my blog last weekend and I totally relate!! Have fun and keep writing!

    1. Thank you so much for saying hey!! yay for you starting a blog! Mine is still very new too (2 months!!) and I was so nervous to start it, but I just loved reading other running bloggers so so much that I just wanted to start my own and give back! GOOD LUCK with your blog! Have fun with it and be true to yourself!! 🙂

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